Family:Samuel Kerr and Margaret Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef. 1741 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania or Orange/Augusta County, Virginia
Abt. 29 Nov 1741 Augusta County, Virginia

Genealogy Report and Notes for Samuel Kerr and Margaret:

Note: Samuel probably had more children born prior to his migration to Augusta County, Virginia, most likely in Lancaster or Chester County, Pennsylvania. Any additional information (with sources)from other researchers is welcome.

Descendants of Samuel Kerr

Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL2 KERR (JAMES1) was born WFT Est. 1715-1723. He married MARGARET ??? Bef. 1741. She was born Bef. 1723.

Notes for SAMUEL KERR: Samuel Kerr has not been "proven" to be a son of James Kerr, but there is strong and compelling evidence to make the assumption. In addition to land records indicating ownership of land adjoining James Kerr and/or his other sons, he was in Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia about 1741-1747, when he had four children baptized "in the congregation" : (source: "From Tinkling Spring, Headwaters of Freedom")

Samuel, bapt. 11/29/1741 Agness, bapt. 3/20/1743 William, bapt. 5/5/1745 Lucia, bapt. 12/13/1747

He is being placed as a son of James Kerr based upon his being in Augusta County at the same time as John Kerr, Andrew Kerr, and William Kerr, all listed as having children baptized in Tinkling Spring Church, near Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia between 1740-1749. John Kerr and William Kerr are mentioned in Augusta County records as being sons of James Kerr, John qualified as "eldest son" and therefore "co-adminstrator of the estate" of James Kerr's, who died in Augusta County in 1770. Unfortunately, it appears that James Kerr died intestate (without a will), and other records in Augusta County do not mention Samuel as frequently as other Kerr ancestors. There were several OTHER Kerr families that moved into the Augusta County from 1749-1760, but Andrew Kerr, John Kerr, Samuel Kerr and William Kerr were the only ones listed in the earliest records, shortly after Augusta County was formed about 1739. James Kerr has been mentioned as one of the earliest settlers in the Orange (later Augusta) County area. He purchased 473 acres of land in the Beverly Patent, Orange County, Virginia on February 29, 1739 (source: "From Tinkling Spring", pg. 418, and "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia"), almost right next door to John Pickens, brother of Lucy Pickens, who married John2 Kerr (James1). This area was to fall into the newly formed Augusta County a few years later. James Kerr is said to have built one of the first homes in the area (source: "Old Homes of Augusta County, The Pioneer Home of the Kerr Family", Gladys B. Chen).

From Kerr Homepage:

Date: 05/08/99 Subject: Georgia Kerr's From: "mike hardage" To: Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 19:38:30 -0700 (PDT)

location: smyrna, ga.

comments: Genealogy: My gggrandfather, John Thomas Hardage b.SC 1794 married Margaret Kerr in Hall Co. Ga 8/20/1819. She was dau of William Kerr, Lt. (B. Augusta Co, VA 5/7/1744) and Elizabeth Denton (b. 1777 d. Benton Co,AL 9/16/1839) They were Married Oct,1792, York Dist. SC. There were 2 children, Hugh Kerr, b 4/27/1797 Hall Co. Ga and Margaret b. 5/2/1793, SC.

 William was son of Samuel Kerr b. c1710-20; wife unknown.
Children were Samuel Kerr, Jr b. 1741
              Agnes Kerr b. 1742
              Lucia Kerr b. 1747.

I'm really trying to find info on the Hardage Line but had this info and thought I'd send it to you for comments.

 Your site is really great, especially the music. Thanks

Mike Hardage


August County land records, prior to Botetourt's formation, include these significant entries (abstracts): Nov. 19, 1760, Samuel Carr, or Kerr, and wife Margaret, conveyed to James Hughes and Andrew Greer for 120 pounds, 224 acres on Big Meadow Run by patent Aug. 16, 1756, Beverly Manor line (Deed Book No. 9, p. 18).

The following reference in Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia records indicates a Samuel Kerr was no longer an inhabitant of Augusta County in 1773. This seems to support the migration from Augusta County, VA to Rowan County, NC (similar to that of some of his brothers and sisters):

MARCH 23, 1773.

