Family:Unknown and Mary Nix (2)

b. 1866 Mississippi
d. Aft 1900
m. Abt 1880
Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt 1880

Notes from Wanda Gregory: "Henry was a boat Captain,. They had at least 9 children. I found then in the 1900 census in Jackson County, Mississippi".

1900 United States Federal Census Record about Henry C Urie Name: Henry C Urie Home in 1900: Southeast, Jackson, Mississippi Age: 53 Estimated birth year: 1847 Birthplace: Germany Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Head Occupation: View Image Immigration year: 1870

Census > U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Mississippi > Jackson > Southeast > District 40, image 6 of 102, line 24, 42/43

Urie, Henry C. Head, W, M, July 1847, 53, M, 25 marked out then 4?, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1870 30, Na, Crapturn Sten*****.

     , Mary B. wife, W, F, July 1866, 33, M, 10, 6,5, Alabama, SC, SC, 
     , Hattie E., daughter, W, F, Feb, 1887, 16, S, MS, Germany, MS, 
     , Bessie A., daughter, W, F, March, 1886, 14, MS, Germany, MS, 
     , Mary H. daughter, W, F, Feb, 1892, 8, S, MS, Germany, AL,
     , Alma, J. daughter, W, F, Aug, 1897, 2, S, MS, Germany, AL., 
     , Albert L. Son, W, M, July, 1880, 20, S, MS, Germany, AL,( should be MS) 
     , Henry Aug. son, W, M, Mar, 1882, 18, S, MS, Germany, AL., (should be MS)
     , Fred T., son, W, M, april, 1891, 9, S, MS, Germany, AL., 
     , Clinton, son, W, M, may, 1894, 6, MS, Germany, AL,. 
     , Elmer?, son, W, M, april, 1900, 1/12, MS, Germany, AL

This will take some careful review. The parents names are correct, the age for Mary is exactly correct, I did not have a date for Henry,

Problems, she states born in Alabama, should be MS or SC. But at that time her mother and two of her sisters are in Altoona, Alabama visiting her grandfather's family. So even if she knew where she was born she may have associated with Alabama and her grandparents.

She states she has been married for 10 years and is 33 now, so it is easy to belive that this is her first marriage. She states 6 born and 5 now living. There are 5 that are under age 10.

It will be good to have additional proof, but this is a very good base, marriage and 1900 census records. I will continue to look using this as the base.

1910 United States Federal Census Record about Bessie Urie Name: Bessie Urie Age in 1910: 24 Estimated birth year: abt 1886 Birthplace: Mississippi Home in 1910: 2-Wd Gulfport, Harrison, Mississippi Neighbors: View Results Race: White Gender: Female


Census > U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Mississippi > Harrison > 2-Wd Gulfport > District 40, image 10 of 19, line 67, 22nd East Beach Street, #3410, 81/81, 

Murphy, Wiliam A. Head, M, W, 37, M-2, 5, Al, Al, Al, Salesman, Furniure.

          , Bell, wife, F, W, 26, M-1, 5, 1,1, MS, Germany, MS,  
          , Bell, daughter, F, W, 4, S, MS, AL, MS, 
          , Leska, daughter, F, W, 15, S, Al. Al, Al, 
          , Lallie, daughter, F, W, 11, S, MS, Al, Al, 
          , William J., son, M, W, 6, S, MS, Al. Al. 
          , Celeveland?, son, M, W, 5, S, MS, Al, Al, 

Urie, Bessie, Sister-in-law, F, W, 24, S, MS, Germany, MS,

No doubt that this is Bessie b. March 1886, and the age for Bell would be close to the age for Hattie, born Feb 1887. Also there is room for another daughter not listed in 1900. She could have been living wih her mother or some one else. But the name Bell seems to be aka, except that she named her daughter Bell also. Bell would have been 16 in 1900 and couuld have been married then, but this 1910 census says that she has been married only once and has one child born and one living, so that would mean only the 4 year old Bell is theirs. The others are his by a previous wife.

This is a good starting point but needs some mote supporting data.