MySource:Txbluebell6/Lewis Tedford White Probate

MySource Lewis Tedford White Probate
Place Blount, Alabama, United States
Year range 1889 - 1889
Surname White
Publication information
Publication Blount County Probate Court Minutes
Lewis Tedford White Probate. (Blount County Probate Court Minutes).

Letters of Administration

  • January 31, 1889. Lewis White, Decd. Grant of Letters of Admin.

And now on this day comes James S. White and makes application in writing and under oath, praying to be appointed administrator of the estate of Lewis White, deceased. Alleging that said decedent was at the time of his death a citizen of this county, that he died in the year 1883, intestate, that his death has been known more than 40 days, and that the said petitioner is a Son an heir of said decedent, and the said James S. White, having entered into bond in the sum of twelve hundred dollars with W. A. White, W. D. White, A. J. Huffstatten, A. R. Hudson, and Lewis B. Huffstatten, as his sureties thereon. Which said bond is considered by the court as good and sufficient; it is ordered and decreed by the court, that James S. White be and be hereby is appointed administrator of the estate of the said Lewis White, deceased, and that the proper letters of administration be issued to him according to law.

Distribution of Property to Heirs

  • October 12, 1889. Lewis White, deceased.

And now on this day comes James S. White, the administrator of the estate of Lewis White, deceased and presents to the court his petition in writing and under oath praying for an order to sell the land hereinafter described, for the purpose of making an equitable distribution to the heirs and distributees. Viz(?): Beginning at the northwest corner of section 33 in T 13 R. West running thence north with the section line to the middle of the Tuscaloosa Road, there with the middle of said road to the line of Adam Huffstatten land, thence south eastwardly along said line to the half-mile line north and south of Sec. 28, T 13, R West thence south to the southern boundary of said Sec. 28 thence west to the beginning point lying in said Sec. 28. containing about 200 acres more or less. Alleging that the said lands cannot be equitably divided among the heirs and distributees without a sale thereof. And said petitioner further represents that the names, ages, residences, and condition of the heirs and distributees of said deceased are as follows, to wit; Wm A. White, Warrior, Jeff. Co. Ala., Jas S. White, Calista C. White, Martha D. and her husband, Wm A. Ritchie and Mary E. White, all residing in Blount County, Ala. Oliver A. White and James White in the state of Texas. Virgil White, Oscar White and Wm L. White, Isabella Yarborough, all of whom reside in Blount County Ala. and Florence Tidwell and her husband, Andrew Tidwell who reside in Walker County, Ala. all of whom are of full age and G. A. White and M. J. White, P. K. Yarborough, and Dick Yarborough, all of whom are minors over 14 years of age.

And the court having examined said petition, it is ordered that the same be filed, and that the 25th day of November, 1889 be set as the day for hearing said petition, and that citations be issued and duly served at least 10 days before the day above set for hearing, on heirs of full age residing in this state, citing them to be and appear before this court, on said day, to show cause, if any, why the prayer of said petitioner should not be granted. And it is further ordered that the said Oliver A. White and James White, heirs of foresaid residing out of this state in the state of Texas have notice of this application and the day above set for hearing, by publication for three successive weeks in the Blount County News and Dispatch, a newspaper published in said county; And it is further ordered that Aquilla J. Ketchum be and he hereby is appointed Guardian ad litum(?) to represent and defend the interests of the said G. A. White, M. J. White, P. K. Yarborough and Dick Yarborough, minor heirs, in all matters pertaining to this proceeding and that the said Aquilla J. Ketchum have due notice of his appointment and of the day above set for hearing. SOURCE: Blount County, Alabama Probate Court Minutes.

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