 (56) Samuel Kerr--no inhabitant. 


Kerr's in Rowan County, NC 1790 Census:

1790 ROWAN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA FEDERAL CENSUS=0DFields: NAME -- Head of the household 1 -- Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of famil=ies 2 -- Free white males under 16 years 3 -- Free white females including heads of familes 4 -- All other free persons 5 -- Slaves Order of entry -- Order in which the names were transcribed=0D

=0DName 1 2 3 4 5 Order_of_entry_#

"KERR, David" 2 0 4 1 6 629 "KERR, James" 3 1 5 0 0 2349 "KERR, James" 1 0 0 0 0 27 "KERR, John" 1 1 3 1 0 2347 "KERR, John" 1 0 0 0 0 7 "KERR, Joseph" 1 2 2 0 5 2399 "KERR, Margret" 2 0 2 0 0 2346 "KERR, Samuel" 2 0 1 0 6 2400

Children of SAMUEL KERR and MARGARET ??? are: i. SAMUEL3 KERR, b. Abt. 29 Nov 1741, Augusta County, Virginia; d. 1781, killed in Revolutionary War; m. MARY CALHOUN, WFT Est. 1761-1766; b. Abt. 1743, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. Bet. 21 Jan - 11 Feb 1805, Abbeville District, South Carolina.

Notes for SAMUEL KERR: This Samuel Kerr MAY be the Samuel Kerr that married Mary Calhoun, daughter of Ezekial Calhoun and Jean Ewing of Lancaster County, PA, Wythe County, VA and Abbeville County, SC. He was killed in service in the Revolutionary War in 1781, and is listed in "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution", by Bobby Gilmer Moss, pub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland, 1983, pg. 530. More research is necessary to establish this relationship. (Source: William Lindsey (e-mail:

Note: another researcher, David C. Galloway is doubtful that the Samuel Kerr that married Mary Calhoun is this Samuel Kerr, as that Samuel Kerr appears to have been born in 1759, according to other sources.Subj: Kerr-Pickens Date: 06/04/2000 2:50:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: (William D. Lindsey) To:

Dear Jim,

I've just seen your posting to the Kerr discussion group at Rootsweb about your Kerr line. I believe we're researching the same family.

My line is Samuel Kerr, who was killed as a Revolutionary soldier in 1781. He m. Mary Calhoun. He and several other Kerrs--James, Andrew, William--settled among the Calhouns on Long Cane Creek in Abbeville Co., SC, in the 1760s. I have tracked Andrew with certainty back to Augusta Co., VA, in the region that became Botetourt.

You probably know that the Calhouns and Pickens connect. Mary Calhoun's sister Rebecca Floride Calhoun m. Gen. Andrew Pickens. I find all these families clustered together in Augusta Co. in the 1730s and 1740s (Orange before Augusta), and all seem to have come from the Lancaster Co., PA, region.

Will gladly swap information. I don't have a complete account of my Kerr line, since I only discovered all this recently, but have been rapidly acquiring information. Maybe my pieces will fit yours, and we can see a more complete picture.

Hope to hear from you,

W.D. Lindsey

NOTE 1: Jane Kerr was daughter of Samuel Kerr and Mary Calhoun. Samuel Kerr was born abt. 29 Nov. 1741, when he shows up in the baptismal register of Rev. John Craig of Tinkling Springs Presbyterian church, Augusta (later Rockbridge) Co., VA, son of Samuel and Margaret Kerr. Samuel Kerr (younger) was killed as a Revolutionary soldier in 1781. Mary Calhoun was born abt. 1743 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died bet. Jan. 21 and Feb. 11, 1805, in Abbeville Co., SC. Mary Calhoun Kerr was daughter of Ezekiel Calhoun and Jane/Jean Ewing.

