Family:William Randall and Elizabeth Barstow (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] bef 1640 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
  1. Randall, Frank Alfred. Randall and Allied Families: William Randall (1609-1693) of Scituate and His Descendants, with Ancestral Families. (Chicago, Ill.: Raveret-Weber Print. Co., 1943), 4.

    "William Randall married in Scituate, 1640, Elizabeth Barstow … sister of Michael, George and William Barstow and daughter of Matthew Barstow."

    It does not appear to be fully proven that Elizabeth, wife of William Randall, was sister of the four Barstow brothers and daughter of Matthew Barstow. However, pending additional evidence, one Elizabeth Barstow as described above is place as the wife of William Randall.

    George, Michael and William Barstow came to New England c. 1635 and are each the subject of a sketch in Robert Charles Anderson's The Great Migration, 1:167-80. Anderson identifies these three men, along with a fourth brother, John Barstow, who came later, as siblings. Elizabeth, wife of William Randall is not mentioned as sister to these four men. However, "Elizabeth Randall the wife of William Randall of Scittuate in Plimouth Colony" and "Sarah Perry the wife of William Perry (in Marshfield Colony [sic]" were mentioned in the 1674 will of the childless Michael Barstow, right after the widow of his deceased brother William Barstow (she had subsequently married John Prince of Hingham), and right before two of the sons of his deceased brother John Barstow. Their placement in that will might lead one to conclude that both Elizabeth and Sarah were sisters of the four Barstow brothers; at a minimum, there was a close relationship. Anderson also points out that because of the large number of Barstows in the vicinity of Halifax Yorkshire, where the brothers originated, it is not certain that they were the sons of Matthew Barstow as stated in some secondary sources.