MySource:Samwilson/Letter from H Cook to William Munday, 30 November 1875

MySource Letter from H Cook to William Munday, 30 November 1875
Author H Cook
Year range 1875 -
Surname Munday
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Type Personal correspondence
Publication Unpublished
H Cook. Letter from H Cook to William Munday, 30 November 1875. (Unpublished).
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Melbourne 30th Novr 1875

Mr Wm. Munday
32 Middleton Road
New Wandsworth SW

My Dear Sir

I deeply regret having the painful duty to inform you of the death of our dear son James. I make use of the word our for he was truely a good husband to our dear girl, as also a good son in law to me, & his loss with that of our dear daughters will for ever be remembered, and regretted by us. Mrs Cook has sent Mrs Munday a long letter with all particulars in it so it would be useless me repeting what she has all ready said, so I shall now proceed to inform you that he made a fresh will on the 29th October last, appointing me as the sole Executor. He leaves my son Thomas Galliard Cook the sum of £75 free of all Probate or legacy duties the remainder (after all just debts & Testamental Expenses are paid) to you & your dear Wife, & in case of your deaths it was to go to his brothers & sisters. His life was insured for £250 & I am afraid before I can recover that amount I shall need to have his Certificate of Birth which I shall be glad if you will forward to me as quickly as possible, so that I may be able to remit you some money as quick as possible. I think on a rough guess, that after all just dues & demands are paid, there will be able £250 for you but I cannot say for certain.

I was on the point of shifting my residence when James came home, so could not shift till after the death of the poor fellow.

So you will please address to me as at the end of the letter. I trust my Dear Sir you will receive this sad intelligence with fortitude. Knowing as we well do, that the will of the almightly must be done.

So let us put ouw trust in him & bring our hearts to think that it is for some wise purpose. I shall send you his clothes chest with momentoes to be given to his brothers &c. which was one of his last requests & also will you inform me if you all have likenesses of his & Alice? Those that have not got one, I will endeavour to furnish. There will also be some of the poor fellows hair, but by the next mail, I will give you all particulars of the contents of the Box. He also begs that we would send his kind love to you & his mother. I hope you will excuse all mistakes for having so many letters to write, my head is scarsely clear enough for the task; with very kind regards

Believe me Dear Sir

Yours Truely

H Cook