MySource:Kirkpatrick Family History

MySource Kirkpatrick Family History
Author Helen Mae Alexander
Place Elvaston, Hancock, Illinois, United States
Quincy, Adams, Illinois, United States
Ursa, Adams, Illinois, United States
Lima, Adams, Illinois, United States
Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
Year range 1700 - 1940
Surname Alexander
Publication information
Type Personal Family History
Helen Mae Alexander. Kirkpatrick Family History.


This is are the personal notes on the genealogy of the Kirkpatrick family taken and compiled by Helen Mae Alexander between the years of 1926 and 1928. This is described in the text on page 15 in her own words in this way:

"1. Helen Mae (6) Alexander, born Aug. 22, 1906 at Elvaston, Ill.,
is employed in a fire insurance agency at Morrilton,
Ark.; she married March 1, 1932 to Melbourne Moose of
Morrilton, he born Jan. 28, 1901. Helen A. Moose compiled
most of this Kirkpatrick record from 1926 to 1928."

Kirkpatrick Family History Text

        Line of Andrew Kirkpatrick Sr.,               pg. 1
            of Rockbridge Co., Va.
                   - - - - 

Mr. Thomas Kerr Kirkpatrick of Hardin, Mo. was born in Rockbridge Co. Va. ______ 1849, and spent the first twenty years of his life in that section. He knows a good deal of the traditions of the family and made considerable study of it from documentary sources after 1924. Below I am giving an outline of the first generation of his, the full line appearing in the American Register of April, 1927.

Andrew(1) Kirkpatrick Sr. was born about 1730, probably in Ireland, died in Rockbridge Co. Va. about 1772. Wife was Sophia (possibly Wiley), died about 1800. Five children.

1. Andrew(2) Kirkpatrick Jr. born ca 1759, said to have moved Northwest about 1790
2. Charles(2) Kirkpatrick, born ca. 1762, married Oct. 18, 1791 (Augusta Co. Rec.) to Nancy Boyd, said to have gone to Tennessee about 1810.
3. Robert(2) Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 31, 1764 (Bible Rec.)
4. Benjamin(2) Kirkpatrick, born ca. 1766, married Phoebe Scott. Said to have gone to Tennessee about 1810.
5. James(2) Kirkpatrick born ca. 1769 said to have moved to Ohio about 1800.

3. Robert(2) Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 31, 1764 died in Rockbridge Co., Aug. 3, 1832; married Feb. 5, 1799 to Anne, daughter of Samuel Davidson; (Rockbridge Co. Rec.). She died March 18, 1826. Nine children:

1. Sophia(3) Kirkpatrick, born in 1801 married about 1826 to James Thompson and moved to Greenbrier Co., now West Va. No further record.
2. John(3) Kirkpatrick born in 1803, died unmarried in 1888.
3. Samuel(3) Kirkpatrick born in 1805 died in Rockbridge Co. in 1844, married about 1830 to Sophia Lindsey. Family moved to Hickman co. Kentucky about 1854. Five children: James L.(4), Mary(4), Gilmore(4), Nancy(4), Jane(4)
4. Elizabeth(3) Kirkpatrick born in 1807, married about 1830 to William McKemy, died in Rockbridge Co. about 1866. Six children, John C.(4), Hannah E.(4), Robert A.(4), James L.(4), Frances(4), William D.(4)
5. William Maben(3) Kirkpatrick born 1809, died 1892, in Rockbridge Co., married Catherine McKemy, seven children, John A.(4), Robert D.(4), William H.(4), Charles W.(4), Samuel L.(4), Givens M.(4), and James M.(4)
6. Nancy(3) Kirkpatrick, born in 1812, died in Rockbridge Co. in 1880, married ca. 1833 to James Lindsay. Three children, Jane A.(4), William(4), Nancy(4).

                                                   pg. 2

7. Robert(3) Kirkpatrick born in 1815, died unmarried in 1840.
8. Frances(3) Kirkpatrick born about 1817 married John Christ. Family moved to Missouri about 1850. Two sons, Robert(4) and Taylor(4). No further record.
9. Charles Boyd(3) Kirkpatrick, born in 1819, died in 1875. Married in 1847 to Isabella McDowell Kerr. Family moved to Ray Co., Mo. in 1872. Eight children, Thomas Kerr(4), Robert M.(4), James H.(4), Ann(4), John L.(4), William(4), Margaret M.(4), Elizabeth I.(4)

                                                   pg. 3
                      CHARLES KIRKPATRICK

Charles Kirkpatrick [sr.] was born probably about 1735. On August 2, 1768 he bought from James and Elizabeth Campbell, for $92.00, 253 acres on Whistle Creek on forks of James River, at mouth of said Creek; to corner with Patrick Young, Hall's Mill and James Crawford, in Augusta County, Virginia. In 1777 Rockbridge County was cut off of Augusta, and Charles' residence fell in this new county.

His wife was Agnes, probably daughter of John Wiley. Mr. Thomas Kerr Kirkpatrick thinks Agnes was a sister to Sophia, wife of Andrew Kirkpatrick.

Among the persons who had taken seats in Old Monmouth Meeting House Sept. 5, 1790, are Charles Kirkpatrick Sr., and Charles Jr. (History of Rockbridge Co. 1920, by O. F. Morton).

The Will of Charles Kirkpatrick is on record in Rockbridge County at Lexington, Book 1, page 483, dated March 27, 1794, probated June 2, 1795. Names wife, Agnes, daughter Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, sons John and Charles, grandaughters Mary, daughter of Charles, and Elinor Wiley Kirkpatrick, daughter of John:

“I give and bequeath to my wife, Agnes, all the furniture, one horse, her own saddle and bridle, her cow and horse to be kept free on the Plantation; and also such parts of my dwelling house as she wants to occupy. I will and bequeath to my son John Kirkpatrick, one Rifle Gun, the Plantation and to his heirs on condition that they pay my daughter Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Fifty Pounds current money of Virginia, within the space of two years after my decease. To said Elizabeth her mare with saddle and bridle, her bed and bed-clothes; also to Charles plows and gears and other plantation utensils and the remainder of my personal estate after my just debts and funeral expenses are discharged. I give one two year old heifer to Charles daughter, Mary Kirkpatrick; the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between my wife, son Charles and daughter Elizabeth. Further- more, that my son Charles will provide for my wife during her lifetime.

“I appoint my sons John and Charles Kirkpatrick as executors of my last will and testament.

