Family:William Rockwell and Susannah Capen (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 14 Apr 1624 Dorchester, Dorset, EnglandHoly Trinity
est 1633
14 Feb 1683
est 1639

Phantom Children

"All secondary sources include in this family a son Joseph and a daughter Mary. This is derived from a pedigree prepared in 1731 by Matthew Rockwell, great-grandson of the immigrant [NYGBR 2:99-102]. Mary is said to have married Jeffrey Baker, so this is a simple error for Joan; there is no independent record for a son Joseph, who is in any case said to have died young. There may be some confusion with the children of William Rockwell's brother Richard, who did have a Joseph and a Mary among his six children."[1]

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    (William Rockwell married) Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorsetshire, 14 April 1624, Susan Capen [Dorset Marr 7:9], daughter of Bernard Capen.