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At StudentsOfDescent" in our efforts with "Tracing of a Family" name can fulfill on the perceived limitedness of our own origins. Moreover, it’s our understanding of the past that helps us deal with the rootless ness that we often feel in our own lives. This sense of rootless ness, and touching the roots of our past, enables us to feel more at peace; hence, the name of this Blog. It is my hope that utilizing Google Earth as a tool to enhance our own respective Family History books, which may in turn provide an even deeper sense to our roots.

Google Earth will enable you to see the migration patterns of a particular surname or family, and what it looks like now where they once lived or live; from a birds eye view. Coupled with you're own research, hopefully, this will give a unique perspective on Genealogy.

This Blog is not about anyone’s particular ancestors, but uses them as an example in assisting others to utilize the features of "Google Earth". Perhaps, adding a new dimension to you're Ancestors Book that you may be working on, and in turn to share with your descendants.

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