Family:Unknown Hughes and Unknown (4)

Hughes (add)
m. bef. 1715
Facts and Events
Marriage? bef. 1715
Est. 1715-1725
bef. 24 January 1767 Augusta County, Virginia
bef. 1716
Aft. 1767
abt. 1715

James and Samuel Hughes are apparently related in some way, but no exact relationship has been determined. Samuel Hughes is named in the estate records of James Hughes, but no relationship is given in the record. Both James and Samuel acquired land in "Beverley Manor" in Augusta County during about the same time period; Samuel received a patent in 1742 and James acquired land in 1760. It appears that Samuel migrated away from Augusta County sometime after he sold his land in Beverley Manor in 1749 and records of him end in Augusta County in abt. 1755, except for his mention in James Hughes' estate settlement records in 1767. James Hughes was married twice before his death in abt. 1767, and the name of his first wife is unknown. Records do exist to prove children with his second wife, Euphemia. Additional research is needed to prove any relationship between James and Samuel Hughes.