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THOMAS JONES, JR. (c1598-)

The College Land - Sir Edwin Sandys moved and obtained that ten thousand acres of land should be laid off for the University at Henrico, a place formerly resolved on for that purpose. This was intended as well for the college for the education of the Indians as also to lay the foundation of a seminary of learning for the English. On the northerly side of James river, from the falls down to Henrico, containing ten miles in length, are the public lands reserved and laid out, whereof ten thousand are for the University lands, three thousand are for the company's lands, with other lands belonging to the College."-MS. in the McDonald paper, entitled "Particulars of Land in Virginia," which was made out in 1625 or '6, the communication of the Governor in which he informs their lordships that he sends it, being dated May 17, 1626. McDonald papers, Vol. I., pp. 295-307.At the first meeting of the Burgesses (1619) the College had no representative, but at the meeting held Oct. 16, 1629, the Burgesses for the plantations at the College were Thomas Osborne and Mathew Edlow. These settlers arrived variously on the Bona Nova 1619, Neptune 1618, Warwick, London Merchant 1620, Abigail, William & Thomas, Jonathan, Starr and the Supply.

A LIST OF THE LIVINGE, At the College Land [College was located in the corporation of Henrico]: Thomas Marlett, CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, Francis Boot, William Browning, Walter Cooper, William Welder, Leonard More, Daniel Shirley, Peter Jordan, Nicholas Perse, William Dalbie, Isaias Rawton, Theoder Moises, Robert Champer, THOMAS JONES, David Williams, William Walker, Edward Hobson, Thomas Hobson, JOHN DAY, William Cooksey, Robert Famell, Nicholas Chapman, Matthew Edlow, William Price, Gabriell Holland, John Watson, Ebedmeleck Gastrell, Thomas Osborne. LISTS OF THE LIVINGE & DEAD IN VIRGINIA - February 16th, 1623.

Thomas Jones, John Day and Christopher Branch in the above List of the Living in VA, were later of Warwick Co., VA, and were the ancestors of the Jones and Day families later living in Isle of Wight, VA.

VIRGINIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE QUIT RENT ROLL - HENRICO COUNTY April 1705 - ANDREWS, Thomas 396, ASCOUGHA Mary 633, ARCHER, Jno. 335, ADKINS, Jno. 50 ARCHER, Geo. 1738, ALDY, John 162, ADKINS, James, Senr 200, ASBROOK, Peter Senr 200, ATKINS, James, Junr 218, ALLEN, Kidd 99, BYRD, Wm Esqr 19500, BOILING, Robt. 500, __ BOILING, 831, BEVILL, John 495, BRANCH, Christopher 646, BLACKMAN, Wm 175, BRIDGWATER, Saml 280, BOWMAN, John, Junr 300, BOWMAN, Edw 300, BRANCH, Benj 550, BROWN, Martha 893, BULLINGTON, Benj 100, BOWMAN, Len. 65, BULLINGTON 144, Bevell, Essex 200, BAUGH, John 448, BAUGH, James 458, BURTON, Isaac 100, BOTTOM, John 100, BAYLEY, Ab'r 542, BROOKS, Jane, belonging to Wm WALKER, New Kent 550, BRASEAL, Henry 200, BRAZEAL, Henry Junr 350, BURTON, Rob 1350, BURGONY, John 100, BRANCH, James 555, BURROWS, Wm 31.5 [New Kent], Wm BLACKWELL 31.5 [New Kent], BRANCH, Thomas 540, BAILEY, Thomas 251, BRANCH, Matthew 947, BURTON, Wm 294, BULLINGTON, Robt 100, BROADNAX, Jno. [James City Co.] 725, BEVERLEY, Robt. 988, CHEATHAM, Tho. 300, COX, Batt. 100, COX, John 150, COX, George 200, CHAMBERLAINE, Majr Tho. I000, CHILDERS, Abr, Senr 368, CANNON, John 108, COX, Wm 300, CHILDERS, Abr Junr 100, CLARK, Wm 333, CLARK, John 300, COX, Rich" 300, CARDWELL, Tho. 350, CROYDALL, Roger 200, COCK, Wm 1535, COCK, Rich Senr 2180, CHILDERS, Philip Senr 50, CHILDERS, Philip 300, CHILDERS, Tho. 300, CARTER, Theo. 75, COCK, Capt. Thomas 2976, COUSINS, Charles 362, CLERK, Alenson 604, COCK, James 1506, CURD, Edwd 600, COCK, Rich [Charles City Co.] 476, COCK, John 98, DISON, Nicholas 150, DODSON, Wm 100, Douglas, Charles 63, Edwd, Tho. 676, ENTROUGHTY, [ENROUGHTY] Derby 200, EALAM, Robt. 400, Ellis, John 217, EAST, Tho. Senr 475, EAST, Tho. 554, EAST, Edwd 150, EPES, Capt. Fra. 2145, EVANS, Charles 225, EALAM, Martin 130, EPES, Isham 444.5, EPES, Fra. Junr 444.5, FIELD, Peter Maj. 2185, FARRER, Capt. Wm 700, FARRER, Tho. 1444, FARRAR, Jno. 600, FOWLER, Godfrey 250, FERGUSON, Robt. 230, FERRIS, Wm 50, FRANKLIN, James Senr 250, FRANKLIN, James Junr 786, FERRIS, Richd Senr 550, FARNER, Henry 100, FORREST, James 138, FORREST, John 150, FETHERSTONE, Henry 700, FARLOE, John Senr 100, FARLOE, John Junr 551, FAILE, John 240, Gilley, Grewin Arrian [GILLIGREW, Marin, or GILLY, Gromar] 2528, GEE, Henry 435, GOODE, John Senr 600, GAITHWAITE, Saml 50, GAITHWAITE, Ephraim 163, GRANGER, John 472, GILL, John 235, GOODE, Saml 588, GOWER, James, Grig's Land 500, HILL, James 795, HOLMES, Richd 100, HARRIS, Tho. 357, HARRIS, Tim 250, HILL, Rosam 1633, HOBBY, Lawrence 500, HATCHER, John 215, HASKINS, Edwd 225, HATCHER, Edw, Senr 150, HUNT, Geo. 200, HUGHS, Edwd 100, HANCOCK, Saml 100, HOLMES, Thomas 