NOTE 2: On John Green, see James Lee Green's (P.O. Box 8301, Columbia, SC 29202) 27 Apr. 1992 article entitled "The Greens of Bibb Co., AL," pp. 1, 3. See also Rhoda Ellison, Bibb Co., AL, The First Hundred Years (Tuscaloosa: Univ. of AL P., 1984), pp. 48-9, 68; Alton Lambert, History of Tuscaloosa Co., AL, vol. 1 (Centre, AL: Stewart UP, 1977), p. 28; Family Adventures, Bibb Co., AL, Cemeteries, Graveyards, and Family Burial Plots (P.O. Box 290354, San Antonio, TX 78280-1754; 1988), pp. 84, 289; and Rhoda Ellison, Place Names of Bibb Co., AL (Brierfield, AL: Cahaba Trace Commission, 1993), p. 75. John and Jane Green married abt. 1788 in Abbeville Co., SC, and moved to Pendleton Dist., SC, in by 1790, settling on the east side of Keowee beside Jane's uncles Gen. Andrew Pickens (m. Rebecca Calhoun) and John Ewing Colhoun. In 1818, the family moved to Bibb Co. where they opened a plantation of 3400 acres and built a house, still standing, that was lived in by family members until 1939. The house was long known as Halfway House, on the Elyton-Selma Rd. The children of John Green and Jane Kerr were Samuel Kerr Green (b. abt. 1790, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. March 1860, Grimes Co., TX; m. 1]Eliza Jane Smith 2]Elvira Birdwell [Grammer]); Elizabeth B. Green (b. abt. 1791, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 1860-70, Ouachita Co., AR; m. James H. Thompson; Benjamin S. Green (b. abt. 1795, Pendleton Dist., SC; m. Lucinda); Ezekiel Calhoun Green (b. 22 Aug. 1795, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 6 Apr. 1851, Smithland, KY; m. 1]Mary Peet 2]Matilda Harrison 3]Anna Harrison 4]Louisa B. //); Mary Calhoun Green (b. 16 Dec. 1797, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 27 Nov. 1827, Bibb Co., AL; m. Robert W. Woods); Joscelin B. Green (b. abt. 1800, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 1850-60, Bibb Co., AL; m. Elizabeth Nichols); Lucinda Green (b. 10 Sept. 1801, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 13 March 1821, Bibb Co., AL); John Ewing Green (b. 6 Nov. 1803, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 3 March 1843, Bibb Co., AL); James H. Green (b. abt. 1806, Pendleton Dist., SC; m. 1] Sarah Echols James, 2]Sarah E. Randolph); Jane Caroline Green (b. 10 Oct. 1808, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 22 Feb. 1897, Ovilla, Ellis Co., TX; m. Thomas Keesee); and George Sidney Green (b. 2 Aug. 1817, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 10 Nov. 1853, Union Co., AR; m. Mary Ann Clardy).


H. Mary Calhoun, daughter of Ezechial and Jane Ewing Calhoun, mentioned in Kegley's notes as born about 1743 in Lancaster Co., Pa., and died between 1/21/1805 and 2/23/1805 in Abbeville District SC. She had married Samuel Kerr who died 1781. In her will she left the rights of her land to a daughter, Ruth Kerr until Ruth's marriage at which time the land would be divided equally between her siblings Catherine McLain and Jane Green.

The known children of Mary Calhoun and Samuel L. Kerr were:

1. Ruth Kerr married

2. Catherine Kerr married _____ McLain

3. Jane Kerr, 10/8/1768 Abbeville District, SC - 11/2/1855 Bibb Co., Ala., married (between 1785 - 1790) to

John Green, 1/21/1768 - 3/18/1837 Bibb Co. Ala. His remains were buried in a family cemetery on the home

Plantation and later re-interred at Tannehill State Park. In the 1850 Federal Census widow Jane Kerr Green was

living with her son James Green in Bibb Co., Ala.

ii. AGNES KERR, b. 1742, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia1.

Notes for AGNES KERR: Might be the Agnes Kerr that married James Graham, Jr. on 11/27/1771 in Rowan County, North Carolina

iii. WILLIAM KERR, b. 04 May 1744, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia2; d. Sep 1835, Benton County, Alabama3; m. ELIZABETH DENTON, Oct 1792, York District, South Carolina; b. 17704; d. 16 Sep 1839, Benton County, Alabama.

