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Marriage? Bef 1712 Prob. Ireland
Bef 1723 Prob. Ireland

Descendants of Samuel Woods

Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL3 WOODS (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born WFT Est. 1681-1683 in Meath County, Ireland, and died Bef. 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Bef. 1712 in prob. Ireland, daughter of JAMES CAMPBELL and SUSANNAH CAMPBELL. She was born WFT Est. 1691-1694 in Ireland.

Notes for SAMUEL WOODS: Caution, there is MUCH incorrect information on the Woods family throughout the internet!

Information from post:

Re: Jean Lapsley daughter of Sarah Woods and Joseph Lapsley Posted by: Cecilia Fabos-Becker (ID *****0534) Date: October 27, 2007 at 20:44:38 In Reply to: Re: Jean Lapsley daughter of Sarah Woods and Joseph Lapsley by William G. Lapsley of 158

Take the Woods-McAfee Memorial book with a LARGE box of SALT when using that--it has MANY errors in the early generation records, including the old chestnut which Irish researchers--and those who have seen the transcription of the 3rd Baron of Auchinbreck's will, and gone through the Augusta County records regarding the inheritance disputes for Mary Magdalena Woods McDowell Borden Bowyer and kin. First Sarah Woods is NOT, emphatically NOT the Sarah Woods who was a daughter of Michael Woods and MARY Campbell (of Auchinbreck). Michael Woods will in Albemarle County in 1761 indicates his daughter Sarah was still unmarried in 1761. Sarah Woods Lapsley was a daughter of SAMUEL Woods and ELIZABETH Campbell. Samuel was a close brother to Michael (they both served in Marlborough's first campaigns together--which is how they were knighted in about 1705 in London and obtained a financial award that they could build upon to afford later migration and land). This is where they met their wives--whose father was a member of Parliament 1705-1707, and had many daughters to marry off and limited funds. Elizabeth Campbell was Mary Campbell's sister. Both were sisters to Gilbert Campbell who lived adjacent to Peter Wallace, who was married to Sarah Woods' daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth) sister, Martha. Sir James Campbell, the 3rd Baron of Auchinbreck, died in 1752, imprisoned in Dunbarton Castle for his part in the 1745 rising to restore the Stuarts. His will named daughters Elizabeth Woods and Mary Woods, as well as a Stuart daughter, and sons, including Gilbert Campbell. At least 6 of his children emigrated--for good reasons. The only reason the Baron didn't lose his head along with a large part of his lands in 1745/6, was because of his great age and thus because it could be claimed his mind had gone a little. However, he did forfeit the baronial seat--at Inveraray in Argyllshire, which is why these Campbells were sometimes referred to in their day as "of Argyll--meaning the location." Since it had orginally come to the Auchinbreck line by grant of their superior lord the REAL "Argyll (Lords of Lochawe who became Earls of Argyll), it was forfeited back to the by then Duke of Argyll. For about 300 years, however, Inveraray had been the property of the lairds, then baronets, then Barons of Auchinbreck and the last three generations of that line were closer to Cawdor than to Argyll. Peter Wallace's mother was Elizabeth Woods married to SAMUEL Wallace--not Peter Wallace Sr.--there was NO earlier Peter Wallace who was a father of the Peter Wallace of Rockbridge County. He is NEVER listed as "Jr." in either the Maryland, Pennsylvania or Virginia records. He and his brother Adam, were living in Cecil County, Maryland when Capt. Samuel Wallace, sea captain and merchant made his last voyage between Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Irish ports--and Glasgow (he made several voyages among these places in the 1720's) in 1725. Peter Wallace and others were living with the "widowed Elizabeth Wallace" mother of Adam, when Adam died and left a widow and baby daughter and named his mother executor. Adam Wallace was a seaman who did serve in "Admiral Vernon's War" and apparently did die as a result of service in the "Battle of Cartagena." This is from Cecil County, Maryland and Lancaster County, PA records (this was the area of the Mason-Dixon line fight between Pennsylvania and Maryland and raiding parties carried off records back and forth with the ultimate result that some records have copies, now in both counties and states). There is a record for Martha Woods being married in 1739 in Lancaster County, PA but no record for younger sister Sarah, which supports an Augusta County record in which it is implied that Sarah married Joseph Lapsley in Virginia in about 1741. Since Augusta County was not formed until 1745, and Albemarle was formed only the year before that, the marriage probably was in the early Orange County or Goochland County records. To carry this all a bit further. Michael, Samuel and Elizabeth Woods--and several other brothers and one more sister, were all children of Sir John Woods and his cousin--Elizabeth WOODS, of Dunshaughlin (note the spelling--the parish still exists in County Meath) Castle in County Meath. It was Elizabeth Woods who inherited the castle--from her parents Sir Thomas Woods and Elizabeth PARSONS. This was all in McClenaghan's transcriptions of the original parish records for the "founding families of Dunshaughlin Parish" that he made in 1911 from the records that had been sent to the Dublin archives for "safe-keeping." It was a good idea that he transribed the parish records and made a copy for the archbishop's library. The IRA bombed the archives in 1922 and destroyed most records that were there--many, many early Protestant parish records for many, many families--and many Catholic family records also. The Worsop family also had documents in England. The father of Elizabeth Worsop who has erroneously been identified as the wife of John Woods (she was the wife of a John Woods, just not "ours") left a will indicating she was a young girl at the time of his death. This is also confirmed by a letter of her brother in the same time frame. She was only 8 years old when she was supposed to have several children as per our fouled up books on this side of the Atlantic. Additionally, her husband and she both left wills in which it was clear THEY HAD NO CHILDREN--AND NEVER HAD. Her husband's and her estate went to a nephew of her husband through a sister of his, on condition the young man change his name to Woods. Our John Woods was a second or third son of John Woods and Isabella Bruce and had he not married his cousin, an heiress, would not have had much land or position. The marriage was arranged between cousins to keep some prized lands and buildings (there was also a smaller house at Winter Haven that probably had passed to John) in the family. I don't know when Milverton Hall at Skerries came into this family but it's listed by the mid 1700's. Skerries is along the coast between Dublin and Drogheda. Anyhow, my late mother, Wilma Maie Wallace-Fabos, contacted Irish researchers about the Wallaces and Woods, about 40 years ago, and so did several other persons of her generation. They all ended up with the same references to the REAL, documents. It's just unfortunate that Rev. Neander Woods and his generation didn't make a trip to several county courthouses and then to Ireland before they wrote their problem publication. However, now this site has the full story. I hope that all those who have been repeating the wrong Woods information with the Lapsley lines will correct some of that. There are a lot of error-filled family trees on FTW, and elsewhere at the moment--and they keep getting repeated and spread. Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker, San Jose, CA


