Help:HowTo/Rename a page

Quick reference

To change the title of a page, click on the rename link in the left side bar and edit the portion of the page title after the namespace (that is, after the ":"). Be sure to follow page title conventions.

Further information

  • The namespace cannot be changed. A person page cannot become a place or family page. If you have a page in the wrong namespace, please add a new page in the proper namespace. Copy the information to the new page and insert the Speedy Delete template at the top of the narrative section of the old page.
  • When you try to rename a page other than a person or family page, you may get a message indicating that there is already a page by that name, and the rename will fail. If you wish to merge the two pages, return to the page you were attempting to rename, open a second window with the other page and redirect your page to the page with the correct page title.
  • When you rename a person or family page, you should not include the unique index number, since WeRelate will automatically assign one. However, if you do so in an attempt to reuse an index number, you may get a message that there is already a page with that name, asking if you want to delete it. If you get such a message, cancel the rename and try again without specifying the index number.
  • If others are watching the page, it is common courtesy to provide a reason for renaming the page. This could be as simple as "typo" or "make page title agree with name".