MySource:Srblac/Loretta Hyde Strole Letter

MySource Loretta Hyde Strole Letter
Author Loretta Hyde Strole
Abreviation Loretta Hyde Strole Letter
Place Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Kętrzyn, Olsztyn, Poland
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Severo-zapadny, Russia
Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland|Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland
Year range 1979 -
Surname Hyde
Publication information
Publication Letter, April 4, 1979
Loretta Hyde Strole. Loretta Hyde Strole Letter. (Letter, April 4, 1979).
Name Scott Black and Betsy Feaster Genealogical Library
Address Fort Wayne Indiana
Call # Copy on File

Letter from Lorretta Hyde Strole daughter of Charles and Mary Rinke Hyde, sister to Henry Joseph Hyde to Madeline Hyde Kowalsky, her niece

April 4, 1979

Dear Madeline

Been thinking about you quite a bit lately. Wrote Irma and Lucky (her sisters)to find out all I could about the family tree. Mother’s people (Mary Rinke Hyde) came from (sic) They lived in Heilgenstadt then Kaltenburg Prussia near Rastenburg). Neu Rosenthal (this is now Ketrzyn, Masowiecki, Poland) this was just south of Konigsberg (which is now Koliningrad, Soviet Union (now Russia)). Rastenburg is in the Masurian Lakes region 40 miles ENE of Allenstein (Olsztyn). After WWII when it was 50% destroyed all the German population left.

They landed in Detroit in Dec of 1861. Her father’s name was Carl Rinke. Her mothers name was Helena Brant before she was married. Carl and Helena Rinke. She had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. (Margin note from Madeline – “I’m note sure if she means Helena had 5 brothers and sisters or if Carl and Helena had 8 children including Mary).

Mother (Mary Rinke Hyde) was born in Detroit and married my dad. Mary Rinke and Charles Hyde. They had 7 children. Henry Hyde your dad, Clara Hyde died at 10 years old, and Anna, Charles, (margin note from Madeline says “twins”), died in infancy, Irma, Loretta, (Frances Lucky).

I don’t know much about my father (Charles Hyde). I’m trying to find out about him. All I know is that his family came from Canada (see Thomas Hyde and Mary Stickey). He had a brother (William) and 2 sisters (Alice, Mary & Catherine - one must have died young, as did two other brothers). They’re all dead now, so are all of Mother’s family. She was the last one living.

I’d call you but I can’t talk or answer the way I’d like to as they think I’m scheming to leave and they get moody. Right now I don’t want to hurt their feelings, as they were good to me when I needed them. But I’ll keep you informed and when I do leave I’d sure love to see you all. I still love you all but I’m in a little predicament right now, so please forgive me. I sure think of the good times we had a lot of times. I’ll write more as soon as I find out about my dad.

As ever – Aunt Loretta, Always