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Kith & Kin compiled by Joyce Yowler. (11547 Gelding Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215
  • Roberta Joyce (Schaefer) Yowler. I have CAPITALIZED the given name of direct line ancestors to Joe & Dan, my sons. If an individual in your line has their first name in capital letters, you are family!

For quite a while, the standing joke has been, "So...., have you traced the tree back to Adam & Eve yet?" NOW, I can say, "Uh.....Yeah"! (Biblical names have a *STAR* in the surname field).

I have always had a deep-rooted feeling for family, I guess I am an old soul at heart. I started my research when I was quite young. I would sit quietly when "the adults" were talking and listen to their tales. I took my first notes when in my late teens. My internet research began in 1995 and my first "road trip" was to Cameron, WV in 1999 to visit Donna (Alley) Strait, my first "found" cousin and fellow compiler. We had been corresponding via the "web", and she graciously invited me to visit. Thus, leading to my first headstone readings; the tour of an old family home and PICTURES. I soon realized that every found relative led to more family, which initiated me to "Public Records". Hence my first "Microfilm" adventure at "The Cultural Center", the WV Div. of Culture & History building in Charleston, WV. I then started "Formal" interviews and the compilation of data & PICTURES.

Which brings me to my "SOURCES". Sharing is vital for "successive generations of kin" and to preserve history. "My family" has grown immensely, and they have been extremely supportive of my endeavor. "My Genealogical Family" has many wonderful people & resources, with more added every day. It is VITAL to acknowledge their memories, documents, pictures and work! I do my very best to achieve this. I use personal accounts, ancestry files, newspapers, books, government documents and various web pages for information. If you see something in question or wrong...or have something to add....PLEASE let me know. I hope you enjoy! JY  ;)