Notes for WILLIAM KERR: From "Gathering of the Clans" (


Born: 1744 /05 /07 Augusta Co., VA, Parish of USA Died: 1835 /09 Benton Co., AL, USA,

Details: m.ELIZABETH DENTON 1792-10 York District,SC daugher of SAMUEL DENTON & ELIZABETH childen: Margeret KERR b.1793-05-02 Jackson Co.GA

d.before 1839-09 Benton Co. AL HUGH KERR b.1797-04-27 1877/78 Nac. Co.,Texas

WILLIAM KERR's Revolutionary War pension claim file R.1719.Pension Roll of 1835,Hall Co.GA,pp41 (514) Submitted by: Larry Kerr Email: Date: 03/15/98 Subject: William Carr or William Kerr. From: "" To: Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 23:16:21 -0600

I am searching for information about William Carr or William Kerr. = William was born on May 27, 1744 and died September 1835. He married = Elizabeth Denton in October 1792 in York district, SC. They had at = least one daughter, Margaret and one son, Hugh. I will appreciate any = information form military records, Bible records, wills, census = information, diaries, descendents and ancestry, etc.


Larry Kerr

< Subj: [CARR-L] William Kerr/Carr

Date:  8/18/98 12:55:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jackie McInnis)
Has anyone any information about William Kerr/Carr , born 1744 in
Augusta County, VA and lived in York District SC?  He was a Rev. Sol. SC
line.  He moved to Hall County , GA.  and died 1835 in Benton Co. AL.
His wife was Elizabeth, known son was Hugh.
Jackie >>

"CARR, Williamb. 7 May 1744, Augusta County, Va.d. September 1835 m. Elizabeth _________ While residing in York District, he served as a lieutenant and captain at various times under Capts. William Byers, Jacob Barnett, Daniel Smith, Thompson and Cols. Neel, Watson, Bratton, Hill and John Moffett. He was in the battles at Black Hole, Sullivan's Island, Wright's Bluff, Orangeburg, Granby and Quarter House. (Moved to Ala.)"

Subj: Kerr's in Augusta County, VA Date: 02/09/2000 6:19:30 PM Pacific Standard Time From: (Robert F Pigeon) To:

My Kerr info who started out in Augusta County. Years ago I recall corresponding with some in the County about making sense out the three families. Vincent Brown Kerr's pamphlet, "Brief History of Kerrs and Kin, 1740 ;to 1930, Staunton, Virginia 1930 " has not helped me. Not even the Library of Congress' second copy with hand written notes. Anything I can do to help? Robert F. Pigeon NOTE: As of 1997 this William (Carr) Kerr had not been used for membership in the D.A.R..

Sources: William Kerr's Revolutionary Was Pension claim file R.1719 (Roll 479). Pension Roll of 1835, Hall Co., Ga, p41 (514). William Carr, Lieutenant, $320/year, received $960, SC militia, placed on pension roll October 5, 1833, pension commenced March 4. 1831, age 90.

William Kerr moved to York District, SC before 1776. He served in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Jackson (later Hall) Co., GA after 1797 and then to Benton Co., AL shortly before his death.

                                       WASHINGTON November 23, 1935

Honorable J. Hardin Peterson BA-J/EEL Member of Congress William Carr- R.1719 Tampa, Florida David Kerr -R.5890

My dear Mr. Peterson:

The data which follows are obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War pension claim, R.1719, based upon the military service in that war of William Carr or Kerr.

William Carr was born May 7, 1744, in Augusta County, Virginia. The names of his parents are not shown.

While residing in York District, South Carolina, William Carr entered the service August 1, 1776, and served at various times until the close of the war, amounting to three years and three months in all, as 1st lieutenant and captain in the South Carolina Troops under Captains William Byers, Thompson and Daniel Smith. Colonels Neal, Watson, Bratton, Hill and John Moffet. He participated in the battles of Black Hole, Sullivan’s Island, Fish Dam Ford, Blackstocks, Wright’s Bluff, Orangeburg, Granby and Quarter House.

