MySource Dugger1860CensusFL
Author Federal Government
Place Jefferson, Florida, United States
Leon, Florida, United States
Volusia, Florida, United States
Wakulla, Florida, United States
Year range 1860 - 1860
Surname Dugger
Publication information
Type Census
Federal Government. Dugger1860CensusFL.

1860 Census, Florida Dugger entries transcribed by Marty Grant from original records.


8th Census of the United States - 1860
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Pers $ Birth Place
Jefferson Co, FL - Monticello PO
Page 877b, House 116, Family 116
Dugger William 29 M W Farmer GA
Dugger Mary J 24 F W GA
Dugger William 2 M W FL
Dugger Mary A E 11/12 F W GA
Leon Co, FL - Tallahassee PO
Page 61b, House 302, Family 302
Dugger Mary Ann 54 F W Farmeress 60 150 GA
Dugger Emma 17 F W GA
Dugger Daniel 15 M W GA
Dugger Jonathan 12 M W FL
Page 61b, House 303, Family 303
Dugger Simeon 30 M W Farmer 95 GA
Dugger Mary 27 F W FL
Dugger Louisa 3 F W FL
Dugger Mary Ann 7 F W FL
Volusia Co, FL
Page 863b, House 40, Family 37 - Enterprise PO
Dugger Emanuel D 26 M W Farmer 400 GA
Page 877b, House 175, Family 157 - Volusia PO
Dugger David A 46 M W Farmer 700 500 GA
Dugger Mary Ann 18 F W FL
Dugger Martha 17 F W FL
Dugger Jane 15 F W FL
Dugger Ordatha 12 F W FL
Dugger Doritha Ann 8 F W FL
Dugger Dosia 6 F W FL
Dugger Daniel Newton 3 M W FL
Wakulla Co, FL
Between Sopchopy & St. Marks Rivers
Page 901, House 110, Family 110 - Newport PO
Dugger John 54 M W Farmer 2500 1900 GA
Dugger Maryan 50 F W NC
Dugger James F 18 M W Farmer GA
Dugger Noah M 16 M W Farmer GA
Dugger John W 14 M W GA
Dugger Rocsian 12 F W GA
Dugger Isaa L 27 M W Farmer GA
Dugger Mary 21 F W Farmer FL
Dugger George W 2 M W FL
Dugger Rocsey 2/12 F W FL
Dugger James 31 M W Farmer GA