Gaps and Valleys, Rivers and Mountains of Southwest Virginia

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Southwest Virginia
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Southwest Virginia is characterized by a series of ridges running northeast-southwest, forming a nearly impenetrable barrier for travelers going westward. Most travelers were forced follow along the valleys formed by these ridges until a "gap" was reached where passage into the next valley was possible. In some cases, as with Pound Gap" a gap would form where a river cut through a ridge. in some cases, such as Brumley's gap, a gap would form because the earth's movement's realign the lay of a ridge. The origin of Cumberland Gap is much more unusual.

Cumberland Gap Rich Valley Holston River Walkers Mountain Lee

Chadwell's Gap Poor Valley Clinch River Clinch Mountain Wise

Mocassin Gap Powell's Valley Powell's River Scott
Pennington Gap Washington

The Sandy War Passes Big Sandy River Russell

Big Stone Gap

Pound Gap Pound River

Brumley's Gap

Allison's Gap