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MySource J. J. Scheffelin Family Group Sheet
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Surname Cowan
J. J. Scheffelin Family Group Sheet.

About 1984, when I first began researching the Richey family, I was referred to J J Scheffelin in Texarkana. He was a desendant of Martha Jane Richey Fults, one of the children of John Richey and wife of William Sanford Fults. He provided me with a copy of his family group sheet which has the children of Martha and John Richey listed on it. Also on this sheet is a listing of their birth dates. It is a mystery where these birth dates came from, who provided them, or how they are documented. Since I was a 'green behind the ears beginner', I also failed to ask him. Most of these dates have since been verified, either by family Bibles that have since been discovered, other lines that have been researched, and tombstones that have turned up with birth and death dates on them. None of these dates have been found to be in error.

I do believe that there are a couple of other errors in the family group sheet. Sophia Charletia married Louis White, not Andrew White -- see the image of the marriage license. She also has never used the name Richey. So the current evidence points that she is not a daughter of John Richey. However, the letter she wrote to her brother-in-law, Selen Stout, clearly indicates she was the oldest daughter of Martha Matilda Unknown Richey.

I also believe that John Richey, b. 1790 has never used the middle name of 'Stuart'. All documents that have been found with the middle name of 'Stuart' or 'S' belong to his son, John Stuart Richey, b. 1816. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, we would like to have it presented.

J J Scheffelin Family Group Sheet

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