MySource talk:Txbluebell6/John A Gray Confederate Service

Pam, I am really impressed! How did you link it as a Mysource with its own page???? Jim

When you add a "My Source" it puts my id behind it and then I named it what I wanted. You can have just a source or I built a page. If you look at the John Gray Page I just make a link to the MySource with the brackets. I also made a link back to the John Gray page at the end of the My Source page.

For some reason I can't find John Gray's military cards. I want to add his Oath of Allegance and I didn't know if you wanted to notate any of your analysis or not.

Also, did any of those cards have a physical description on them? I kind of liked the way Delijim did the Confederacy page for Cornelius Ambrose (1) but it is a regular page so is more flexible.

Until tomorrow, Pam