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Marriage? ABT 1808 of, Bedford, Tennessee

_UIDDF484A62D991F246A7651040278F3B7A3C53 Births from Hall Family Bible:

John Hall was borned the 27th Oct 1780. Susanna Hall wife of John Hall Sr. was borned March 26th 1788. Joshua Hall was borned April the 12th 1809. Leander Hall was borned September 7th, 1810 B M Hall was borned Feby 22nd 1812 John Halljr was borned 27 Oct 1813 Young S. Hall was borned 29 August 1815 Green H. Hall was borned August 6, 1817 Mary F. Hall was borned January 17, 1819 SarahS. Hall was borned July 29th 1821 Ebelina Hall was borned July 11th 1823 James S. Hall was borned March 24th 1825 Jackson Lafayette hall was borned Oct 14,1826 Marion Washington Hall was borned Feb 12, 1827 Minerva Ann Hall was borned Sept 7, 1829 Elizabeth Jane Hall was borned April 4, 1831 Jabez H. Hall was borned April 3, 1833

Note from Dorothy Hall: Marion Washington Hall's descendent said her family tradition was that the servants were sen t on ahead to take care of setting up the Plantation.

Barlett Marymond Hall notes were incorrectly quoted from Harriet Smith's book page 4, I believe. His first son James, age two and one half, died according to Harriet enroute to Texas fromTennessee, took something like cramp colic and died. He was buried along theroadside. It probably was an acute attack of appendicitis, as some of the family thought later. James death was confused with another son of Bartlett's, John, who died later on a return trip from Shreveport as also quoted from Harriet's book page 4.


The Nacogdoches Partition record originals are online -as much as I have completed so far:

I tried to combine the informationthat we all have on the John Hall family: Let me know i f your information differs from mine.

A. John HALL b. 29 Oct 1780 SC (NC-according to severalcensus records of the children) d.. 12 Oct 1840 probably Nacogdoches, Texas according to probate and partition records

married  Susannah _________ [SusanVANVELT]  abt 1808 (NC, SC or TN?)
 b. 26 Mar 1788  NC according to several children’s census records
 d. 9 Aug 1840 Nacogdoches, TX  {AL?)


1.  Joshua HALL (2 children) (this marriage isn’t proven to be thecorrect Joshua-I made a n assumption from the Census records)
 b. 12 Apr 1809 TN?
 d. 18 May 1853 TN?  {They are in the 1850 TN census)
 Married:  Margaret SWIFT  before 1840 TN?

2. Leander HALL (1 child) b. 7 Sep 1810 TN? d. 15 Jul 1833 TN? Married: ________ bef 1833 TN? (child Nancy HALL WERD ADAMS in John’s probate records) 3. Bartlett Marymond HALL ( 11 children) have family contact) b. 22 Feb 1812 Nashville, Davidson, TN (according to oneBM family record) d. abt. 1866 Melrose, Nacogdoches, TX buried on Stripling Farm Married: Harriet Louisa MC CLURE abt 1829 TN? 4. John A. HALL ( children) (have family contact) b. 27 Oct 1813 TN d. 12 Nov 1886 Perry County, AL buried Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery married Mary Ann Martha BOYD abt 1844 (TN? AL?) 5. Young S. HALL (no children) b. 29 Aug 1815 TN d. 6 Jul 1833TN? 6. Green H. HALL (no children) b. 6 Aug 1817 TN? d. married: CynthiaE. Peyton (Payton) 31 Aug 1841 7. Mary F. HALL (no children) b. 17 Jan 1819 TN? d. 6 Jul 1833 TN? 8. Sarah Susannah HALL ( 9 children) (have family contact) b. 29 Jul 1821 TN? d. 23 Dec 1855 buried Post Oak Cemetery, Coryell, TX married: Henry Madison SMITH 9 Jan 1840 Nacogdoches County, TX 9. Ebelina{Evalina) HALL (Caroline -transcribed Nacogdoches 1850 census-wrong) (9 children) b. 11 Jul 1823 TN? d. married: Eli B. SPARKS 9 Jan 1840 Nacogdoches County, TX ? married: John Thomas Mc Daniel abt 1841 Nacogdoches County, TX

10. James Simpson HALL (no children-idiotic in 1850 Nacogdoches census) b. 28Mar 1825 Bedford County (?), TN d. 27 Feb 1855 Nacogdoches County, TN 11. Jackson Lafayette HALL ( 10 children some born in O