MySource:Aberksan/Rigmaiden's Diary

MySource Rigmaiden's Diary
Place Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States
Year range -
Surname Duhon
Rigmaiden's Diary.

Thomas Rigmaiden (1788-1865) was the first schoolteacher in Calcasieu Parish. He came to the Calcasieu area between 1820 and 1826. Rigmaiden wrote daily in a diary for 29 years, recording events from his family and from the area. More information about Rigmaiden.



Excerpts from Thomas Rigmaiden's Diary Calcasieu Parish Louisiana 1837 - 1838.

March 1837

  • 23. Jerrisan went home. Austin absent 2 weeks and Valentine three. (Footnote: Jerrisan - Serazin Duhon: Son of Cyprien Duhon.)

May 1837

  • 8. Very warm day. Went with Pierre and Mr. Ryan up to Prien's, understanding they were going to appraise Francois's effects. Found there was nothing done. (Footnote: Prien's - Cyprian Duhon - for whom Prien Lake was named.)
  • 10. Very hard rain today. Went to Prien's to the sale of Francois's goods. Arsen, Martin and his son the principle purchasers.

June 1837

  • 4. Continues warm. Prien here. Jerrisan came to school.

July 1837

  • 17. Lent Pierre 5 bowls of meal. Prien's came here - made out my account; he owing me $15.75.
  • 22. Received $10.00 from Prien by Pierre. Arsen Guidry paid Pierre part of what he owed him for the beeves - $11.50. Ward brought my papers.


Excerpts from Thomas Rigmaiden's Diary Calcasieu Parish Louisiana 1839.

December 1839

  • 10. Some frost. Ward came here. Prien's daughter married to Joe Folk's son. Joe Ledoux went to the wedding. (NOTE: Joe Folk's son - Cormellian Farque, son of Joe Forque, married Azelie Duhon.)


Excerpts from Thomas Rigmaiden's Diary 1841 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

February 1841

  • 21. Cloudy. Lent Roulette to Prien to go to Francois'. Edward went a fishing.
  • 27. Very warm. Prien cut wood today for me. Pierre came to settle with me. I was owing him $44.18-3/4 cents which he gave up to me. Fed my black sow with pigs. Sent Edward to mill.


Excerpts from Thomas Rigmaiden's Diary 1842 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

January 1842

  • 21. Frost. Left our camp about 8 A. M. and got down to the bend in the lake opposite Prien's.


Thomas Rigmaiden's Diary 1848 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

July 1848

  • 31 Some rain. Had a great deal of trouble taking in & pulling out fodder. Pulled fodder in the evening and brought it to the house. Onlezime went to Prien.