Nagasaki 10 Jun 1847

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"Before sailing from their native land, the colonists had elected eight men to act as leaders, two for each ship....The leaders in charge on the Nagasaki were, Dr. A. J. Betten and A. Wigny. When the "History of Pella," by K. Vanstigt, was published in 1897, Rev. Betten was still living. A. Wigny died December 22, 1873. We have not been able to learn the date when Mr. Betten died" (Souvenir History of Pella, Iowa, p. 33). ''Derrived from IAGenWeb - Marion CountyTranscribed from Souvenir History of Pella, Iowa, pp. 33-37. gt/21 Nov 2006, reformatted by Al Hibbard 12 Oct 2013 "Passengers on the Good Ship Nagasaki" Leaving Rotterdam on April 11, 1847, with a group of Immigrants, arrived at Baltimore on , 1847.

Passenger List

Brig Nagasaki
11 April 1847
Port of Origin
Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 1847
Port of Arrival
Baltimore, United States

Last Name First name
Betten, A. J.
Betten, A. J. Mrs.
Betten, Jacoba
Betten, Jan
Betten, Hermanus
Betten, Antonia
Betten, Gerritje
Bensing, Hendrik
Bikkelee, Kaatje
Bikkelee, Nancy
Dikker, F. S.
Dikker, Mrs. F. S.
Dieleman, Pieter
Dieleman, Pieter Mrs.
Dieleman, Maria
Dieleman, Barbara
Dieleman, Meeuwes
Dekker, den Hendrik
Dekker, den H. Mrs.
Dekker, den Pietje
Dekker, den Arie
Dekker, den Leentje
Dekker, den Janntje
Gerritsen, Mrs.
Gesman, A. G.
Gessman, A. G. Mrs.
Gesman, N. J.
Gosseling, G. J.
Gosseling, G. J. Mrs.
Gosseling, B.
Gosseling, Teuntje
Gosseling, G. J.
Gosseling, Gerard
Gosseling, Albert
Gosseling, Hendrika
Gosseling, Gerritje
Gorp, van Hendrik
Gorp, van H. Mrs.
Gorp, van Matthys
Groeneveld, Antonia
Hartog, den Cornelus
Hartog, den C. Mrs.
Hartog, den Gysbertje
Hartog, den Willem
Hartog, den Teuntje
Hagens, G.
Hagens, G. Mrs.
Hagens, Willem
Hagens, Zwaantje
Hagens, Mina
Harmsen, G. J.
Ham, van Jacob
Ham, van J. Mrs.
Ham, van Cornelia
Jongewaard, Cornelus
Jong, de Koenraad
Jong, de K. Mrs.
Jong, de Hendrik
Jong, de Gerrit
Jong, de Pieter
Kamp, Anna
Kamp, Jan
Kraai, Evert
Kraai, E. Mrs.
Kraai, Hermanus
Kraai, Gerrit
Kraai, Grietje
Kramer, Pieter
Kramer, P. Mrs.
Kramer, Geertje
Kramer, Antonette
Kley, van Gerrit
Klein, G. J.
Klein, G. J. Mrs
Klein, Jan
Klein, Pieter
Klein, Teunis
Klein, Evertje
Klein, Maarten
Monster, Aart
Monster, A. Mrs.
Langstraat, Hendrik
Lakeman, Frederick
Linden, van der Jan Wmz.
Linden, v. d. J. Mrs.
Linden, v. d. Leendert
Linden, v. d. Maaike
Linden, v. d. Willem
Myden, v. d. Jacob
Myden, v. d. J. Mrs.
Myden, v. d.
Markus, J. H.
Moret, Leendert
Mulder, Pieter
Muntingh, James
Muntingh, J. Mrs.
Muntingh, Thomas
Nieuwendorp, Mrs.
Nieuwendorp, Christiaan
Nieuwendorp, Jacob
Nieuwendorp, Jansje
Nieuwendorp, Pieternella
Nieuwendorp, Hendrik
Nieuwendorp, Truitje
Onstink, G. J.
Onstink, G. J. Jr.
Onstink, Barend
Oosterling, J. J.
Oosterling, J. J. Mrs
Pol, van der G.
Pol, v. d. G. Mrs.
Pol, v. d. Stoffel
Pol, v. d. Cornelia
Pol, v. d. Gerritje
Pol, v. d. Gerrit
Pol, v. d. Thomas
Pos, Jan
Pos, Jan Mrs.
Pos, Jantje
Pos, Dirk
Pos, Antonette
Pos, Antje
Rykhoek, Teunis
Rykhoek, T. Mrs.
Roelofsz, J. Dr.
Roelofsz, J. Mrs.
Roelofsz, Jetje
Roelofsz, Maria
Roelofsz, Andrew
Roelofsz, Julia
Rosiersz, J. H.
Sterrenburg, Jan
Sterrenburg, Jan Mrs.
Sterrenburg, Antonia
Sterrenburg, Dirk
Sterrenburg, Ernistes
Sterrenburg, Teuntje
Sterrenburg, Helena
Schepers, Wm.
Synhorst, Jan
Synhorst, Jan Mrs.
Synhorst, Cornelus
Synhorst, Sygie
Synhorst, Jan
Synhorst, Huig
Synhorst, Jennike
Synhorst, Frederick
Stam, Klaas
Stillewacht, G. J.
Stillewacht, G. J. Mrs.
Stigt, van Corstianus
Stigt, van C. Mrs.
Stigt, van Adriana
Stigt, van Adrianus
Stigt, van Kommer
Synderhof, Maria
Sittert, van D. W.
Sittert, van D. W. Mrs.
Sittert, van Henry
Steenwyk, van A. W.
Steenwyk, van A. W. Mrs.
Steenwyk, van Arnoldus
Steenwyk, van Abraham
Steenwyk, van Willem
Steenwyk, van Jan
Steenwyk, van Niesje
Steenwyk, van Gerard
Steenwyk, van Truitje
Slob, Willem
Slob, W. Mrs.
Slob, Frederick
Toom, Jan
Toom, J. Mrs.
Thomassen, Jan
Thomassen, J. Mrs.
Thomassen, Geurt
Thomassen, Willem
Thomassen, Thomas
Thomassen, Jan
Thomassen, Gerrit
Thomassen, Mietje
Thomassen, Johannes
Thomassen, Wilhelmina
Verhoef, Leendert
Verhoef, L. Mrs.
Verhoef, Jannigje
Verros, Teunis
Visser, Gerrit
Visser, Melis
Visser, M. Mrs.
Visser, Leentje
Visser, Antje
Visser, Neeltje
Visser, Hendrik
Visser, de Alexander
Visser, de A. Mrs.
Visser, de Elizabeth
Visser, de Sientje
Visser, de Alexander
Visser, de Nancy
Visser, de Bastian
Veldhuizen, Maarten
Wigny, A.
Wigny, A. Mrs.
Wigny, Mietje
Wigny, Jetje
Waterhout, Klaas
Weyers, Herman
Weyers, Herman Mrs.
Weyers, Maria