Wm. McKee (signed) Charles Kirkpatrick (sr.)
Samuel McKee witnesses.
Wm. Kerr

                                                   pg. 4

“Codicil to the within last will and Testament as follows, viz:

“The Testator, Charles Kirkpatrick, Wills and bequeaths to his son, John Kirkpatrick, besides what is mentioned before, the sum of five pounds current money of Virginia; and to his (Johns) daughter, Elinor Wiley Kirkpatrick, Five Pounds of money as before. Said amount to be paid by his son Charles on same terms as mentioned before. I establish and confirm this Codicil to be part of and equal force with my last will and testament. I seal it this March 25, 1795. (signed) Charles Kirkpatrick (sr.) Wm. McKee John Wilson witnesses John Moore.

Issue of John [sic. Charles sr.] and Agnes Kirkpatrick

1.John2 Kirkpatrick 2.Charles2 Kirkpatrick Jr. b. 1764 3.Elizabeth2 Kirkpatrick, said to have married Alexander Wiley in 1806.

2. Charles2 Kirkpatrick [jr.] was born in 1764. A well founded tradition says he served in the Revolutionary War, but official proof has not been found. He was nominated Captain of Militia in Rockbridge County in 1795. (Hist. of Rockbridge Co.) On July 25, 1795 “Charles Kirkpatrick, son and heir of Charles Kirkpatrick deceased”, deeded a tract of land to Ezra Holbrook. His wife, Sarah, signed the deed with him. Rockbridge Co. Deeds C-196.

The following letter from Dr. J. E. Kirkpatrick of Los Angeles, to Rose Kirkpatrick, dated June 4, 1899, gives a very interesting account of the family.

"Grandfather Charles Kirkpatrick was drafted into the Revolutionary War at the age of eighteen years, in the last year of the war. He was at the battle of Yorktown in his native state, Virginia, and saw Lord Cornwallis surrender his sword to General Laffayette (sic) at the in_tance (sic) and Courtesy of George Washington. He brought the old time musket with which he fought all the rounds from Virginia through the Carolinas to Tennessee, thence through Kentucky to Illinois. The last time I saw it, it was in the care of uncle Milton Kirkpatrick, at Ursa, Adams County, Illinois.

"Grandfather Charles was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, near the great natural bridge, in the year 1764, of Scotch- Irish parents, but then recently from the North of Protestant Ireland.

"I never did learn the given name of my great-grandfather Kirkpatrick, for that of his wife.

                                                   pg. 5

"Presently, after the war, grandfather Kirkpatrick was married to Miss Sarah Edington of Maryland. She was of Welsh descent. Of this union there were five sons and three daughters. All were born in Virginia. Finally parents and children moved to the Hywassa purchase, now a part of Alabama.

"Aunt Nellie, the eldest daughter, then married Washington McGaughy, who afterwards had an altercation with some man. They agreed to fight it out in a prize right (sic., scratched out). McGaughy broke the neck of his foe for which he found it prudent to move to some other state. Since which time we lost knowledge of him and Aunt Nellie. about this time, Grandfather Charles, with his remaining children moved over into East Tennessee. They found there a man by the name of Benjamin Cox, who had married Miss Rachel Ellis. These were the parents of Sarah Cox my mother, and Eliza the mother of James Madison, your father. “It so happened that David, my father, and John, Matt's father, two brothers, fell in love with these two sisters, daughters of Benjamin Cox and Rachel, and were married to them at the same hour.

"Of David and Sarah, I was the first son, born January 13, 1826, in the county of Monroe, East Tennessee. Andrew Jackson Kirkpatrick came to this world three months after I did.( Intend- ed Benjamin Jackson [handwritten addition "my father"], not Andrew.)

"In one year 1827 both our grand-parents with married sons and daughters moved into Kentucky. There Virginia, my sister was born, and so was Rachel Kirkpatrick. Again becoming dissatisfied with the state of slavery they concluded one and all in the year 1828 to move to Morgan County, Illinois. And so they came, some on horseback and others with four horse teams. Both grandfathers with all theirs passed the winter of 1828 near Jacksonville, Illinois. The next spring we all moved over into the County of Adams. My father stopped in Quincy. The two grandfathers took up a quarter section each near Ursa. In 1829 my father bought land with Uncle John, east of Ursa where Frank Stone now resides, or did when I came to Oregon twenty-two years ago. Grandfather Charles died in the year 1833 at his home place one and one-half miles southeast of Ursa and was buried in a hickory grove which grew in a pasture belonging to Ebbin Riddle, a little way North of Ursa. Uncle Milton, with myself, visited his grave some forty years ago. There is none to show the lonely spot wherein his brave father was laid away; there being no headstone nor other material to do him memory or rever- ence. In fact in those far gone pioneer days there were few or no facilities for silver mounted coffins or splendid monumental towers.

"So you will note from the above that myself and brother, John, of Henry, Ill., with Andrew Jackson und James Madison and William Franklin, as well us George Washington and John Davis, are all seven grandsons of a Revolutionary sire, whose dust has long since mingled with this planet. And so are David Ross and Holt, his brother, grandsons as well. But how many great and

                                                   pg. 6

great-great-grandsons and daughters are there? Too numerous to mention or count.

(Milton had two sons, Orville Milton and Franklin Augustus, making nine grandsons of a revolutionary sire.)

“Grandfather Benjamin Cox was of English stock. You will observe that our blood is of four distinct races: Scotch-Irish, English, Saxon and Welsh.

"Now Let us go back to Tennessee. Our fathers eldest brother, James Edington, for whom I was named, went to Texas and died there while yet a single and very handsome young man. Another young brother, Charles, died in Tennessee. My father's sister, Nancy, married a Mr. Rop in Tennessee, who died in that State. Of these there were two sons, David and Holt and a daughter, Sarah Ann. Holt died at Ursa. David moved over into Missouri, seven miles North of Macon City. I have no knowledge of him since 1863. Our father's sister, Aunt Lee Ann was single when she came to Illinois. She was married to a widower named James Nelson, near the old Chapel towards Quincy. Some time after this, Aunt Lee Ann took this orphan child, Sarah Ann, daughter of Aunt Nancy Rop, to raise. When she became a beautiful young lady she was married to Mr. James Dorsett of Huntsville, Schuylar County, Ill. Myself and Virginia were at her wedding.

“Of this union there were two daughters and four sons. the sons were born in Oregon. In 1848 Mr. Dorsett moved to Kansas. He took his mother-in-law Aunt Nancy, with him. In 1852 he moved tack to Oregon, stopping at Baker County. Aunt Nancy was buried on the way out. Their oldest daughter was married to the Hon. State Senator, I. D. Haines. To these were born two girls, Stella and Mamie, two boys, Robert and David. Four years ago Stella married a lawyer named Bruce Messic of Baker City. Cousin Sarah Ann has been a widow a long time. There again you have a number of cousins of good report at Spokane, Washington. The Browns, Moodies and Johnsons, children of sisters, Emline (sic.) and Eliza. Thus you will agree with me that you have a great many cousins on the Kirkpatrick side of the house -- all referring back to this one soldier, Charles.