  • i. MAGDALENA4 WOODS, b. 17 Nov 1712, prob. Ireland; d. 1810; m. (1) JOHN MCDOWELL, CAPT., 14 Dec 1734, Pennsylvania; b. 1714, Ireland; d. 14 Dec 1742, killed by Indians in Augusta County, Virginia; m. (2) BENJAMIN BORDEN, JR., 1744; b. Bef. 1722; d. Apr 1753, Augusta County, Virginia; m. (3) JOHN BOWYER, GEN., Bef. Nov 1754.


Magdalena WOODS BIRTH: 17 NOV 1712, Castle Dunshanglin, County Meath, Ireland DEATH: 1810 Father: Michael WOODS Mother: Lady Mary CAMPBELL

Family 1: Capt. John MCDOWELL MARRIAGE: 14 DEC 1734, Pennsylvania

+Samuel MCDOWELL +James MCDOWELL +Sarah MCDOWELL Family 2: Benjamin BORDEN

Martha BORDEN 

Family 3: John BOWYER


Capt. John McDowell (1714-1742) From Waddell’s Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, page 37:

“On the 28th of February 1739, John McDowell, who settled in Borden’s Grant, made oath at Orange Court that ‘he imported himself, Magdaline, his wife, and Samuel McDowell, his son, and John Rutter, his servant, at his own charge from Great Britain in the year 1737, to dwell in this colony, and that this is the first time of proving their rights in order to obtain land pursuant to the royal instructions’”. Waddell further says, “Captain John McDowell, was a prominent Captain of a military force of Augusta County in 1742. Ephraim McDowell, then an old man, was a member of his son John’s company. All grown men were enrolled without respect to age.”

Capt. John MCDOWELL BIRTH: 1714, Ireland DEATH: 14 DEC 1742, Augusta County, Virginia Father: Ephraim MCDOWELL Mother: Margaret IRVINE

Family 1: Magdalena WOODS MARRIAGE: 14 DEC 1734, Pennsylvania


Husband: Capt. John McDowell

Born: 1714 at: Married: ABT. 1734 at: Died: 25 Dec 1742 at: Petit's Gap Rockbridge Co. VA killed by Delaware Indians Father: Ephraim McDowell Mother: Margaret Irvine Spouses: Magdalina Woods

Wife: Magdalina Woods

Born: 1716 at: Dunshauglin Castle, County Meath, IRE Died: ABT. 1820 at: p Rockbridge Co. VA Father: Michael Woods Mother: Mary Campbell Spouses: Capt. John McDowell , Benjamin Borden , Col. John Bowyer