After the Revolution, soldier moved from York District, South Carolina, to Jackson (later Hall) County Georgia, where he was living when he was allowed pension on his application executed August 25, 1832. At that time he signed by mark “Carr” and was pensioned Carr, but it was stated that the name was originally Kerr.

He married in York District, south Carolinas, in October 1792, Elizabeth Denton. They were married at the home of her mother. The date and place of birth of Elizabeth and the names of her parents are not shown.

The soldier died in September, 1935, and his widow, Elizabeth, died September 15, 1839. Both died in Benton County, Alabama, to which place soldier had moved shortly before his death.

It was stated that only two children were born of the marriage

                                           page 2

of William Carr and his wife, Elizabeth, namely, Margaret, born May 2, 1793, and Hugh, born April 27, 1797.

In 1845, son Hugh was residing in Benton County, Alabama, and was the only surviving child. The date of death of Margaret

is not shown. In 1849, said Hugh was living in Randolph County, Arkansas, and in 1856, in Shelby County, Texas.

In 1833, the soldier referred to his brother as having been severely wounded during the Revolutionary War, but did not give his brother’s name.

In 1845, the widow’s brother, John Denton, then aged seventy years, was a resident of Cherokee County, Georgia; in same year one Hanna Denton, also resident of Cherokee County, Georgia’ stated that she was born September 13, 1781, and was the daughter of James McCord, who died July 25, 1793. She did not give her relationship to John Denton or to Elizabeth Denton Carr. In 1845 the widow’s sister, Martha Leech, resided in York District, South Carolina, and was then aged eighty-four years.

David Kerr R.5890

“ Did not copy; he is not a relation.

Very truly yours

A. D. Hiller
Executive Assistant to the                            Administrator.

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files. William Carr or William Kerr, Elizabeth, R1719, SC Line. Sol was b 7 May 1744 in Augusta City VA & lived in York District SC at enl, sol appl 25 Aug 1832 Hall City GA, sol m Elizabeth Denton in Sept 1835 in Benton City, AL, wid d 16 Sept 1839 same place, children mentioned were Margaret b 2 May 1792 and Hugh b 27 Apr 1797.

ANOTHER LETTER ON THIS SOLDIER In January 1998 I purchased from the National Archives a copy of his Revolutionary War records, with them, to be read later, I received a copy of the following letter. I did not receive a copy of the letter shown above at that time.

March 21, 1933 BA-J/AWF

Miss Mary G. Ramsay Bellevue Avenue Dublin, Georgia

Dear Madam:

    Reference is made to your letter relative to William Carr, a soldier

of the Revolutionary War.

    The data furnished herein are obtained from the papers on file in

the pension claim, R. 1719, based upon the military service of William Car or Kerr during the Revolutionary War.

    He was born Mary 7, 1746 in Augusta County, Virginia


    While residing in the York District, South Carolina, he served from

August 1, 1776 as first lieutenant and captain in the South Carillons troops, at various times under Captains William Byers, Thompson, Daniel Smith, and Colonels Neal, Watson, Bratton, Hill and John Moffet. He was in the battles of Black Hole, Sullivans Island, Stone, Fish Dam Ford, Blackstocks, Wrights Bluff, Orangeburg, Granby and Quarter House; he served until the close of the war, length of service in all, three years and three months.

    He was allowed pension on his application executed August 25, 1832,

at which time he was living in Hal county, Georgia.

    The soldier married in October, 1792 in York District South

Carolinas, Elizabeth Denton.

    He died September, 1838 in Benton County, Ala..
    His widow, Elizabeth, died September 16, 1839 in Benton County,


    Their children were referred to, only names stated being Margaret,

born May 2, 1793, and Hugh, born April 27, 1797.

Very truly yours

A. D. Hiller

 Assistant to Administrator

In January 1998 I purchased a copy of William Kerr’s Revolutionary War Pension Record, R1719. The photocopy is difficult to read but there is more information in it than in the two summary letters prepared in the 1930’s. Because it is more nearly in his words I have excerpted parts of his three page pension application because it make him more real to me.

