MySource:Johntmoore/Chesterland News Clippping (Vol 28, Wednesday, March 29, 1995, No44) (2)

MySource Chesterland News Clippping (Vol 28, Wednesday, March 29, 1995, No44) (2)
Abreviation Chesterland News Clippping
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Chesterland News Clippping (Vol 28, Wednesday, March 29, 1995, No44) (2).

ABBR George Kundtz Obit: Chesterland NewsTEXT When George Kundtz ran for the office of Chester township trustee in1971, his campaign slogan was "Keep Chester Clean and Green" andduring his two 4-yea r terms, he accomplished this by spearheading achange in the town's minimum lot sizes from 11/2 acres to 11/2, 3, an5 acres.

Mr. Kundtz, 68, died of cancer Thursday, March 23, at his residence inKey Colony Beach, Florida.

Prior to assuming the Chester Township trusteeship in January of 1972,Mr. Kundtz had been active in the Chesterland Citizens Committee whichwon toll-free telephone service to the Cleveland area, and t heChesterland Civic Association which had successfully urged townshipofficials to change Chester's lot sizes from 1 to 11/2 acres. He wasalso a member of the Citizens for Clean Air& Water, Inc., boar d memberand chairman of Nuclear Committee; an Intervenor against the DavisBesse nuclearpower plant; and vice chairman of the zoning committee ofthe County Line Estate Homeowners Association which coor dinated acampaign to defeat a zoning amendment that woulld have permittedmulti-fmily dwellings in Chesterland.

After living here for 27 years, Mr. Kundtz moved to Forida in 1982,where he continued his community involvement as a member of the IzaakWalton League of America and, until his illness, was chairman o f theFlorida Keys Citizens Coalition, Inc. In that position he worked topreserve the envvironment and achieve a land use plan based onenvironmental and economic carrying capacity. He frequently test ifiedat hearings regarding the need for safer huricane evacution, and forthe limitation of development in coastal, high hazard areas, and thefilling of wetland. His letters and columns in the Monroe C ountynewspapers and in the Miami Herald covered most of these issues.

Born August 5, 1926 in Cleveland to Joseph and Margaret (Graelitzer)Kundtz, he served his country during World War II aboard a U.S. Navydestroyer in the South Pacific.

Mr. Kundtz was emp

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