50, HAMBLETON, James 100, HUTCHINS, Nich 240, HATCHER, Benj Senr 250, HATHCER, W 10 Junr 50, HOBSON, Wm 150, HATCHER, Wm Senr 298, HATCHER, Henry 650, HANCOCK, Robert 860, HARRIS, Mary 94, HALL, Edwd 184, HERBERT, Mrs. 1360, HUDSON, Robt. 281, JONES, Hugh 934, JEFFERSON, Thomas 492, JONES, Philip 1S3, JORDEN, Henry 100, JAMSON, John 225, JACKSON, Ralph 250, KENNON, Eliz b 1900, KNIBB, Saml 209, KNIBB, Soloman 833, KENDALL, Rich 400, LIPTROLL, Edw d 150, LEWIS, Wm 350, LESTER, Darius 100, LADD, Wm 70, LIGON, Eliz Widdo, LIGON, Mary Wid 1341, LAFORCE, Ren [or Rene.] 100, LOCKETT, James 50, LOWND, Henry 516, LOCKETT, Benj* 104, LIGON, Richd 1028, LIGON, Hugh 150, MANN, Robt. 100, MATTHEWS, Edwd 330, MOSELY, Edwd 150, MOSELY, Arthur 450, NUNNALLY, Rich 70, OSBOURN, Tho. 288, OWEN, Tho. 68 PERKINSON, John 622, PERRIN, Ann 500, PLEASANTS, John 9669, PARKER, Wm 100, PARKINS, Nich Senr 500, PLEDGE, Jno. 100, POWELL, Robt 150, PEICE, John 130, PLEASANTS, Jos. 1709, PORTER, Wm 305, PEIRCE, Wm 175, PEIRCE, Francis 312, PAINE, Thomas 300, PORTLOCK, Eliz 1000, PEW, Henry 350, PATTRANE, Fra. 778, PRIDE, W m Sen' 1280, POLLAND, Thomas Sen' 130, PERKINSON, Seth 50, PUCKITT, Wm 192, PUCKITT, Tho. 300, PATTISON, Joseph 500, PORTER, John 100, POLLAND, Tho junr 235, POLLAND, Henry 235, PUCKETT, John 215, ROBERTSON, Geo. 1445, RAGSDALL, Godfrey 450, RAWLETT, [Rowlett] Peter 164, RUSSELL, Charles 200, ROWLETT, W» 200, ROWEN, Fra. 148, ROBERTSON, John 415, ROUCH, Rachell 300, ROBERTSON, Thomas 200, RUSSELL, John 93, ROYAL, Joseph 783, REDFORD, John 775, RANDOLPH, Coll. Wm. includes 1185a in Swamp 9465, STEWARD, Jun* 902, SCOTT, Walter 550, SOANE, Capt. Wm. 3841, STANLEY, Edw 300, SCRUGGS, Charles 400, SEWELL, Wm 59, SMITH, Humphrey 40, SHARP, Robert 500, STOVALL, Barth 100, SHERRIN, Widd. 75, STEWARD, Daniell 270, SMITH, Obadiah [Chas. City Co.] 200, STOWERS, Wid° 200, SARRAGIN, Stephen 120, TANCOCKS Orphans 1230, TRENT, Henry 224, TURPIN, Thomas 491, TURPIN, Philip 444, TURPIN, Tho. 100, TURNER, Henry 200, TAYLOR, Tho. 475, TANNER, Edwd 217, TRAYLOR, Edwd 100, TOTTY, Tho. 260, TRAYLOR, Mr 730, VADEN Henry 100, WOODSON, John 4060, Wm, Robt. 300, WOODSON Robt. Junr 157 WARD, Rich 300 WATSON, John Senr 1603, WALTHALL, Wm 500, WALTHALL, Henry 832, WHITBY, Wm 215, WATKINS, Henry Senr 100, WEBB, John 100, WATKINS, Tho. 200, WOODSON, Rich 180, WOODSON, Wid° 650, WILLIAMSON, Tho. 1077, WEBB, Giles 7260, WOOD, Tho. 50, WATKINS, w» 120, WATKINS, Jos. 120, Watkins, Edwr 120, WARD, Seth 700, WOOD, Moses 100, WILKINSON, Jos. 75, WILKINSON, John 130, WORSHAM, John 1104, WOMACK, Abr 560, WILSON, John Senr 1686, WILSON, John Junr 100, WALTHALL, Rich 500, WORTHAM [Worsham] Geo. 400, WORTHAM [WORSHAM] Charles 90, WOMACK, Wm 100.

