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Moses Samples Last Will & Testament.

Will of Moses Samples (Semple)

  • Jefferson County, Tennessee - Index To Wills - Will Book 2, p.558; Probate Book 8, p. 170.
I Moses Sample of the state of TN and County of Jefferson do on this the twenty fourth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four being in good health and in my right mind make this my last will and testament witness via. I give to my beloved wife the feather bed and furniture called hers, also her chest, spinning wheel, check reel, two small pewter basons, one large pewter dish, also two delph punch bowls, one tea canister, also one young sorrel mare, two cows, four sheep, four hogs, also Fishers Catechism, a small Psalm book, a sermon book on the suffering of Christ, also four pewter plates, six pewter spoons, one glass tumbler, one iron potrack, the least of the two and her choice of two counterpins, one walnut table and twenty acres of land, including my dwelling house and half of my fruit trees with liberty of timber to support said land and fire wood to remain hers during her widowhood or natural life and after her death or marriage the land to fall back to my estate.
To my daughter Elizabeth Samples I bequeath the land on which I now live to be hers and at the death of my wife or her marriage the land left to her to be attached to Elizabeth's land again, also two feather beds and furniture for one bed, one cow, three hogs, my largest pot, one small Dutch oven, my largest potrack, one large pewter dish, one small pewter bason, one servior or stand of glasses, two glass tumblers,one large chest, one trunk, her choice of two one large Bible, one sermon book (Willison) Rupels Seven Sermons, one looking glass, and one large pewter bason.
To my daughter Ruth Norwood I leave one dollar and to the natural heirs of her body I leave one child's part of my property not otherwise appointed in this will to divide among them share and share alike accept John Kirkpatrick, to him I leave fifty cents.
To my two sons Matthew and William Sample I leave one child's part of my undivided property not otherwise appointed.
To my granddaughter Ruth Roberts I leave one pewter dish, a small one, and five dollars and to my daughter Agnes Kirk (ie. Kirkpatrick) I leave a child's part of my property not otherwise named in this will and
to my daughter Ann Blackbourn (ie. Blackburn) I leave to her natural heirs fifty cents each.
And the heirs of my daughter Elener Shanks I leave fifty cents each. And whatever grain, flax, cotten as may be on the place at my decease is divided (sic) between my wife Mary B. Samples and my daughter Elizabeth, and also a small pot to go to my wife which was forgotten at first of this will. The balance of my property accept my cupboard furniture which is to be equally divided between my wife and daughter Elizabeth is to be sold to the highest bidder at twelve months credit and the money disposed of as this will directs and I do hereby constitute and appoint my wife Mary B. Sample, my daughter Elizabeth Sample and James B. Sharp sole Executors of this my last will and testament revoking and disannulling all former wills by me made or in my name this twenty fourth of January in the year first above written.
(signed) Moses Sample (seal) - His Mark
Signed and sealed in the presence of us.
James B. Sharp
Joseph McGuire, Jr.
William Nelson, Jr.