Family:Willam Chisholm and Mary McPeak (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 2 Jun 1887 Saginaw, MI
  1. Church marriage record
    St. Andrews marriage record,.

    QUAY 3 On 2nd of June 1887 were married (by dispensation), William, son of William Chisholm and Henrietta Barrows, age 30 years, of Upper Canada, living in Saginaw City and Mary , daughter of Richard McPea k and Margaret Cain, age 30, born Upper Canada and living in Saginaw City; Wit: Eugen Galinas and Christina McPhee, both of Saginaw City.

  2. County Clerk Marriage Record
    Saginaw Co. Clerk, book C, p. 5.

    QUAY 3 On June 2, 1887 were married William Chisholm, age 30, born Upper Canada, and Mary McPeak, age 30, born Saginaw; witnesses: Eugene Galmas and Christana McPhee of Saginaw; by R. VanDenHayden, a Catholi c Priest.