The original parishes of Henrico were Henrico (1611), Varina (?), Bristol (1643) and Dale (1735). Bristol Parish's original boundaries were from Cawson's field within the mouth of Appox River, on the east, and POWELL’S Creek (Patents to Dorothy Clarke in Henrico dated 7/16/1639, and Thomas Jones, dated 1/1663-4, practically located on Powell's Creek, on the west and so extending up the Appox. to the falls (now Petersburg). Bristol Parish was partly in Charles City Co. (now Prince George and Dinwiddie) and partly in Henrico. Dale Parish was created in 1734, by merging that part of Bristol Parish which lay north of the Appomattox River with that portion of Henrico Parish which lay south of James River.

THOMAS HARRIS, 750 acs. HENRICO Co., within Digs his hundred, 11 Nov. 1635, p. 304. Swd. upon land of Edward Virgany, thence extending Nwd. upon land of Joane Harris his wife, W. upon the river & E. into the woods. 100 acs. due him as being an Ancient planter & adventurer in the time of Sir Thomas Dale his Govmt., according to a Charter of orders from the late Treasurer & Co., 18 Nov. 1618, & 650 acs. for trans, of 13 pers: Wm. Purnell, Jon. Godfrye, Jon. Searle, Tho. Keane, Rich. Mascoll, Nath. Moore, Jon. Edwards, ANN RIDLEY, WM JONES, Tho. Morgan, Wm. Jones; 2 Negroes, a man & a woman. Note: Renewed & 70 acs. added. Tho. Cooke, Clr. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 33.

CHRISTOPHER BRANCHE, 250 acs. HENRICO Co., 8 Dec. 1635, p. 326. At Kings land over against Arroehattocks, E. upon the maine river, bounded with the second Cr. on the W., adj. S. upon land of John Griffin, now in the tenure of sd. Branche, & thence Nly. towards land of Thomas Sheffeild. 50 acs. for his owne per. adv. & 200 acs. for the trans, of 4 pers: John Gibson, John Macham, William Butler, Wm. Possell. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 37.

ARTHUR BAYLY & THOMAS CROSBY, 800 acs. Henrico Co., 16 Jan. 1637, p. 512. Sly. upon land of Samuell Allmond, Wly. upon the river, Nly. towards the falls & Ely. into the woods. Trans, of 16 pers: (Arthur Bayly his servts:) Jonas Bowers, Wm. Calfe, Jon. Duch, Wm. Greene, Mary Doubty, Jerimiah Burr, Tho. Busby, Jon. Harris. (Thos. Crosby his servts:) Willi. Rider, Wm. Ridley, Rich. Childs, Robt. Phelps, Edward Evans, Jon. Bennett, Wm. Barker, Charles White. Note: Crosbye assigned 400 acs. of this pattent to Samuell Almond. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 78-79.

HOWARD HORSEY, Gent., 1400 acs. HENRICO Co., 12 Feb. 1638, p. 608. S. on land of MR. CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, E. on the river, W. into the maine woods & N. with a falling Cr. 1000 acs. granted by order of Ct., 6 June 1635, being alsoe due with the other 400 acs. for the trans, of 28 pers. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 99.

CAPT. THOMAS HARRIS, 820 acs. comonly known by the name of the Longfeild, HENRICO Co., 25 Feb. 1638, p. 615. With Sw. & marsh, beg. at a little Cr. over against Capt. Martin, N. on the back side of the Sw., E. S. E. into the woods towards Bremo, W. N. W. on the maine river. 100 acs. for his own per. adv., 100 acs. for the per. adv. of his first wife Adry Harris, as being Ancient Planters, & 620 acs. for trans, of 13 pers: William Purnell, John Godfrye, John Searne, Thomas Kemp, Richard Mascoll, Nath. Moore, John Edwards, ANN RIDLEY, WILLIAM JONES, Thomas Morgan, William Jones, 2 Negroes—a man & a woman. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 101.

DOROTHY CLARKE, Widdow, 800 acs., HENRICO Co, July 16, 1639, page 689. Beg. at a cr. formerly called POWELL’S Cr, W. towards Sizemores Cr., S. towards the main river. 550 acs. due by assignment from Roger Davis & due sd. Davis for trans, of 11 pers., whose names are not given, & 250 acs. by right of trans, of 5 pers. by her late husband William Clarke, deceased: Thomas Banister, John Grane (or Grave), Richard Davye, Georg Blankes, Jane Foster. p. 117.

JOHN BAUGH, Gent., 100 acs. Henrico Co., July 24, 1645, Lyeing in Bermodo Hundred, bounded E. N. E. by land formerly belonging to John Arrundell, S. E. upon the Bay of Appomatock, W. S. W. upon POWELL’S Cr. & N. W. upon Connecocke path; 4 acs. bounded N. N. E. upon James River, S. E. upon land of James Usher, S. S. W. upon Michaell Maystert & W. N. W. upon William Sharp. The other 16 acs. lying in Bermodo Hundred Neck, S. upon land of Joseph Royall & N. W. upon Michaell Maystert. Due for trans, of 2 pers: Michaell Woolfe, Elizabeth Cowell. p. 157.