"When you mention Aunt Clarinda it brings before my mind the days of our childhood, when Virginia and I spent so many days in play with our little girls, Clarina (sic.) and Angeline, at the farm house of grandpa Benjamin and Grandma Rachel Cox, near Ursa. Uncle Matt Cox was but a boy then and he too made much of us. Grandma Rachel slopped (sic. - stopped) over with love (sic. lovely?) dainties for us; but Grandpa Ben was never demonstrative. When not playing with these we were out playing day after day and year [in] and year out, over the hills, prairies and flower meadows so wild in the spring and early summer time, with Jack, Rachel and Matt, your good papa. I would that nature might [set] me up in such beautiful fields and sweet company again. Yes, I [would] love to see Aunt Clarinda again. She always loved me and I worshiped her.

                                                   pg. 7
   “Yes, yes! My soul would rest on high if I could visit

you all in my beloved Illinois.

     (signed) James 4. Kirkpatrick,M.D."
    Charles (2) Kirkpatrick died at Ursa, Ill. in 1833; it is not 

known when his wife died. Below are children of this couple, births of David and Milton from Bible records, others arrived at by conjecture.

1. Mary (3) Kirkpatrick, born ca. 1793, probably died early.
2. Charles (3) Kirkpatrick III, b. ca. 1796 d. in Tenn, unm.
3. David (3) Kirkpatrick b. 8-22-1799.
4. John (3) Kirkpatrick b. 9-19-1802
5. Nellie (3) Kirkpatrick b. ca.1804, m. Washington McGaughy.

   no record.

6. Nancy (3) Kirkpatrick b. ca. 1806
7. James Edington (3) Kirkpatrick b. ca. 1809 d. unm. in Texas.
8. Milton (3) Kirkpatrick b. ca. 1811.
9. Lee Ann (3) Kirkpatrick b. ca. 1814.

   3. David (3) Kirkpatrick, born August 22, 1799 in Rockbridge

Co., Va., married in East Tennessee, probably Monroe County in February, 1825, to Sarah E. Cox, she born in Washington Co., Tenn. Dec. 22, 1806.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
               BENJAMIN COX.
   Benjamin Cox moved from South Carolina to East Tenn. about

1800, then to Illinois with the Kirkpatricks. He died about 1860, I believe at Warsaw, Hancock Co. His wife was Rachel Ellis. Eight children known.

                                                   pg. 8

l. Benjamin Cox.
2. Ellis Cox b. 1804, d. Mch, 1860, in Ill; a son, Ike, lives
at Elvaston (1933).
3. Sarah E. Cox, b. 1805, m. David Kirkpatrick.
4. Eliza Cox, b. 1808, m. John Kirkpatrick.
5. Washington COX.
6. Clarinda Cox married David Ruddell of Hancock Co., Ill.
Mr Ruddell died about 1852, and his widow moved to Warsaw where she managed a hotel for a livlihood (sic). They had two boys (twins, both of whom raised families at Elvaston,[)] and one girl, Melissa. Thomas J. Ruddell b. 5-30-1848 d. 3-20-1919. Andrew Jackson Ruddell b. 5-30-1848, d. 11-18-1919. Martha (Clark) Ruddell (wife of A. J. (?) ) b. 12-7-1848, d. 1-29-1925. Clarinda Cox Ruddell married second to Alonzo Wells and had two children, Doug Wells, now living in Peoria, and Clara, who married Loren Russell. Mr. Wells ran the Wells Tavern et Elvaston, which stood West of the C. L. Ewing home on the ground that was cut off when the road was straightened for route 9. It was a long, two-story house with about twenty rooms, and had barns for the horses and oxen of the travellers. 7. Annie Cox
8. Shepherd Cox
9. )
10. ) two died in childhood.

         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

David(3) Kirkpatrick died in McDonough Co., Ill. Feb. 8, 1851, and is buried near Table Grove. Dates of births and marriages of their children are from a record kept by Sarah Emaline Kirkpat- rick Brown, now in the possession of Zara Marie Brown Henderson.

1. James Edington(4) Kirkpatrick be 1-13-1826
2. Virginia(4) Kirkpatrick 10-31-1827
3. Eliza Ann(4) Kirkpatrick 12-23-1829
4. Sarah Emaline(4) Kirkpatrick 7-27-1831
5. Nancy Rachel Malicia(4) Kirkpatrick 8- 6-1834 d. 2-12-1851
6. Clarinda(4) Kirkpatrick 5-19-1837
7. Eleanor(4) Kirkpatrick 12-31-1839
8. John Milton(4) Kirkpatrick 2- 4-1844

1. James Edington(4) Kirkpatrick, born Jan. 13, 1826, in Monroe Co. Tenn., was reared in McDonough Co., Ill. In the spring of 1877 he settled at Scio, Linn Co., Oregon, and began practicing medicine, making his home with his Brown relatives. In the fall of that year he sent for his wife and children in Illinois. John J. Brown made the trip with wagon and team to bring the Kirkpatricks from Redding, Calif (sic.) (the terminal of the railroad) to Scio. The Kirkpatricks later moved to Dallas, Oregon.

                                                   pg. 9

Dr. J. E. Kirkpatrick is the author of the letter reproduced in the data about Charles Kirkpatrick II. His death occurred in Los Angeles in 1907. He married first, a Miss Craig, second to Mary Griggsby. Eight children.

1. Nina May(5) Kirkpatrick b. Nov. 1866, married to Simeon Dock, and had one son, Chalmers(6) Dock. They live in Long Beach, Callf.
2. Ernest Chalmers(5) Kirkpatrick b. Feb. 24, 1867, married in 1894 to Mary Haygood. No issue. They vive in Dallas, Ore. 3. James Quincy(5) Kirkpatrick, b. in Jan. 1869, lives in Los Angeles. Has a daughter, no children.
4. Clifton Campbell(5) Kirkpatrick b. in 1871 is married, lives in Los Angeles, no children.
5. Clarinda Irene(5) Kirkpatrick, b. in 1873 married G. M. Hyland of Washington, D. C. Five children (1) Nina[6] (2) Crystal[6]; (3) Constance[6] (4) George Marvin[6] (5) Donald[6].
6. Mary Jane(5) Kirkpatrick born 1875, married David Burrey of Los Angeles. Three children (1) Katherine[6] (2) Nina[6], (3) David[6].
7. Evangeline(5) Kirkpatrick, b. 1878, married Frank S. Coates, 859 Simpson St., Los Angeles. Three children, (1) Clifton[6], (2) George[6], (3) Ruth[6].
8. Homer(5) Kirkpatrick born 1881, married Minnie ________. They live at Portland, Oregon. No children.