Name: Judge Samuel McDowell

Born: 29 Oct 1735 at: Married: 17 Jan 1754 at: Died: 25 Oct 1817 at: Danville. KY Spouses: Mary McClung , unknown

Name: James McDowell

Born: 1739 at: Fairfield, Rockbridge Co. VA Married: 1760 at: Died: BET. 1771 - 1772 at: Spouses: Elizabeth Cloyd

Name: Sarah McDowell

Born: BEF. 16 OCT 1741 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Col. James Moffitt

From post:

Re: Woods-McDowell [PA-VA] circa 1730 Posted by: Kelle Metz Date: May 11, 2000 at 09:42:03 In Reply to: Woods-McDowell [PA-VA] circa 1730 by Brett F. Woods of 7006

I show that Magdalina Woods and John McDowell had the following children: James McDowell b 1739 Rockbridge Co. VA.; Sarah McDowell b 1741 VA.; Elizabeth McDowell b VA.; John McDowell b 27 Dec 1735 VA.(twin?); and Samuel McDowell b 27 Dec 1735 (twin?).

With these dates it would seem that the Margaret and Mary McDowell listed were not children of Magdalina Woods McDowell, nor were they probably Magdalina. I will look at my McDowell info and see if I can find who they might be.

Kelle Metz


Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book B, p. 225. 7 Jun 1791 John Bowyer attorney in fact for Robert Harvey and Martha his wife, late Martha Hawkins, relict of Benjamin Hawkins deceased, heir at law of Benjamin Borden the younger Andrew McElvain of Rockbridge, land on Walkers Creek (metes and bounds)

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book B, p. 340. 11 October 1791 270 Acres Robert Harvey and Marthew his wife, heirs-at-law to Benjamn Borden Dec'd of Botetourt County, VA to Charles Campbell. 270 Acres between said Campbell's plantation and John McCray's land, Robert Wardlaw's line. Signed: Robt. Harvey Martha Harvey Teste: William Buchanan William Wardlaw Wm. Wardlaw Alexr. Sproul Jas. Campbell Delivered Anniel Rodgers per order of Saml. L. Campbell, one of the exors of sd. Chas. Campbell dec'd 26 March 1827.

  • ii. MARTHA WOODS, b. 1718.
  • iii. SARAH WOODS, b. Bef. 1723; m. JOSEPH LAPSLEY, LT., Abt. 1741, Virginia; b. Bef. 1721.

Notes for SARAH WOODS: This Sarah Woods has been apparently mis-identified as the daughter of Michael Woods and Mary Campbell in the Woods-McAfee Memorial publication, but that appears to be in error based upon other documented information (see below).

From post:

As a descendant of Peter Wallace and Martha Woods and their parents: SAMUEL Wallace and Elizabeth Woods and SAMUEL Woods and ELIZABETH Campbell, I resent the continued misstatements about the identities and parentage of these people and the continued confusion with Michael and Mary when there has been plenty of records for decades on both sides of the Atlantic showing the realities. I, the late Ruth Lamar Petracek, Ruby Woods, Lois M. Postel, the late Mrs. Ruthmary Erdahl-first cousin of the Congressman of the same name, my late mother, and others have spent over 40 years researching and transcribing the truth and passing it on--long before computers, trying to undo the speculative undocumented crap put out in the Woods-McAfee Memorial and other vanity press books published 85 to 100 years ago. We've even struggled with semi-historical claptrap like Marten's mangled history of Rockbridge which had uncle and nephew both named John Wallace dying the same day, ignoring the probate records and land records indicating that the nephew was alive and well when Marten has him dead. Apparently when he was doing his typing and editing he wasn't going back to cross check what he'd written with the original records. Yet we think he's the idiot who dropped Peter Wallace's will behind the file cabinet in the basement of the Rockbridge County Courthouse. (Ruth Lamar Petracek found it again--a photocopy of that is also in her book.)"......

Martha, Magalena and their sister Sarah who married Joseph Lapsley were all daughters of SAMUEL Woods and Elizabeth Campbell, not Michael Woods and Mary Campbell. Martha was born probably in 1718--the colonial marriage laws generally stated 21 as a minimum age for marriage. The Quakers allowed marriage for 18 year old females and were constantly at odds with the "official" church. Remember: church and state were one in England, and England ruled the Americas. Thus even many Quakers waited--because the fines could be quite hefty if they didn't. Peter Wallace was born between 1715-1717.

There is no evidence that Mary Campbell was killed by the Native Americans. The December, 1741 incident occurred west of where Michael Woods and his wife were living and it might have been her sister, Elizabeth Campbell Woods who was among people killed by the Native Americans after John McDowell gave the Iroquois war party liquor. According to the records of those asking for compensation for losses (which included family members) it was the Woods in Augusta County, connected with Samuel Woods, who filed for compensation.....