MAJOR WILLIAM BELLEW, 406 acs. HENRICO Co., 1 Oct. 1651, p. 344. On the N. side of Appomattock Riv. neare the falls, alongst MR. RIDLEYS land. Trans, of 8 pers. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 221.

HENRY LOWNE, 300 acs. HENRICO Co., on the N. side of Appamattux Riv., Mar. 1652, p. 41. Beg. at Conecock Brook. 200 acs. boundeth from sd. brook N. N. E., thence W. N. W. &c. S. S. W. to the head of Major Woods land &c. 100 acs. lyeth next above this, bounded W. along head of Major Woods land that runeth to the Rocks &c. Trans, of 6 pers: Sale, Nichols, Jno. Antrobors (?), WILL. RIDLEY, Wm. Webster, Tho. Lowe. Note: Record "Torn away”. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 247.


THOMAS JONES, JR. (c1621-Aft 1/17/1663)

THOMAS JONES, 450 acs. HENRICO Co., 17 Jan. 1663, p. 196, (90). S. side of James River & on back of Barmoder hundred between land of one Arundell & one Clarke where POWELL’S Cr. divides them at the mouth; 200 acs. N.N.W. along line of Arundell, W. S.W. to sd. Cr. & S.S.E. on the river; 200 acs. on the heads hereof bounding N. along Court Swamp & the heads of the hundred; 20 acs. on the head of Arundell's land being a field & some thicketts called Epses, bounded N.N.W. as Claphams Slash windeth & W.S.W. towards sd. Swamp. Trans, of 9 pers: An Broadway, Margtt Sanders., Jno. Amey, Wm. Flowers, Jane Ingle, Tho. May, Henry Avery, Alex. Arnold, Tymothy Roberts Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 458.

MR. RICHARD WARD, 1337 acs. & 1 po. on S. side of James Riv., HENRICO Co., 29 Mar. 1665, p. 164. Beg. at cor. tree of upper end of Xtopher [ CHRISTOPHER ] BRANCH, Sr. running along the river N.N.W. then N.W. by N. &c. to mouth of Falling Cr., up the Cr. W. N.W. &c. Granted to Jeremiah Blackman, dec'd., 14 Mar. 1646 & by Jeremiah, his son & heir, firmly sold to sd. Ward as by records in the Secretaryes office. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 447.

WM. STENTON (Stinton) & ROBT. NURSE, 204 acs. HENRICO Co., 27 May, 1665, p. 175, (61). S. side of James Riv. on head of land called WARWICK, bounded from Peter Lees land on head of land now in possession Henry Sherman &c, N.N.E. to lyne of Robt. Hudson, E.S.E. on the heads of Sherman & Robt. Bradway. Trans, of 5 pers: FRANCIS BENNETT, Wm. Sawer, Robt. Draper, Anthony Gunnell. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 451.

MR. XTOPHER. BRANCH, Senior, an Erregular tract of land in HENRICO Co, on S. side of James Riv, commonly knowne & called by the name of Kings land, conteyning 1380 acs, 20 Oct. 1665, p. 483, (590). Beg. 93/4 chs. above a remarkable greate stone lying above the house of Mr. Wm. Baugh, Jr., runneth W. by S. into the woods 160 chs. each conteyning 2 pearchs & E. by N. on the maine Riv, extending S. by E. 295 chs. for the breadth of the whole tract to a marked tree on Proctors Cr. or run whence it runneth as the sd. run & Cr. windeth to the Riv. 250 acs. by pattern 12 Feb. 1638; 450 acs. by pattern 28 Feb. 1638; 50 acs. granted to Jno. Griffin 25 Feb. 1619 & lately found to escheate &c. by inquisition dated 5 Sept. 1663 & now granted sd. Branch &c. 630 acs. for trans, of 13 pers: Mary Stevens, JNO. JONES, 5 Negroes; Andrew Many, Peter Ashley, Jno. Stany, Henry Stany, Wm. Goate, Wm. Potter. Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1613-1800 Nell Marion Nugent, p. 549.


