MySource:Ahitzeman/Graves/Lounsbery Genealogy (Hitzemann and Seegers)

MySource Graves/Lounsbery Genealogy (Hitzemann and Seegers)
Author Donna Graves and Ronna Lounsbery
Abreviation Graves/Lounsbery Genealogy
Year range 1822 -
Surname Hitzemann
Publication information
Publication unpublished
Donna Graves and Ronna Lounsbery. Graves/Lounsbery Genealogy (Hitzemann and Seegers). (unpublished).

Information gathered by two Hitzeman family genealogists, Donna Graves of Hammond, Indiana, and Ronna Lounsbery of Pipestone, Minnesota. The information is centered around the family of Fred Hitzemann and Sophia Seegers, including descendents of Fred's parents Carl and Maria Hitzemann and Sophia's parents Chris and Dora Seegers.

Donna Graves also made an audio recording with Bernice Helmer (daughter of Fred Hitzemann and Sophia Seegers) and Leona van Dyke (daughter of Otto Hitzemann and Louisa Claus) in July 1981, in which she asks them about their ancestors and their childhood memories. This recording is considered a part of this source material.