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Notebook:Borden Family
Rhode Island

Land Records

The following land records for Richard Borden were compiled by Terry Mason, as shown 17 Nov. 2007 on his "Family History" Web site

T: Deeds from office of Secretary of State, Trenton, N. J.
F: office of Clerk of Court, Freehold, Monmouth County, N. J.
NJ: From New Jersey Archives, XXI

FS Page 542, Oct. 23 1676 Return of survey by Richard Hancock. to Benjamin Borden of Middletown, N. J., weaver, of 290 acres in the allotment of Chohanzik along the Fast side of Mount's plantation and along the N. W. bank of Chohanzik River.
FS Page 556. Oct. 21 1676 Warrent of survey from John Fenwick. to BENJAMIN BURDEN and George Mount of the tract in the allotment of Chohansick bought by them of John Fenwick.
T Book 1, p. 258, May 3 1677 , Wee Hepihance, Commus, Necbothhobhhocke, Freodeke, Sachems, send greeting. We .... to Benjamin Borden and William Cheesman planters in the province of New Jersey . (Almost illegible). Indian Bill of Sale ... two Indian meadows called Langetagnoth & ____ on creeks ____.
T Book 1, p. 273, June 20 1677 George Carteret ... to Benjamin Borden, of Middleton, yeoman, uplands and meadows ... 351 acres.
F Book E, p. 224, 1712. 1677 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of ye Township of Middletown, in ye County of Monmouth and Province of New Jersey, Gent., by and with the consent good liking and approbation of ABIGAIL, his wife, to John Bowne, 235 acres. ... also about 2 acres patented to Benjamin Borden
NJ Page 27, June 20 1677 Patent to Benjamin Borden of Middletown for 351 acres in 7 parcels.
FS Page 566, Feb. 28 1677/8 Patent from John Fenwick to BENJAMIN BURDIN of Middletown, weaver, for 300 acres in the allotment of Chohansick. 290 acres thereof on Chohansick River adj. Mount's plantation, other 10 acres to be a lot in Chohansick.
F Deed Book B, p. 37. Dec. 4 1685 Subscription of BENJAMIN BORDEN, commisionated (sic) to hold small courts,
NJ Page 113, Jan. 22 1687 Patent to BENJAMIN BURDEIN OF Middletown, for 150 acres in Monmouth County.
FS Page 583, July 19 1687 Assignment by BENJAMIN BURDEN of the Town of Monmouth. Fast Jersey, to William Hudson ... all his right, title, etc. in and to "ye Deed".
NJ Page 116, March 28 1688 John Throckmorton to BENJAMIN BURDEIN, Deed. for 1/20 of 1/48 share of East Jersey, purchased from Robert Turner, July 19/20, 1685.
F Book E, p. 56, 1690 Benjamin Borden of Middletown to WILLIAM WINTER, cordwainer, of the same place. Land left by JAMES GROVER to his son, James Grover, and sons-in-law Benjamin Borden and Richard Gardiner. Mention of ABIGAIL, wife of BENJAMIN BORDEN.
NJ Page 188, June 17 1690 Edward antell to David Falconer ... ... by and with the consent good liking and approbation of his wife ZURRURIAH (ZERUIAH), and also by and with the consent of HANNAH WINTER, late wife to Richard Gardiner deceased that was formerly possessed of the lands herein after bargained ... L28
F Book G, (?) 1693 John Bowne to Thomas Layton ... Indian Purchase called Pesaquanequa ... bounded easterly by John Burden.
F Book C, p. 32, March 28 1693 Land called Posaquanequa in Monmouth County, bounded southerly by Restore Lippincott, northerly by land not yet surveyed, easterly by the Brook, westerly by George Keith ... easterly by John Burden, westerly by John Worthley.
NJ Page 208, July 26 1693 Confirmation to Jonathon Holmes of Middletown, .. in right of 1/48 share, of 240 acres at Crosswicks, Monmouth Co. ... N. W. Joseph Throckmorton and Joseph Grover, E. the Bay, N. BENJ. BURDEIN .
F Book D, p. 57, 1693 Remembrance Lippincott to Francis Borden ... part of tract called by the Indian name Pesaquanockqua and by the English Freehold, adjoining George Keith, John Clayton, the Pesaquanockqua Brook, John Worthley and William Havens. NB: Page 88, mention of Francis Borden and Jane, his wife.
NJ Page 235, May 1 1695 Confirmation to BENJAMIN BURDEN of Middletown in right of 1/48 share of the province, of 240 acres at Crosswicks, Monmouth Co. ... S. Burlington Path .... 30 acres at Barnegate, S. Jonathon Holmes.
