Kentucky Historical Society. Kentucky Ancestors/v1


Contents of KENTUCKY ANCESTORS - Volume 1


Listed below are the contents of Kentucky Ancestors in Vol 1 (Jul 1965 - Apr 1966)

Number One, July 1965
Officers of Kentucky Historical Society ... 1
The Executive Committee ... 1
The Genealogical Committee of the Kentucky Historical Society and the Reasons for Publishing Kentucky Ancestors ... 2
Publications of the Kentucky Historical Society ... 4
Publications of the Kentucky Daughters of the American Revolution ... 5
Genealogical Research Material in the Library of the Kentucky Historical Society ... 5
Counties of Kentucky, date formed, parent county, county seat ... 7
Walker Family Bible Records, including Samuel Jennings Walker, Christian County, Kentucky; Appomattox County, Virginia ... 10
Queries ... 10
Jonas Rouse Bible Records, Boone County, Kentucky Mrs. Robert C. Eastman, Florence, Kentucky ... 11

Number Two, October 1965
Genealogical Workshop was Well Received ... 13
Believe It or Not ... 15
If Not in a Whisper, 1, Ralph L. Schroeder ... 16
Campbell County, Kentucky, Tax Records ... 18
Stonsifer Bible Records, Campbell County, Kentucky ... 24
Compton Family Bible ... 26
Derrickson Family Bible, Powell County, Kentucky, copied by Hazel Derrickson Neal (Mrs. Tracy) ... 27
Kersey Family Bible ... 28
Poor Family Bible, Garrard County, Kentucky ... 30
Crow Family Bible, Garrard County, Kentucky ... 31
Old Gasper River Church Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky ... 33

Whitley County Cemeteries
Pleasant Hill Cemetery ... 36
Nicholson Family Graveyard ... 38

Concerning the Marriage Records of Whitley County, Kentucky, information from Mrs. Homer B. Davis, Williamsburg, Kentucky ... 38
James Shield Graveyard, Warren or Logan Counties, Kentucky, submitted by Nora Young Ferguson, Bowling Green, Kentucky ... 39

Derickson Cemetery Records, Powell County, Kentucky, copied by Hazel Derrickson Neal (Mrs. Tracy), 1965... 40
Funeral Invitations, Mercer County, Kentucky ... 40
Contributions ... 41
News Items ... 43
Queries ... 44

Number Three, January 1966
Genealogical Committee of the Kentucky Historical Society ... 56
Map of Meade County, Kentucky ... 57
State Archives - Kentucky Vital Statistics
Meade County, Kentucky, Deaths, 1852-1862; 1894; 1900-1901;1904; 1906-1907
The entire issue is devoted to Meade County deaths ... 58
Queries ... 100

Number Four, April 1966
Journal of Mary Shotwell’s Journey, 1788 (New Jersey and Mason County, Kentucky), contributed by Mrs. William W Weis, Maysville, Kentucky ... 104

Mason County, Kentucky, Court and other Records. Includes:
Fields family ... 107
Farrow family ... 108
Brewer family ... 108
Myers family ... 109
Anno family ... 109
contributed by Mrs. Lula Reed Boss, Maysville, Kentucky

Green County, Kentucky, Survey Depositions Index
compiled by Mrs. Leonard T. Harris, Chicago Heights, Illinois ... 111

Bible Records of the Moses Boone Familyof Woodford County, Kentucky, contributed by Mrs. Wade Hampton George, Versailles, Kentucky ... 115

Records from Family Bible of Thomas Wheeler Edwards, contributed by Mrs. Beatrice Edwards Sorenson, Moore, Idaho ... 116

Charles A. Judd Bible, Jackson County, Kentucky, contributed by Kay Brewer Briskdopke, Norwood, Ohio ... 118

Records from the Bible of Stella P. Yost, Mercer County, Kentucky ... 118

Edmund Martin Bible, probably Mason County, Kentucky, submitted by Mrs. W. W. Weis, Maysville, Kentucky ... 119

Records from Family Bible of Joshua Simmons, contributed by Mrs. W. W. Hughes, Macomb, Illinois ... 120

Records from John H. White Bible, contributed by Mrs. Bonnie H. Baird, Louisville, Kentucky ... 121
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Warren County, Kentucky ... 121
Kentuckians in Kern County, California, contributed by Mrs. Fodyce R. Landers, Bakersfield, California ... 122
Oceanview Memorial Park Cemetery, Oceanside, California, copied by Mrs. Mary B. Ryan McCann and Velva Mansir, Escondido, California ... 122
Forgotten American Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Carpenter’s Fort Cemetery, Lincoln County, Kentucky contributed by Mrs. D. A. McFarland, New Carlisle, Ohio ... 123

Alexandria, Campbell County, Kentucky, Court Order Book 1, Page 154, November 1811 (Fortunatus Tompkins), copied by Mrs. R. R. Hartman, Jr., Newport, Kentucky ... 124
Jolley (?) Cemetery, McLean–Daviess County, Kentucky, submitted by Mrs. Ralph D. Lynn, Elkton, Kentucky ... 125
David Crews, Madison County, Kentucky, contributed by Genevieve Beall Porter, Indio, California ... 125

An Historical Atlas of Kentucky and her Counties, written and compiled by Wendell H. Rone, Sr. ... 125
Old Tribble Graveyard, Madison County, Kentucky, copied by Mrs. James C. Deatherage. ... 126
Cockrell Graveyard, Estill County, Kentucky, contributed by Mrs. James C. Deatherage ... 126
Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church Cemetery, Pineville, Louisiana, submitted by Alvin Y. Bethard, Dry Prong, Louisiana ... 126
Cemetery, Salt River Church Yard, Mercer County, Kentucky, copied by Mrs. B. F. Norfleet, Mrs. W. S. Conover, and Mrs. William Freeman ... 127
Cemetery (John Pipes), Boyle County, Kentucky ... 127
Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky, Fifth List, copied by M. J. Edgeworth, Owensboro, Kentucky ... 128
News Items ... 132
Queries ... 134