MATTHEW JONES. (c1643 Mulberry Island, Warwick Co., VA-c1700 Same) m. Elizabeth Ridley

From The Quit Rent Rolls, 1704 p. 50

Jones, Matthew - Warwick Co. Virginia 750 Acres (Father)

Jones, Francis - Warwick Co. Virginia 150 Acres (Son)


1. Francis Jones <1681-1/14/1750 Will

2. Judith Jones married c1724 William Cary 1700-1742

3. Nathaniel Jones

4. Matthew Jones c1685-1728

5. John Jones c1680/85 ->1735

6. Mary Jones -<1739 m. Dr. Samuel Browne c1670-1740

Mathew Jones married Elizabeth Albridgton Bef. 1683 when they were noted in the will of her brother Richard Albridgton. Their daughters were Mary Jones wife of Dr. Samuel Browne and Judith Jones wife of William Cary. Their sons were Francis Albridgton, Mathew, Nathaniel and John Jones.

MATTHEW JONES resided in Warwick, Isle of Wight and York Counties. He held a County office in 1699 and was made J. P. in 1702 and sheriff in 1708 in Isle of Wight Co. The first notice of Matthew is in 1682, when he was paid 200 pds. for some public service. (Journal of the House of Burgesses.) Then, in 1687, there is a record of a deed in York County from Samuel Snignall of Poquoson also Charles Parish, York County, to "Matthew Jones of the Parish of Mulberry Island, in the County of Warwick," for a water mill commonly called "Poquoson Mill" at the head of the New Poquoson River.

The will of Thomas Day, of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight Co., VA, dated 1/19/1723, names his "Aunt Lear; to Cozen Thomas Day the plantation I now live on; Cozen James Ridley; Sister Jones my tea table, and all the chaney belonging to it; to brother James Day my diamond ring; brother in law Matthew Jones, my gold seal; brother in law William Bridges; 3 daus. of Matthew Jones and one of Ridley." (William & Mary Quarterly, VIIl, 265.) It is not known whether Thomas Day married Jones' sister, or Jones married his sister, or whether they married two sisters. Then "brother in law" at that time was often used to designate half brothers. It is probable, however, that his wife was a Harwood. Genealogies of Virginia Families: From Tyler's Quarterly, Vol. 1, By Tylers Quarterly Historical and Geneological Magazine, p. 485.

There is no remaining record that names all the children of Mathew and Elizabeth Jones. No doubt some may have died young and there may have been others whose names are not on any records of Warwick County that have been preserved. Studying records we have the names of three Jones men, younger than Mathew Jones, Merchant. They are Francis Jones, John Jones and Mathew Jones. Capt. Mathew Jones, Jr. of Isle of Wight County, Virginia in his will dated 28 January 1727/28 mentions his sister, Margaret, his “cozen”, Mathew Jones, and land in Warwick County left his by his father. Many times in the old records, p. 177.

Margaret Jones, daughter of Matthew Jones and his wife Elizabeth Albrighton is mentioned in the will of her brother, Capt. Matthew Jones of Isle of Wight County, VA. She was to have part in the care of her nephew, Servant Jones. She did her job well for he was a prominent and public spirited man. Except for the reference in the will, no other reference has been found for her.