F Book C, p. 171, Oct. 7 1696 John Hampton, of town of Freehold, to Benjamin Borden of Middletown, planter. Whereas Peter Soumens, one of the Proprietors of ye said province, had a tract of meadow lying in said County and Town of Freehold, Grant patented to him May 10, 1688... on Burlington Path, joining Jedediah Allen's land ... to Robert Barclay's corner ... to Manalapan Brooke ... nr. land of some of ye Shrewsbury folk ... to head of Manasaquan Brook ... conveyed to George Keith August 5, 1690, and by him to John Hampton, Oct, 25, 1693. John Reid ... seized of a certain tract adjoining said tract ... about 500 acres ... (plus) 60 acres. One of these three tracts adjoins "Conrey's meadow at head of Manasquan Brook", another adjoining land of Clement Plumatead. [NB: Terry Mason points out that this item may be inaccurately transcribed. Citing communications from Tom Gregory indicating that in FHL film 592647, Book C,the reference to "Conrey's Meadow" does not appear in the original deed.]
NJ Page 297, Oct. 7 1696 Deed. John Hamton of Freehold to Benjamin Borden , for "that tract on Burlington Path and that meadow called the South Meadow, purchased by George Keith and all that tract joining to the meadow, purchased by John Reid", 500 acres betw. Jedediah Allen and Robert Barclay on Manalapa Cr. and 60 acres of meadow on Manasaquan R.
T Book Salem -6, p. 140, June 15 1697 Benjamin Borden to James Hudson, 300 acres. in 1677 James Hudson, of Chohansky in County of Salem conveyed to Benjmain Borden, 290 acres
FS Page 618, June 15 1697 Deed. BENJAMIN BORDON of Middletown, Monmouth Co., East Jersey, yeoman, to James Hudson, (son and heir of William Hudson, deceased of Chohansey, Salem Co., West Jersey ... 300 acres on Chohansey River.
T Book G, p. 14, March 30 1699 Job Throckmorton, late of Middletown, now of ye town of Shrewsbury in Monmouth County to Benjamin Borden, of Middletown ... belonging to ye purchase of land at Crosswicks made by Job Throckmorton and some neigbors ... 474 acres ... on Burlington Path ... adjoining land already owned by Benjamin Borden ... BOUNDED south westerly by Benjamin Borden his other tract of land . . . northwesterly by land unsurveyed ... conveys also a piece of meadow land, 10 acres. making 474. Witnesses: William Lawrence, Jr., and Thos. Bodle.
F Book F, p. 3, ld Jan 8 1700 Anthony Woodward of Freehold to Benjamin Borden , yeomen, of Middletown. ... land at Crosswicks River, entered at 1,000 acres, beginning at a white oak tree marked on four sides B. B., standing in the partition line of East and West Jersey, Part of tract conveyed to A. Woodward by William Dockra, Feb. 7, 1698.
FS Page 546, Jan 28 1702/3 upon the account of BENJAMIN BURDON, To Mr. Obadiah Holmes 10 acres in the Town of Greenwitch. Salem Co..
T Book D, p. 490, April 26 1705 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Middletown, to John Arney, of West Jersey, about 350 acres, beginning at a white oak tree marked B. B. ...along partition line of E. and W. Jersey ... down Crosswick Creek ... to Anthony Woodward's land ... granted to Benjamin Borden by Anthony Woodward. ... in presence of Josiah Foster, Hannah Woodward, Benjamin Borden, with a seal
F Book of 1708, p. 185. 1708 WILLIAM WINTER, of Middletown, Cordwainer, and HANNAH his wife, to JAMES GROVER, of same place, wheelwright. Signed by WILLIAM and HANNAH.
F Book D, p. 202. April 16 1711 Benjamin Borden and Obadiah Bowne, Commissioners, (the Freehold overseers of roads), order swinging gates in the road that is laid out by us where it goes through field of BENJAMIN BORDEN, Jr. at Crosswicks.
T Book K-2, p. 160, Jan. 13 1713 Richard Gardiner, of Middletown, to Benjamin Borden, of the town of Freehold ... (land described as on page 158; see below) ... bounded South and East by Naversink River ... also piece of Salt Meadow bounded by Job Throckmorton ... fell to sd. Richard Gardiner by the death of his father Richard Gardiner. Witnesses: Samuel Dennis, Jacob Dennis, Zibiah Dennis. - On Dec. 21, 1728, Richard Gardiner, of Manasquan, Township of Shrewsbury, acknowledge this deed before William Lawrence.