   2. Virginia(4) Kirkpatrick (David(3)) born in Kentucky

Oct. 31, 1827, married July 7, 1846 in Brown Co., Ill. to Rev. William B(?). Campbell, he born in Tennessee in Jan. 1819. They lived near Table Grove, Ill., and had fifteen children, the births of the first four of which are recorded in the record of Sarah Emeline K. Brown. Some of this family live in Los Angeles.

1. Webster Newton(5) Campbell b. 4-10-1847 in McDonough Co. Ill.
2. Sarah M.(5) Campbell b. 10-5-1848 “ “
3. Elizabeth Ann(5) Campbell 2-8-1850 “ “
4. Harriet Augusta(5) Campbell 10-25-1851 “ “

   3. Eliza Ann(4) Kirkpatrick (David(3)) born Dec. 23, 1829 in

Adams Co. Ill., married March 21, 1848 to Henry W. Foster, he born Sept. 3, 1823. Seven children from record of Sarah Emiliine K. Brown:

1. John T.(5) Foster b. 1-25-1849
2. Barcy S.(5) Foster 12-10-1851
3. S. M.(5) Foster 9-21-1855
4. Thedosia E.(5) Foster 11-9-1858
5. Icedora(5) Foster 8-18-1861
6. Emmy(5) Foster 11-3-1864 married H.L. Moody.
7. W. T.(5) Foster 10-16-1870.

                                                   pg. 10

4. Sarah E.(4) Kirkpatrick (David(3)) born July 27, 1831, in Adams Co. Ill., married Feb. 2, 1852 in Guinx (?) Co., Ill. to John James Brown. Mr. Brown has the unsatisfactory distinction of having lost three lawsuits in which he was represented by Abraham Lincoln. By way of a honeymoon the Browns left Galesburg, Illinois in the Spring of 1852 in a covered wagon and five months later ended their journey at Spares Ferry, Oregon. The Browns lived at Scio, later at Spokane, at the latter place Sarah. E. K. Brown died in 1898, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. five children.

1. Zerimba M.(5) Brown b. 7-14-1853
2. John Francis(5) Brown 8-20-1855
3. Zelotes David(5) Brown 1-20-1858
4. Harvey James(5) Brown 4-23-1860
5. Zelbia Jacob(5) Brown 4-20-1863, d. in infancy.

   1. Zerimba M.(5) Brown (known as R. M.) born July 14, 1853,

at Scio, Ore., is (1927) a rancher and cattleman near Redmond, Ore. He married Maggie Baldwin, and has two daughters,

1. Audrey(6) Brown, married Dr. William Shea, a surgeon of Portland, Ore, 2. Olga (6) Brown, is married, lives in Los Angeles.

    2. John Francis(5) Brown Aug. 20, 1855, at Scio, Ore., 

lives (1927) in Spokane. He married first to Lizzie McClellan and had one son, married second to Lucreta Mack, and had three daughters. Issue:

1. Lloyd D.(6) Brown, born 2-17-1884, was an optician, d. 8-10-1927
2. Rose Winifred(6) Brown, works for a law firm in Spokanne (sic).
3. Edith Mary(6) Brown, deceased.
4, Eleanor Frances(6) Brown, in college at Pullman, Washington

    3. Zelotes David(5) Brown (known as "Lot"), born Jan. 20,

1858, at Sublimity, Marion Co., Ore, is a lawyer, was raised in Oregon and Washington; has lived "all around", including Canada and Mexico. He married Nov. 12, 1888 to Marie Louise Ayotte in Spokane. Wife died March 24, 1908, interred in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Santa Cruze (sic.), Calif. One Child.

1. Zara Marie(6) Brown, born June 1, 1900 in Spokane; she compiled quite a lot of this Kirkpatrick History in 1926 & 1927 She married Feb. 8, 1927 at Spokane, to Paul Fleming Henderson, a graduate of Stanford University, a civil engineer. In 1928 they were located near Augusta, Kansas where Mr. Henderson was in charge of the construction of a large dam and reservoir for the Santa Fe Railroad.

4. Harvey James(5) Brown born April 23, 1860; with Dept. of Interior, U. S. A. Married first to Rosa Mack, second to Eva Harrison. No children.

                                                   pg. 11
 6. Clarinda(4) Kirkpatrick (David(3)) born May 19, 1837 in

Brown Co., Ill. Married William H. Fawbush. Two children.

1. Arthur(5) Fawbush, died at early age.
2. Mazie(5) Fawbush, married a Mr. Smith, lived in San Diego, Calif.

7. Eleanor(4) (or Elien) Kirkpatrick (David(3)), married William H. Cox. Two children.

1. Olive Josephine(5) Cox, born 5-10-1857, married about 1885 in Lincoln, Ill., to C. K. Black, she died in Florida on June 30, 1926.

2. Thomas Alger(5) Cox, born 2-10-1864, married Nov. 5, 1900 to Lillie Bresee. Mr. Cox is cashier of the Lincoln National Bank, Lincoln, Ill. (1927)

8[.] John Milton(4) Kirkpatrick, M. D. (David(3)) born in

Brown c., Ill. Feb. 4, 1844, was killed in a street car accident in 1922 at Minneapolis, (Ind.?). He married twice, first to a sister of William H. Cox, who married his sister, Eleanor, second to Emma Croft. By first marriage two children given below, by second marriage three or four, names not given.

1. Fannie(5) Kirkpatrick.
2. Edward(5) Kirkpatrick, address was Camp Point, Ill.

4. John(3) Kirkpatrick born Sept. 19, 1802, married in East Tenn. July 4, 1825 to Eliza, daughter of Benjamin Cox (mentioned previously). Eliza was born June 7, 1808. John and family moved to Ill. with the other Kirkpatricks. He was a wagon maker and farmer; his death occurred Feb. 28, 1865, wife died Jan. 31, 1872. Both buried at Lima, Ill. Four of the sons were six reet tall and weighed more than 200 pounds. Issue as per Bible in possession of George W. Kirkpatrick, of Carthage, Ill.

1. Benjamin Jackson(4) Kirkpatrick, born 4-8-1826 (at Nashville, Tenn [handwritten])
2. Rachel M.(4) Kirkpatrick 10-31-1827
3. James Madison(4) Kirkpatrick 11-30-1829
4, Sarah Jane(4) Kirkpatrick 12-10-1831
5. William Franklin(4) Kirkpatrick 5-22-1835
6, George Washington(4) Kirkpatrick 5-23-1839
7. Ann Eliza(4) Kirkpatrick 5-7-1842
8. John David(4) Kirkpatrick 3-5-1845

1. Benjamin J.(4) Kirkpatrick, born April 8, 1826, married at Lima, Ill. in 1850 to Mary Turner, daughter of William Orr, she born in Boone Co., Missouri in 1828. (April 12, 1828 [handwritten])

              * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                                                   pg. 12

Last Will and Testament of William Orr, Deceased.

