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Person:Francis McCown (3)


This YDNA group currently (September 2013) contains four kits.

  • Two of them trace descent to Person:Francis McCown (3) who settled in Old Augusta, Virginia, around 1740. Orange County Virginia importation records of 1740 show that Francis and wife Mary came to America from Ireland in the company of Markham & Elizabeth McCown.
  • One Kit traces descent from William W. McCown, b 1846, and who may be a descendant of Frances.
  • The fourth kit represents a non-surname match.

YDNA similarity analysis indicates that these kits probably share a relatively recent common ancestry, though that may or may not be the case with the non-surname match.

As of September 2013

The YDNA results were updated July 2014, with the addition of Kit 349638 Overall relationships between kits is essentially unchanged. Note, however, that in the current "run" mutation rate weighting (MWR) is in effect. In this case, the differences in results are negligible, though in some cases MRW can have a pronounced effect on the results.

As of July 2014 (Mutation Rate Weighting in effect)


Kit WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNotes
93399William Alfred Edwards188219551899 Jasper GAEula Lee PinnelUncertainMary Jane SmithNon surname Match; William identified his father as William Alfred Edwards, but evidence for the eixtence of a person by that name has not been identified.
1503Person:Francis McCown (3)1710, Ireland1761, Augusta VA1)c1730
2) c1745
1) Mary
2) Margaret Patterson
Alexander McCownIsabella
209472Person:William McCown (6)1846 Holden, Johnson, Mo27 Nov 1937 Sand Springs, Tulsa, Oklahoma30 Sept 1883 Barbara Alice McGuireWIlliam McCownRHoda ToddThis line traces back to Francis McCown=Margaret Patterson
29705Person:Francis McCown (3)1710, Ireland1761, Augusta VA1 c1730
2) c1745
1) Mary
2) Margaret Patterson
Alexander McCownIsabella