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  • To upload your GEDCOM, click on the Browse button and select the GEDCOM file to upload.
  • To re-import an updated GEDCOM, you need to delete your tree first so that you don't create a bunch of duplicate pages. Please wait 2 hours between deleting your tree and uploading a new gedcom. Eventually you'll be able to re-import an updated GEDCOM into an existing tree.
  • GEDCOM's containing up to 5,000 people can be uploaded. If you have a larger GEDCOM, we recommend that you upload just the portion that you're most interested in or split it into smaller files.
  • Pages for the people, families, and sources in your GEDCOM will be added to your tree. (Living people are handled specially.) A message will appear on your talk page when your GEDCOM has finished importing, usually in about an hour.

Important! Please read before submitting a GEDCOM

Towards a Single Tree. WeRelate is different from most family tree websites. By contributing to WeRelate you are helping to create a single, unified family tree with one page for each person that combines the best information from all contributors.

Quality of Content & Participation. Ultimately, we seek pages that are well documented with strong sources; therefore you are strongly encouraged to include source information in your uploaded GEDCOM.

Uploaded GEDCOMs that contain no dates will not be accepted.

Collaborative Space. WeRelate takes a shared approach to genealogy. By uploading your GEDCOM, you are contributing your work to a larger collaborative effort. Multiple people may be working on the same pages, including those you contribute. In addition, we hope that you will monitor the pages created (one for each person and family in your GEDCOM), respond to others' comments on the pages, and help merge pages when duplicate pages are found.

Unsure? Take a test drive. If you are not yet sure that the WeRelate wiki style of research is for you, we encourage you to enter a few people by hand or to upload a small GEDCOM file containing people that you want to work on cooperatively. Once you find that you like wiki genealogy, you can upload a larger GEDCOM.

The Fine, but Important, Print. You irrevocably agree to release your contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 and the GFDL. Others can add to, edit, download, and redistribute your contributions. You agree to be credited, at minimum, through a hyperlink or URL when your contributions are reused in any form. See the Terms of Use for details.

You are promising that you wrote this yourself, or that it is available under terms consistent with the Terms of Use, and you agree to follow any relevant licensing requirements. DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!