Family:Solomon Reed and Abigail Horton (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3][4] 1748 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
bef. 1785
18 Mar 1753

Identity of Wife

Various sources name the wife as Abigail Stoughton, Houghton, or Horton.

Given claims that all Stoughtons descended from Thomas Stoughton of Windsor, CT, genealogies only show two possible Abigails, one b. 1704, and the other b. 1730. Neither is a good match based on comparing their birth date to Solomon's birthdate (1719), the age at death given on Mrs. Abigail Reed's gravestone (suggests b. 1714), and childbearing considerations (children born from 1750-1756). Further, the first married a John Moore, Jr. and the second "possibly" died unmarried in 1778 in E. Windsor, CT.

Barry's History of Framingham is the oldest source naming Solomon's wife that I have found, and it gives the name as Abigail Houghton, as do some other sources. There are many Houghtons and this remains a possibility. I simply note that Horton is an alternate spelling for Houghton.

Kendall's identification of Solomon's wife as Abigail Horton, daughter of Samuel Horton of New Haven, CT is the only candidate I have found that matches the age at death found in the graveyard for Mrs. Abigail Reed. (Mr. Kendall was a great-great-grandson.) Perhaps Mr. Kendall was influenced by the son, Rev. Solomon Reed, and his wife Susanna Willard naming a child Samuel Horton Reed? Further, it satisfies the consistent identification of her origins as Connecticut. Marriage records for the First Church of New Haven before 1758 were lost, possibly during the British occupation of 1779[5], and the first marriage in White Haven is dated 1751[6]. This would explain why no marriage records seem to have been found, as indicated by sources being no more precise than identifying the year of marriage, not the actual date. Such a marriage in 1748 does not seem to contradict what little is known about her: she was still Abigail Horton in 1742 when her father's estate was distributed[7], and that same year, Abigail Horton was dismissed from the First Church in New Haven to White Haven (now United) Church[8].

Thus, barring new information, Abigail Horton seems to be the best fit to a confusing puzzle. --Jrich 00:20, 29 August 2008 (EDT)

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