27 day of august 1832 William Carr a resident of Georgia, County of Hall age 88 years on the 2 day of May.

To wit. That he entered the service of this district as instructor about the first day of August in the year of 1776 as a First Lieutenant under the command of Col. Neal by whom he was commissioned First Lieutenant. Commanded with Col. Watson. His Captain was William Byers. General Willimson had the command at ??? town.

Wm. first battle he was in on the 19th day of September in the your of 1776 with the Cherokee Indians at a place called the Black Hole. He was a First Lieutenant commanded by Col Neil B. Watson under Cols Rotherford and Williamson.

The next battle Wm. was in was at Sullivan’s Island and in the vicinity of Charleston where he served as?????????? while Charleston was besieged by the British.

??? returned to Charleston and served another tour of three or four months he was at the Battle of Stone Mountain in the summer of 1780 (I visited this site in the spring of 1995).

Served in the capacity of Captain for the remainder of the war which he thinks was about the  ??? three or four years. The next battle was at Blackstocks on Tiger River at which he was commanded by Col. ????? and Col Hall when ??? he was wounded through the shoulder. He was at the battle at a place called Fish Dam Ford on D?????? River.

The next battle he was in was a little town called Granby. Where was a British and Tory fort. Cols Bratton and Moffet had there the command and the next battle was Col Thompson on Santie River with variety of others ??????????. to wit one at Wrights Bluff an other at a place called the quarterhorse an another at Phillips and another at Black River and another at a place call the Big glade all the battle fighting and skirmishing was under Col Bratton and Moffett about the years 1780 and 1781.

He resided in or district in the State of south Carolina when he entered the service from where he made a crop on the Yugaloo(?)v rivers to where the battle was fought with the Cherokee at Black Hole where he stayed for a time with his wounded brother with then North Carolina.  ???????? this place at now in Baker County in the State of Georgia then he returned back to York District in South Carolina to his now home where he stayed only five days till he was ordered to march to Charleston department states that his residence was in York all the time of the war. Where the British and Tories none have minded my was, in that they took from Wm. five head of horse beasts at our town killed all his cattle of every description and burned up his family and barn and destroyed all his grain.

Applicant further states that he was born in the Sate of Virginia in Augusta County. Says he was born on the 4th day of May in the year 1744 and has not the record now of his age ????  ??? A being carried by some of his children to the State of  ???????? he says that he moved from York district Jackson County now Hall County when he was discharged ever since except two or three years he has resided in Hall County in the State of Georgia, applicant further states that he served several tours at a town called Orangeburg in South Carolina which was frequent place of ???????.

    “Statement taken August 25, 1832 in Hall County Georga


iv. LUCIA KERR, b. 1747, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia5.

Notes for LUCIA KERR: From Jo Kerr (

Samuel Kerr was father of Lucia Kerr. . In 1779, Lucia's brother married Isabella Ledgerwood, dau of John Ledgerwood, and Lucey Kerr is listed as a witness to that marriage. In 1784, Lucia was mother to Annie Ledgerwood, by John Ledgerwood, Botetourt Co Va. {I had seen in other references that Samuel was the son of William Kerr.


1. Wilson, Howard McKnight, The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom, (Privatetly published by The Tinkiling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches, pub. Fishersville, Virginia), pg. 477. 2. US Archives, Pension application, Pension Application of William Kerr Applicant further states that he was born in the Sate of Virginia in Augusta County. Says he was born on the 4th day of May in the year 1744 and has not the record now of his age ????  ??? A being carried by some of his children to the State of  ???????? he says that he moved from York district Jackson County now Hall County when he was discharged ever since except two or three years he has resided in Hall County in the State of Georgia, applicant further states that he served several tours at a town called Orangeburg in South Carolina which was frequent place of ???????. . 3. Kerr, Larry F. - e-mail:, Querie from Augusta County, VA Web Page of 3/12/1998. 4. data base. 5. Wilson, Howard McKnight, The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom, (Privatetly published by The Tinkiling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches, pub. Fishersville, Virginia), pg. 477.