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Obituary of John Hill Munday.


On January 15, 1918,


A Directory of the Rationalist Press Association, Limited, for over fifteen years.

Aged 73.

The death of Mr. J. H. Munday is a grevous loss to the Rationalist Press Association, of which he had been a Director since 1902, as well as its principal legal adviser. As senior partner in the firm of Messrs. Ellis, Munday, and Clarke, he was always busily employed, but he never failed to find opportunity to serve the R.P.A. in any capacity; and he rarely missed attending the Board meetings, where his shrewd and common-sense judgement was always invaluable to his colleagues. His kind and genial disposition won him a host of friends, while his unimpeachable integrity invited a confidence and trust which he regarded as one of his richest possessions. In his home circle he was an ideal husband and a devoted father, and it can truly be said of him that he was beloved by all who knew him.

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