Matthew Jones, Sr. of Warwick Co, VA was a Mulberry Island Burgess and Vestryman, Justice of Peace of Warwick Co., VA. He married Elizabeth, widow of Col. Robert Ridley and daughter of Francis Albridgton and therefore a sister Richard Albridgton (17th Century Isle of Wight, p. 283). His issue among others: Matthew Jones, Jr. of Mulberry Island and Warwick Co. VA (1655-1736) m. Martha Harwood, daughter of Major Humphrey Harwood. Burgess of Warwick Co. and Member of King's Council. His known issue was: Francis Jones, of Warwick Co., VA and Edgecombe Co, NC. Will 1750, Prob. 1755. Sheriff & Justice of Peace, Warwick Co., VA. Historical Southern Families, Vol.. 7, 1963, by John Bennett Boddie, p. 94.


FRANCIS JONES (c1681-1/14/1750 Will)

On 1/14/1750 Halifax (later Edgecombe by 1755) probated the will of FRANCIS JONES, which names wife Mary, sons Nathaniel, Tignal, John, Matthew, Francis, Albridgton (Britton), Ridley, son-in-law John Cullers, daughters Judith Wilson, wid. Mary Cullers, wid, and Lucy, Better Day, Lydia and Jemima Jones. Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine – 1981. Lydia m Drury Mims, and lived in Edgefield Co. SC. She was a woman of great courage and strength of character. Her children were: Drury Jr., David, Britton, John, Livingston, Matthew, Tignal, Lydia, Ridley and Winnie. Drury Mims was a RW soldier and died in Edgefield Co. in 1819. His wife survived him.

Nathaniel, son of Francis Jones Sr. died in 1815; and in his will mentioned wife, Rachel; and ch. Joel Lane, Alfred, Burwell, Perry, Timothy, Walton, Wesley, and several daughters whose names were not given. Mrs. J. L. Minis, Edgefield, SC. A lineal descendant of Francis Jones and his wife, Mary Ridley, Miss Susie Gentry, “Maplehurst,” Franklin, Tenn. sends an abstract of the will of Francis Jones as found in the NC Historical and Genealogical Register, p. 326.

Francis and Matthew Jones, both appear in “Pierce's Register of the Continental Army,” as do their brothers John and Albridgton. Albridgton “Britton” Jones, of Isle of Wight Co., VA had many acres of lands, some grants, on the Nottaway River, Southampton Co. and Nansemond. He was one of the first Justices of Southampton Co., June 8—1749. On Aug. 10th, 1749, was commissioned Captain of the Militia of the said county. On 12/23/1784, he married Fanny Calvert, dau. of Christopher Calvert. Matthew Jones’ will was dated 7/1793; proved in Southampton Co., 9/1793: legatees: his son Albridgton, daughters Sarah and Ann Jones, daughter Elizabeth Jones, sister Elizabeth Jarrell; appoints his brother ALbridgton Jones executor. The will of Albridgton Jones was proven at Southampton Co., Nov. Court 1809. Nathaniel Jones. son of Evan and Elizabeth Wells, m Amelia or Millicent, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Hinton) Blanchard. This Nathaniel Jones is known in history as “Nathaniel Jones (W. P.)" “White Plains," to distinguish him from “Nathaniel Jones (C. T.)," of Crab Tree Creek; both were my Great great-grandfathers, one on paternal and the other on maternal side, of my mother. Nathaniel Jones, of whom you ask, was the one in the House of Commons during the Rev. War; he was also “many years the President of the County (Wake) Court; and the oldest Magistrate of this county, at the time of his death, Feb. 8th, 1815.” He is spoken of as “a wealthy and respected citizen of Wake County, remarkably attentive to the duties of his station; and for many years in the Legislature of the State; and a valuable member of society.” He was in the Legislature from 1805 until his death. Descendants of Tignal Jones are eligible to the D. A. R. and also Colonial Dames on his record. Descendants of Nathaniel Jones are eligible to the D. A. R. and also U. S. Daughters of 1812 on his record. Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, 1916, p. 125.


CAPT. FRANCIS JONES. (c1705-1767)

Capt. Francis Jones, deeded by last will, devised and bequeathed in fee simple to said Matthew Jones, wit. John McCullers, David Mims, Robert Mims. April Court 1767.