In the name of God Amen, I Wm. Orr of the town of Lima in the County of Adams and State of Illinois of the age of Ninety years and being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is say; I give and bequeath to my daughter Milly Orr one dollar, and to my son Peter Orr I give and bequeath one dollar, in addition to certain lands deeded by me to them as their just portion of my estate, next I desire that after paying all just debts that may be against me, that my money may be equally divided among the remainder of my Sons and daughters, to wit: Kitty Vinson, Grayson Orr, Wm. Orr, Stacy Fawbush, Margaret Thompson, Louisa Poulter, and [P?]olly Kirkpatrick, Next I devise that [J?]o[h?]n W. Fawbush [m?]ay take charge of a certain note given by [?]. M. Vinson and J. M. Fawbush for [$?],500 payable to me, and that [h?]e may collect the interest as it becomes due yearly, and apply it to my wan[t?]s during my lifetime of as [?] may order in my lifetime, and after my death to be distributed as above directed.

  And I do hereby appoint John H. Fawbush to be my sole executor of 

this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills be (sic.) me made.

  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my land and seal this tenth 

day of September in the year of our Lord one-thousand eight hundred and sixty nine.
Wm. Orr

  The above instrument consisting of one sheet was, at the fate thereof

signed, sealed and published and declared by the said Wm. Orr [...] for his last will and testament in presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto as attesting witnesses.
[W]m. A. Abrams
George [E]llis

                                                   pg. 13

[your Great-Grandfather (handwritten)]
William Orr was born in Northumberland Co., Pa., about 1780, and died at Lima, Ill., about 1875 (March 28, (1875) [handwritten]). He married Elizabeth Turner, she born in Bourbon Co., Ky. This family moved to Boone Co., Mo., then to Adams Co., Ill. Ten children.

1. Catherine Orr (Vinson)
2. William Orr.
3. Greyson Orr, lived and died at Lima.
4. Stacy Orr, married Harry Fawbush. They had a daughter,

  Alice Earhart, who was the mother of Mrs, Effie Jolidon,
  of Hamilton, Ill.

5. Margaret Orr (Thompson)
6. Millie Orr married Lewis Selby.
7, Louise Orr (Poulter)
8. Peter Orr
9. Mary Turner Orr.
10. Silas Orr, died in Calif., aged is, just a few days after
his arrival during the gold rush.

              * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Benjamin J.(4) Kirkpatrick was a farmer in Hancock Co., Ill. His death occured (sic.) July, 13, 1916; wife died April 14, 1916; both buried at Elvaston, Ill. Issue.

1. Everilla Josephine(5) Kirkpatrick born 1851
2. Mary Elizabeth(5) Kirkpatrick 2-16-1853
3. James Walter(5) Kirkpatrick d. in infancy
4. Etta May(5) Kirkpatrick born 5-1-1857
5. Minnie Dora(5) Kirkpatrick 2-5-1859
6. Gertrude E.(5) Kirkpatrick 3-14-1871

1. Everilla J.(5) Kirkpatrick, born 1851, married Joseph Kessler, an employee of the railroad, lived in Creston, Ia. Then Elvaston, Ill. Everilla died there Sept. 1923. one child.

l. Effie(6) Kessler, died unmarried about 1892.

2. Mary Elizabeth(5) Kirkpatrick (Aunt Molly) born Feb. 16, 1853, married March 17, 1875 to Frederick William Steinback of Quincy, I1ll., he born at Ursa, Aug. 6, 1847. She died Dec. 23, 1879. One child.

l. Arthur M.(6) Steinback, born Jan. 16, 1876, is Credit Manager for the Excelsior Stove & Mfg. Co. of Quincy, Ill. He married Dec. 23, 1903 to Alberta Magdalena Gross. Four children:

1. Catherine Mae(7) Steinback De 1-23-1905
2. Kenneth Arthur(7) Steinback 9-29-1907 d. 8-2-1922
3. Donald F. H.(7) Steinback 8-20-1909
4. Jeannette Ruth(7) Steinback 12-24-1913.

                                                   pg. 14

4. Etta May(5) Kirkpatrick, b. May 1, 1857, married Oct. 29, 1881 to Harvey Marshall, he born Nov. 21, 1848. Mr. Marshall was a farmer, and lived at Elvaston, Ill. He died _________________. Six children. Etta May K. Marshall died _______ (March 16, (handwritten)) 1916.

1. Frank(6) Marshall born 2-5-1883
2. Mary(6) Josephine Marshall 4-25-1885
3. Fred(6) Marshall 4-25-1887
4. Geraldine(6) Marshall 7-28-1891
5. Paul H.(6) Marshall 2-14-1889
6. Jeannette(6) Marshall 3-29-1892

l. Frank(6) Marshall, born Feb. 5, 1883, married Aug. 6, 1906 to Flora Chapman. He is a farmer near Elvaston, Ill. Two children:

1. William Hollis(7) Marshall born 11-1-1907
2. Myra(7) Marshall 5-6-1913

2. Mary Josephine(6) Marshall, born april 25, 1885, married Feb. 8, 1911 to Mark Crank of Carthage, Ill., he born June 2, 1866 (sic). Mr. Crank is a cattle dealer. Issue.

1. Geraldine(7) Crank, born 4-30-1913.
2. Robert Lee(7) Crank 9-23-1922

3. Fred(6) Marshall, born April 25, 1887, married Sept. 21 1911 to Wilma Rosey (sic), she born Dec. 31, 1889. Fred is a farmer, lives on the old Marshall place at Elvaston. Two children:

1. William Lowell(7) Marshall, born l2-15-1912.
2. Donald Kee(7) Marshall 9-28-1914

4. Geraldine(6) Marshall, born July 28, 1891, married Dec. 20, 1911 to Harry Burling, he born Jan. 11, 1887. Mr. Burling is a farmer at Carthage, Ill. Issue:

1. Marshall Leroy(7) Burling, born 2-27-1914
2. Maxine Lucille(7) Burling 6-19-1920
3. Norma Jeannette(7) Burling 8-15-1926

5. Paul H.(6) Marshall, born Feb. 14, 1889, married May 31, 1916 to Aurelia Martin, she born Oct. 11, 1893. Paul is a mechanic, lives at Carthage, Ill. Issue:

1. Leonard Paul(7) Marshall, born Nov. 29, 1918. (d.1945 (handwritten))

6. Jeannette(6) Marshall born March 29, 1892, married Oct. 14, 1918 to Fred Thomas. She died in Kansas city about 1931, without issue.

