Family:Thomas Timmons and Frances Smith (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1 Aug 1837 , Nacogdoches, Texas
11 Oct 1839 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
ABT 1847 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
14 Feb 1865 , McLennan, Texas
ABT 1848 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
BEF 1855
ABT 1850 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
AFT 1864

_UIDE1CE4B7C07B5D848BB9883165DBB5A5404C8 No. 409 Report filed Jany 26th 1858listed the children as Mary Ann Timmons, Hannah Ann Tim mons & Barsheba Ann Timmons

Rusk Co Deeds Book J pg 461 dated 12th day of December AD 1855 had thechildren as Mary A, . Hannah & Anne Timmons.

There were just 2 on the 1860census in Rusk (living with Hannah) & Mcleanna (living with Isa ac) and buriedwith Timmons at Smith Park is Julia Timmons, b 1848 & d 1850's.

The 1850 census in Rusk has Simmons instead of Timmons with Mary, age 12, Hannah,age 6 andJu lia, age 2. Barsheba must have been born after the census was taken in 1850because she show s up as 11 on 1860 census and this census had H Ann (Hannah orHattie?) age 13. This one wou ld be 18 in 1865. This doesn't match the age for Hannah on the 1850 census. On the 1850 cens us, Mary and Hannah had *s by their name so maybe they weren't sure.

On 1850 census Thos was 35, Francis was27

Time line Thomas Timmons b 1815 d between 1850 and 1853 Francis Timmons b 1823 m. 1 Aug 1837 (age 14)

Francis Timmons b 1823 d between 27 Jan 1853 and 3 Sep 1854 (dead before 12 Dec 1855 ,Dee d of release date) Sampson Christie b 1810 m 27 Jan 1853 ( Francis age 30, Sampson age 43) 2nd marriage to Margaret Kelley 3 Sep 1854

Note from Helen: Dec 2001 I did compareit to the one in MClennan County where the girls were with I.N. Smith. Do you have that one? I don't have the original, only what I copied and it had H. A. Timmons 1 3 F and this is the way it was spelled: Boshiba A. Timmons 11 F. Maybe on Hannah's that funn y mark that looked like a M that we are nearly positive are Bershebas meant they couldn't spe ll it. Nearly the same thing is on the one you think is Dela and I picked up as William (WM)

Submitted by Mary T. Miller, a descendant, as contributed by Frances West.The document is loc ated in the Lincoln County TN Courthouse in the "loose papers". These names are extracted fro m the estate settlement. If you have questions, contact Mary Miller --- She has the following listed among all the names:

10. Thomas G. Timmins

a. B.A.Timmins

b. Mary Ann Timmins m. John H. GARRISON

1. Ellen A.Garrison

c. Hannah Timmins