Family:William Beverley and Elizabeth Bland (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? est. 1723-1725 prob. Essex County, Virginia
3 Oct 1795
12 Apr 1800

7. Col. William3 Beverley (Robert2, Robert1) was born in 1696. He married Elizabeth Bland, daughter of Richard Bland and Elizabeth Randolph. He died on 28 Feb 1756. He and Elizabeth Bland resided at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA. He resided at 'Beverley Manor', Augusta Co., VA; 118,490 acres. He was a member of the House of Burgesses at Virginia. He was Clerk of the County between 1716 and 1745 at Essex Co., VA. He was a member of Council between 1752 and 1755 at Virginia. He left a will on 3 Dec 1755; proved 3 May 1756. Elizabeth Bland was born on 29 May 1705 at Prince George Co., VA. Known children of Col. William3 Beverley and Elizabeth Bland were as follows:

  • i. John4 Beverley died in 1743.
  • ii. Anna Beverley was born at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA. She married Col. Robert Munford, son of Capt. Robert Munford and Anna Bland.
  • iii. Ursula Beverley was born at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA. She married Col. William Fitzhugh, son of Maj. John Fitzhugh and Ann Barbara McCarty, circa 1752.
  • iv. Elizabeth Beverley was born on 15 Jan 1725/26 at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA. She married James Mills on 21 Aug 1743; 1st husband. She married Thomas Griffin Peachy, son of Samuel Peachy and Winifred Griffin, on 22 Sep 1783; 2nd husband, no issue. She died on 3 Oct 1795 at age 69.
  • 11. v. Robert Beverley, born 21 Aug 1740 at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA; married Maria Carter.