MySource:Jrich/Estes Notes

MySource Estes Notes
Place Orange, Virginia, United States
Year range 1783 - 1910
Surname Estes
Estes Notes.

Physcially this is a continuation of MySource:Jrich/McIntire Notes. See comments on this document there. This describes the parents of the suspected author's grandmother, Lucy Mildred Estes who married Eldridge W. McIntire.

Parents of Lucy M. Estes:

William Buck Estes, 3/4/1783 to 7/28/1851 wed (1) Mary Jane Harvey
Children: Triplett Harvey Estes, wed Lucy Frances Carpenter
          W. B. Estes, wed (1) --- Bruce, (2) Rachel Ann Tatum *
          Nickolus Estes, wed --- Bruce
          Franky Estes
          Elizabeth Estes
          Marie Estes (Mollie)
          Sallie Estes

William Buck Estes, 3/4/1783 to 7/23/1851 wed (2) Sarah Moore [interlined: "Sallie" (Martha J.)], 7/25/1805 to 4/7/1880
Children: James Coleman Franklin Estes, 6/27/1827, wed Mary Mildred Tatum *
          Isaac Estes
          Francis Marion Estes (Bulse)
          George Estes, wed Nancy Gilbert
          Martha Estes, wed Matthew Cox
          Betty Estes
          Lucy M. Estes, 11/9/1840 to 7/11/1910, wed E. W. McIntire

* = Rachel Ann Tatum and Mary Mildred Tatum were sisters.