MySource:WeRelate/Dame. Family Bible Entries

MySource Dame. Family Bible Entries
Place Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Newington, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Year range 1795 - 1890
Surname Dame
Dame. Family Bible Entries.
Name Bible Records Online

This bible is part of the private collection of Tracy St. Claire, who also performed the initial transcription. She retains copyright to the images referenced here, but allows them to be freely viewed on her web site. There, she makes available very high quality images of family notations in this bible and many others, along with her transcriptions. The transcriptions below are a proofed and corrected version of her original work, annotated with links to her images and appropriate werelate pages.


Page One -- Marriages

"Joseph Dame to Mehitable Burrows
Married April 26 1835
By Rev Mr. Weston

John Dame to Lydia Tuttle
Married January 29, 1861
By Rev Mr Parsons

John Edward Dame to Grace G. Sterling
Married October 7
By Rev Mr Hoyt''

Page Two -- Births

"Joseph Dame Born Dec 30 1795 Newington
Mehitable Burrows Sept 15, 1811 Harrison, Me


Hannah Ann Dame April 27 1836 Dover N.H.
John Samuel Dame Oct 25 1840
Lydia Hill Tuttle Jan 21 1841 Strafford


Charles Herman Dame May 20 1862 Dover
John Edward Dame Jan 3 1870"

Page Three -- Deaths

"Joseph Dame Died Dover N H May 4 1876
Mehitable B Dame Died Dover N H June 6 1886

Hannah Ann Dame Died, Dover N.H. Aug. 9, 1859

Charles H Dame Died Nov 1 1896"

Page Four -- Back Flyleaf

"JD No B 5575 June 4th 1878"