T Book K-2, p. 158, May 1 1715 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Township of Freehold, yeoman, to David Burge ... by and with the consent good liking and approbation of his wife ZURRURIAH (ZERUIAH), and also by and with the consent of HANNAH WINTER, late wife to Richard Gardiner deceased that was formerly possessed of the lands herein after bargained ... L280 ... lands in Middletown ... adjoining Christopher Allem (Almey), Lewis Mattix ... Richard Hartshorne ... all conveyed to Benjamin Borden by Richard Gardiner Jan. 10, 1713. Signed by BENJAMIN BORDEN, ZERUIAH BORDEN, and HANNAH WINTER. Witnesses: James Seabrook, WILLIAM WINTER, John Bray, William Lawrence, and Rachel Clark. - Acknowledged Feb. 27, 1716, by Benjamin Borden before John Read
F Book F, P. 36, August 13 1716 Deed of Sale from BENJAMIN BORDEN, of the township of Eversham, in the County of Burlington, yeoman, unto my son Joseph Borden, of Freehold, ... belonging to ye purchase of land at Crosswicks made by Job Throckmorton and some neigbors ... 474 acres ... on Burlington Path ... adjoining land already owned by
F Book E, p. 264, Sept. 25 1716 BENJAMIN BORDEN, OF Anchocass, in the County of Burlington ... Gent. ... to his son James Borden, of Freehold, land in Freehold ... deeded by John Hampton to sd. BENJAMIN BORDEN, 1696. . .. (No mention of ABIGAIL). Witnesses: Safety Borden , et al. Oct. 1, 1716, James Borden & Mary, his wife, deed above to Marte Salem. - Feb. 26, 1717, James Borden gives power of attorney to his brother, Safety Borden.
T Book C-3, p. 299, May 1 1717 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Eversham Twsp., Burlington County, Gent. ... to Joseph Borden, of Freehold, yeoman ... for L4, S10 ... 50 acres ... purchased by sd. Benjamin Borden from John Throckmorton March 20, 1688 (Deed in Liber B, p. 346). Attested by William Petty, Witness, 1735. - Page 300. July 22. 1718. BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Eversham, Gent. ... to Richard Kirby ... 50 acres, one-twentieth part of tract purchased by Benjamin Borden from John Throgmorton March 8, 1688. - Page 303. 1718 (?). BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Eversham, to Joshua Wright, land purchased from John Throgmorton ... Proved Jan. 3, 1755.
T Book C-2, p. 462, August 4 1718 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of Anchocass*, Burlington County, yeoman, to son Safety Borden, of Freehold, for good-will , 450 acres, part of parcel of land I formerly purchased Job Throckmorton ... from most northerly corner of 100 acres of land I formerly granted to my son Benjamin Borden . . . granted me by deed of sale from Job Throckmorton, March 13, 1699. -Date, August 4, 1718. - Witnesses: Ann Foster, Josias Foster.
F Book c, p. 44 1720 Deed from Gawen Drummond to Safety Grover, Gent.. and WILLIAM WINTER, yeoman, both of Middletown 705 acres.
T Book C-2. Jan. 8 1721/2 Benjamin Borden of Anchocass, Yeoman ... to my son Safety Borden, of Freehold ... tract of land at Crosswicks in Freehold, 40 acres, beginning at a stake by Burlington Path ... to land now in possession of Richard Borden ... to land belonging to Safety Borden ... to the bounds of whole tract formerly Job Throckmorton March 13, 1699. -Witnessed by Mary Borden (her mark) and Richard Borden. -Proved in Burlington County, May 9, 1723, when Benjamin Borden acknowledged that he signed, etc.
T Book G-H, p. 122, March 22 1724 John Lambert, of Nottingham, County of Burlington, to Benjamin Borden, the elder (?), of the Township of Eversham ... 883 acres ... for L525 ... ... and is that farm and Plantation whereon the said Benjamin Borden now dwelleth ... joins Judah Allen, Jonathon Whested ... Thomas Kondale (?) ... Widdow Elton (?) ... In presence of Asher Cleayton, Robert Field, Richard Lawrence. -Nov. 3, 1730, Robert Field appeared before John Allen (?) ... Recorded June 12, 1745.
F Book K, p.15, April 9 1726 BENJAMIN BORDEN, of the Township of Freehold, yeoman, to Francis Mills, of Township of Hanover, Burlington County, . . . for L427 . .. Land with a sawmill ... land deeded to Benjamin Borden by John Bond [John Bowne?], April 1, 1717, to him by Henry Leonard, Esq., 1713; beginning where Cattail Brook empties into Manasquan River ... bounded on West by said Borden's own land ... up Manasquan River ... to mouth of Barclay's Brook ... near a line dividing Shrewsbury Township and Freehold Township ... adjoining land to deeded Gabriel Steele by Ithanar Petton ... from sd. Gabriel Steele to Benjamin Borden 1717. Witnesses: Thomas Douglas, George Collins, John Borton, Thomas Hankins (his mark), James McDaniel (his Mark). - Proved May 19, 1726, by James McDaniel.
*other sources give this as "Auchweas". The location of "Anchocass" is not certain. Benjamin was apparently still living in Evesham, Burlington County, but owned land in "Anchocass". Neither Anchocass nor Auchweas appear in the GNIS listing of USGS place names.