5. Minnie Dora(5) Kirkpatrick, born Feb. 5, 1859, married to Andrew Bartholomew, he born Sept. 2, 1931 (year crossed out). The family moved to California about 1906 where Mr. Bartholomew died March 18, 1922, near Folsom. Mrs. Bartholomew is now living at Davis, Calif. Issue; ((handwritten and illegible) Died? May 2, 1935)

                                                   pg. 15

l. Guy(6) Bartholomew born 7-25-1880
2. Roy J.(6) Bartholomew 3-30-1882
3. Gertrude(6) Bartholomew 2-28-1887 d. 4-28-1888
4. Paul W.(6) Bartholomew 8-26-1891
5. Alta Evelyn(6) Bartholomew 1-9-1895

1. Guy(6) Bartholomew born July 25, 1880 is a farmer at Folsom, Calif. He married Dec. 23, 1906 to Vena Christner. One child,

l. Paul(7) Bartholomew, born 9-25-1907, d. 1-27-1920

2. Roy J.(6) Bartholomew, born March 30, 1882, is a farmer near Lewistown, Missouri. He married June 3, 1908 to Essie (sp?) Scovern and they nave one child:

1. Dorothy(7) Bartholomew, born 5-15-1909

4. Paul W.(6) Bartholomew, born Aug. 26, 1891, married Dec. 20, 1910 to Alma Frells. Second to Ruby ______. Lives in Los Angeles. No children.

5. Alta E.(6) Bartholomew, born Jan. 9, 1895, married first on Sept. 2, 1910, to Robert Hutchins (sic) of ________ . She married second on March 10, 1917 to Dr. E.G. Cambert of San Francisco. Married third in 1922 to Julius Oeste of Davis, Calif, who died in 1925. Married fourth _____ 1934(?) to Charles Philliber.

One child by Robert Hutchins (sic),

1. Hazel(7) Hutchins born Nov. 9, 1911, married _______________to Musgrove.

6. Gertrude E. (5) Kirkpatrick, born March 14, 1871, married Oct. 19, 1905 to Charles Benton Alexander.

1. Helen Mae (6) Alexander, born Aug. 22, 1906 at Elvaston, Ill., is employed in a fire insurance agency at Morrilton, Ark.; she married March 1, 1932 to Melbourne Moose of Morrilton, he born Jan. 28, 1901. Helen A. Moose compiled most of this Kirkpatrick record from 1926 to 1928.

2. Rachel M.(4) Kirkpatrick born Oct. 3l, 1827 in Kentucky, died March 31, 1847 at Lima, Ill., she married Jacob Crowson, and had

1. Eliza Jane(5) Crowson, born Feb. 1846, married Robert Miller She died Dec. 15, 1925 at Mexico, Mo. one son (1) Robert(6) Miller, died unmarried.

3. James M.(4) Kirkpatrick, born Nov. 31(sic.), 1829, died at Carthage, Ill. Sept. 12, 1909. He married Sarah Dazey, she born June 23, 1883 (sic.), died May 22, 1890. Three children:

1. Gilbert A.(5) Kirkpatrick
2. Rose(5) Kirkpatrick b. 7-28-1862
3. Nettie(5) Kirkpatrick

                                                   pg. 16

1. Gilbert A.(5) Kirkpatrick married Nov. 5, 1884 to Ida M. Forester. He died at quincy, Ill. about 1892: Issue, twins,

1. Myrle Floyd(6) Kirkpatrick born 4-3-1886, d. in infancy.
2. Earl Roy(6) Kirkpatrick, born 4-3-1886; lives in Goodland,
Kansas. married ________________ and has one son.

1. Elwood Leonard(7) Kirkpatrick.

2. Rose(5) Kirkpatrick, born July 28, 1862, married William McMahan Carthage, Ill. She has made some research on the Kirkpatrick Family, but the only part of her papers I have been able to locate is a copy of the letter from Dr. J. E. Kirkpatrick, given at the beginning of this article. Rose died in a hospital at Keokuk, Ia., Jan. 23 1902. No issue.

3. Nettie(5) Kirkpatrick married George Trout. She died in 1919 at Carthage. Three daughters that live in or near Los Angeles, the first two married, possibly the third.

1. Lois(6) Trout (Smith)
2. Margaret(6) Trout (married Luther Sharp, 3820 .. ave., .. City, [handwritten, difficult to read]
3. Leota[difficult to read](6) Trout.

4. Sarah Jane(4) Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 10, 1831, died at Lima, Ill. Aug. 25, 1909. She married Nathan McAdams, four sons.

1. James(5) McAdams.

2. Jasper(5) McAdams
3. John Williams(5) McAdams, died unmarried.
4. Clifton(5) McAdams committed suicide, aged 19.

1. James(5) McAdams married Etta Dazey (deceased), he lives in Kansas City, Mo. One daughter, 1. Maud(6) McAdams.

2. Jasper(5) McAdams, married Rose Hightower (deceased), he lives at Hunnewell, Mo. Two sons,

1. Arthur(6) McAdams, married Agnes _________. He is state manager of the Bell Tel. Co. at Fargo N.D.
2. Claude(6) McAdams, married Grace _________. He is employed by the Standard Oil Co., address 1475 Hampshire St., Quincy, Ill. Two children: (1) Helen(7) McAdams, (2) Mary Agnes (7) McAdams.

5. William(5) Kirkpatrick born May 1835, died at Garden City, Kansas about 1914. Was married twice. Three children:
1. Everett(6) Kirkpatrick
2. Ed(6) Kirkpatrick
3. Mable(6) Kirkpatrick

                                                   pg. 17

6. George W. Kirkpatrick born May 23, 1839; is now in his 96th year, living at Carthage, Ill. In May, 1934, Mrs. Paul Marshall published two very interesting articles in the Carthage Republican on the reminiscences of Mr.. Kirkpatrick. He cast his first ballot in a presidential election for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and has voted for every Republican candidate since. One day a notice was posted in the post office that t two negro slaves had run away from their owners in northeast Missouri, and offered a reward of $500 for their capture. George Kirkpatrick and a young man named Ab Weaver blacked their faces and marched through town, which caused quite a commotion, the whole town turned out for the reward. The boys hid in a cornfield while they were hunted with dogs; fortunately for them the dogs recognized them in spite of their disguise. When the deception finally became known, most of the hunters wanted to whip them.

