MySource:Quolla6/Certificate of Conformity, 13 May 1635

MySource Certificate of Conformity, 13 May 1635
Place Bennandin, Kent, England
Year range -
Surname Borden
Certificate of Conformity, 13 May 1635.

From: fide The Olive Tree; Transcriber: Laura Freeman. Source not detailed. Listed as "Founders of New England: Records of Ships Passenger Lists"

Cited in Person:Richard Borden (1601-1671) (1)

The passenger list, as transcribed above consists primarily of a series of certificates of conformity, recorded on various dates, listing approximately 90 persons who sailed on the "Eliza and Ann" from London, England, to New England. The transcriber interprets the ships name as short for "Elizabeth and Ann". The 14 separate lists are dated between 17 April 1635 and 14 May 1635. It seems likely that each list represents a separate group of passengers, who were neighbors, or otherwise came together to be included on the same list by their local minister.

The list that includes John Borden is dated 13 May 1635, and indicates that the group came from "Bennandin" of Kent. Bennandin is presumably the modern town of Biddenden, which is the only similarly named place that appears on the Wikipedia article on Kent, England. Biddenden is also within a few miles of where Richard Borden, whose article this source is intended support, was born (Headcorn) and lived Cranbrook). The John Borden listed here is thought to be Richards brother.


In the Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Cooper, Mr [master] bound to New England: Theis [sic] under written names are to be tranported p'r Certificate from ye Minister of Bennandin in Kent of their Conformitie to ye orders and discipline of ye Church of England.

John Borden 28
Joan Borden 23
Nico. Morecock 14
Bennet Morecock 16
Marie Morecock 10
Jeremy Whitton 8
Mathew Borden 5
Eliz: Borden 3
Thomas Whitton 36
Samuell Baker 30