Maiden Springs Station

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Maiden Spring Fort

Southwest of Tazwell Virginia in Tazwell County is a large valley known to most as Maiden Springs. It is more of a large Creek running NW and coming out of a sold wall of rock with a wide opening. The amount of water is a very unusual amount to be looked at as a spring. It is a large creek or even a small river depending on precipitation. On the hilltop to the west stood a stood the Maiden Springs Fort also named Reese Bowen's Fort. The area is picturesque with all most a wall of mountains to the SE and a pilot point to the west. The valley is almost void of trees so you can see for a very long way. The fort was garrisoned in War Dunmore's 1774. Reese the founder of the fort was killed in the Battle of Kings Mountain. There is a road sign telling of this. The quiet is striking. Just across the road from the sign is the spring. Take Rt 16 out of Tazwell to Thomson Valley Rd. You know when you are there as it starts to follow the spring until there you reach the sign for the fort. Many of the Steel's of Tazwell Co were in or near here called Steelsburg and some over to Sword's Creek and Honaker Va. This family is vague. For this writer the the surname is a great grandmothers as she was never married. Russell Co [1] is the best place to study this surname.