Mr. Kirkpatrick was the constable of the town of Lima, in the days when a peace officer had a real job and very little pay. At one time née had a warrant for a man named Black, who was reputed to be a particularly dangerous character. He tried to secure a posse to go with him to make the arrest but was unsuccessful, so he went alone and brought in the criminal without any trouble. About the time of the Civil War a band of thieves were stealing horses in Hancock County and taking them across the river into Missouri. This led to the organization of a local band of Vigilantes, which was known as the “anti-horse Thief Association". The organization caught one of the thieves and turned him over to the Constable for safe keeping until the trial could be held. Mr. Kirkpatrick put him in a room over his wagon and cooper shop and left him in charge of four armed guards. When he went down early next morning though, he had neither prisoner or guards, as a mob had taken the prisoner; he was found hanging to a tree about half-way between Lima and Tioga with a bullet hole in his chest.

Mrs. Marshall relates other interesting incidents among which is an account of the runaway of a team of oxen, driving a team of horses across the frozen Mississippi River at Keokuk when the ice had begun to thaw, and a visit Mr. Kirkpatrick made to the shipyards in Philadelphia during the World War.

George Kirkpatrick married first, Sept. 17, 1862 to Sarah Rohrbough, she born Jan. 25, 1841, a daughter of William Rohrbough.

              * * * * * * * * * * * * *

George Rohrbough died Dec. 7, 1874, aged 62 years, 7 months and 7 days, was interred in Cozad Cemetery, twenty-seven years later to the day, his remains were transferred to the Elvaston Cemetery.

His son, William, born March 2, 1818, died Jan. 2A, 1886, married Temperance Clark, she born March 15, 1818, died Dec. 11, 1905 at Burley, Idaho. Among their children,

                                                   pg. 18

1. Sarah Rohrbough, born 1-25-1841, married George Kirkpatrick
2. Clayton Rohrbough, born 10-27-1843, died 4-18-1892, married

    Mary E. Martin, she born 10-24-1848, died 4-30-1895 

3. Venturia Amanda Rohrbough, born 5-23-1845 married John D.


4. George Clark Rohrbough, born Nov. 8, 1854 died 10-30-1912,

    married Dora Welch, she born June 23, 1853, died 4-6-1919 
  Sarah R. Kirkpatrick died Feb. 12, 1880, and George Kirk-

patrick married second, Jan. 6, 1881, to Mrs. Lydia Cassandra Moore, nee Alcorn, she born March 27, 1843, died Dec. _____ 1933. To the first marriage was born three children, by the last, none.

1. Ida Venturia(5) Kirkpatrick, born 6-7-1863
2. Orville Clark(5) Kirkpatrick 5-13-1867
3. Ernst W.(5) Kirkpatrick 2-12-1870

  1.  Ida V.(5) Kirkpatrick, born June 7, 1863, married at (Lima struck through and Salida, Colo added in handwriting)

June 28, 1908, to Edgar Thomas Bowen, he born Dec. 7, 1861 in Barnard, Vt. Mr. Bowen, through his mother, descended from the Livingstons, same family as the noted English Explorer. Mr. Bowen owned and operated Granite Quarries at Salida, Colo. He was struck and killed at as front gate by an automobile on __________ Ida lives with her father at Carthage; she has given a good deal of information, dates, etc. for this history. No children.

   2. Orville C.(5) Kirkpatrick born May 13, 1867, was a 

lawyer at Dallas City, Ill. He married at Carthage, July 31, 1890 to Lena Leota Damron, she born at Basco, Ill., Sept. 30, 1867. Orville C. and wife died within two weeks of each other Jan. _______ and. _______, 1929. No issue.

   3. Ernest W.(5) Kirkpatrick born Feb. 7, 1870, married Nov. 12,

1891 to Lulu, daughter of William Karnahan, she born March 27, 1870, in Ashland Co., Ohio. Ernest runs a hotel at Sulphur Springs OkIa. One child.

   1. Kenneth Fay(6) Kirkpatrick, born 10-29-1892, uarried Oct. 17, 

1923, to Elizabeth Grey Marshall, of Carthage, Ill. Kenneth is a mechanic at Pomona, Calif.

  7. Ann Eliza(4) Kirkpatrick born May 7, 1849 married James McCreary, or Brashear, Mo., and raised six children, one daughter
  1. (EMIR [handwritten – Pat is struck through]) McCreary (called “Pet” married Charlie Chadwick and had two sons. They lived in ..p...more Washington. One son died .. [handwritten])
   8. John (4) Kirkpatrick, born March 5, 1845, died on 

Easter Sunday, 1929, at Strawberry Point Ia. He married Venturia A. Rohrbough, she born May 23, 1845, died Oct. 6, 1889. Two children.

                                                   pg. 19

1. Cecil Beaumont(5) Kirkpatrick, born 8-1-1874, married and died at Strawberry Point some years ago.

2. Myrtle Temperance(5) Kirkpatrick born 7-21-1886, is married and living in Hamilton, N. Y.

6. Nancy(3) Kirkpatrick (Charles(2)) born about 1806, married in Tennessee to Mr. Rop, who died in that State. She and her three children moved to Illinois with the family, then with her son-in-law, Mr. Dorsett, to Kansas; started to Oregon, died enroute (sic), about 1852. Issue.

1. David(4) Rop, moved to Missouri. No record.
2. Holt(4) Rop died at Ursa, no record.

3. Sarah Ann(4) Rop, married James Dorsett of Huntsville, Schuyler Co., Ill. in 1848 Mr. Dorsett moved to Kansas, and in 1852 to Oregon, said to have had two daughters and four sons, names not given.

1. (handwritten addition: Sarah M.(5) Dorsett) eldest daughter married (handwritten addition: 11-23-1871) I. D. Haines, a former state Senator in Oregon. Four children. (handwritten addition: Judge Israel D. Haines atty at Law ... b. at Zenia (sic.) Ohio – 12-7-1827 d. Baker Ore – 6-19-1892. Wife d. 4-26-1894 (sic.)

(N.B. The following order listing the children was corrected by hand later. The generational numbering – here in parentheses – was also added later by hand. This is the corrected version:) 1. Stella(6) Haines, married about 1895 to Judge J. Bruce Messic, a lawyer of Baker City, Ore.

 chil[dren]., Minerva B.(7), Helen(7), Claudine(7)

2. Capt. Robert(6) W. Haines, Taxidermist + Naturalist, Baker, Ore.
3. Amy(6) C. Haines, m. 1-1-1918 to W. J. Book – 1 child, Wilma
4. J. David(6) Haines, Music Teacher + Conductor, m. 1915 to Hilda Magness. d. 2-27-1925
5. Elsie A. d. in infancy.

       8. Milton(3) Kirkpatrick (Charles(2)) born about 1811, had two 


 1. Franklin Augustus(4) Kirkpatrick. No record.
2. Orville Milton(4) Kirkpatrick, had a daughter.
     1. May(5) Kirkpatrick, married a Mr. Tibbetts, lived in 

Hancock County, Ill.

9. Lee Ann(3) Kirkpatrick (Charlers (2)) born about 1814, married in Illinois to James Nelson, a widower, who lived in Adams County. No children known

                                                   pg. 20


Mr. Asa C Ellertt of 3716 Jackson Street El Paso Tex. gives the following, Nov. 15, 1934
Frank Kirkpatrick born ca. 1683, has the following children
(1) Robert2 (2) Tom? (or Sam?) 2 (3) John2 (4) Wallace2 (5) James2 (6) Billie2 (7) Anna2 (8) Betsy2 (9) Ellen2 and (10) one whole? name is not known

(1) Robert2 Kirkpatrick born ca. 1711 (It is said he was captured by he Indians about 1760.) Issue:
(1) Amos3, (2) James3 (3) William3 (4) Robert3 (5) John3 (6) Nancy3 (7) Anna3

(1) Amos3 Kirkpatrick (b. ca. 1753) Married first, a Miss Fisk and had six children married second to Rachel Rhea, a cousin to Procter Knott, once g...? of Tenn. and by her had one child:
(1) Ellis4 b. 1788, d. 1826; married Annie Fowler
(2) Milton4, - had a grandchild, Gertrude Whitfield.
(3) Lewis4, no data.
(4) Emily4 married Mr. Williams
(5) Polly Ann4 married Mr. Hall.
(6) Nancy4 married Mr. Rose, two children, (1) Felix5 Rose and one5 who married Tom Hix. Mrs. Tom Hix5 had a daughter Mrs6 Bill Williams who had four? children, (1) Newton7 (2) Sam7 (3) Benton7 and (4) Mrs.7 Joe Whitaker.

   (7) Rhea4 (a dau) had 4 children, (1) Amos5 (2) Sallie5 (3) Rachel5 (4) Luther5

2. James3 Kirkpatrick has the following descendants, generation not known: Mrs. Dr. Simmonds of Nashville Tenn., Mrs. Dr. Holmes of Granville Tenn. and a Mrs. Sadler of Big Bottom Tenn.

3. William3 Kirkpatrick married a Miss Chisholm when mother was a G... Children
1. Robert4
2. Thorton4
3. Chisholm4
4. Tollion4
5. Michael4
6. Polly4 Kirkpatrick born 1809, d. 1893 m. Robert Elliot a grandfather of Asa C. Elliott.
7. Derinda4 m. James T. Rowe
8. Minerva4 m. Mr. Willis
9. Amanda4 m. Mr. Willis
10. Nancy4 m. Mr. Hayes
11. Margaret4 m. 1st Roberts, 2nd Amos Tinsley

                                                   pg. 21

George W. Kirkpatrick was born May 23rd, 1839. -

      (his wife)

Sarah Ann Kirkpatrick " " January 25, 1841

    (Their Children)

Ida Veturia Kirkpatrick " " June 7th, 1863
Orville Clark Kirkpatrick " " May 13, 1867
Ernest W. Kirkpatrick " February 7th, 1870-

Sarah Ann Kirkpatrick Died February 12, 1880 -
George Washington Kirkpatrick, Sarah Ann Rohrbough were

         married on Wednesday September 17th, 1862.-

George Washington Kirkpatrick and Lydia Casandra Alcorn were

         married January 6, 1881.

Lydia C. Kirkpatrick was born March 27, 1843.

Orville Clark Kirkpatrick and Lena L. Damron were married

       July 31, 1890.

Ernest W. Kirkpatrick and Lulu L. Karnahan were married November

         l2th, 1891.

Kenneth Fay Kirkpatrick was born October 29th, 1892

Ida Veturia Kirkpatrick and Thomas Edgar Bowen were married

         June 28th, 1908.

Thomas Edgar Bowen was born December 7, 1861.

Kenneth Fay Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Grey Marshall were

          married October 17th, 1923.

John David Kirkpatrick was born March 5, 1843.

Veturia Amanda Rohrbough was born May 23, 1845.

John David Kirkpatrick and Veturia A. Rohrbough were married ___________

       their children

Cecil Beaumont Kirkpatrick was born August 1, 1874.

Myrtle Temperance Kirkpatrick was born July 21, 1886.

Veturia A. Kirkpatrick died October 6th, 1889.

Mary Ellen (Rohrbough) Moore (Frank Moore's mother) died Sept. 16th,


                                                   pg. 22

Our Great Grand Father Rohrbough's body was removed from the Cozad Cemetery just 27 years after his burial and now rests in the Elvaston Cemetery. Clayton Rohrbough and Lot Clark attended to removal of the body.

George Rohrbough (Our Great Grand Father) died December 7th,

    1874, aged 62 years, 7 months and 7 days.

William Rohrbough (our Grand Father) was born March 2nd, 1818,

    Died January 24th, 1886.
    His Wife,

Temperance (Clark) Rohrbough was born March 15th, 1818, Died at 1-25 A.M. December 11, 1905, aged 87 years 8 mo. and 26 days. is buried at Burley Idaho,

On our Grand Father's Monument is this inscription:

    Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour;
    What though we wade in wealth, or soar in fame,
    Earth's highest station ends in- Here He lies,
   And dust to dust concludes her noblest song.

(Alena Puntenney says that he had at times mentioned this Stanza to be placed as his Epitaph.)

Clayton Rohrbough was born October 27th, 1843.

    Died April 18, 1892.
    His Wife,

Mary E. (Martin) Rohrbough was born October 24th, 1848 Died April 30, 1895.

George Clark Rohrbough was born November 8th, 1854m (sic.) died October

      30th, 1912.
   His Wife,

Dora (Welch) Rohrbough was born June 23rd, 1853, Died April 6, 19l9

Their daughter, Hazel Dell Rohrbough was born February 23, 1884, died Dec. 3, 1891.

Edward Jackson Rohrbough died October 12, 1906, aged 77 years,

        6 months and 24 days.
    His wife,

Balinda Rohrbough died November 8, 1889, aged 57 years, 7 mo, 26 da.

Rose Kirkpatrick (McMahan) was born July 28, 1862, died

     January 21st, 1902 at Keokuk Hospital, and Ida Kirkpatrick
     returned from the same Hospital February 2nd, 1902.

William A. Moore was born May 4, 1839, died Nov. 4, 1907.

Thomas G. Moore was born February 6th, 1836, died Nov. 18, 1877.

     His Wife

Amanda R. (Damron) Moore was born May 8th, 1837, died Aug. 6, 1905.

William S. Moore (her Son) born Oct. 1, 1870