Family:Rufus Brock and Bizzie Beard (4)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 13 Nov 1929 Keener, Etowah, Alabama, United States
10 Feb 1943
9 Nov 2013

Rufus Brock married Miss Bizzie Lee Beard on November 13, 1929 in Keener, Alabama. They had been married 55 years when he died in 1984. They seemed happy and well suited. They certainly weathered many storms together and survived happily together. They remained close to their family all their lives. The photo to the left is the couple shortly after their marriage in 1929.

On November 3, 1950 Rufus and Bizzie and their family moved to Indiana from their birthplace in Alabama. They had never seen snow, nor suffered the winter cold before. The move was quite a shock. Rufus did not like farming and had a job at the Arvin Factory in Alabama. They were building a new factory in Indiana and he was to move and work there. My father, the oldest of the children, was 15 at the time. He lied on an application by saying he was 16 and was hired for the Indiana factory. I don't think I ever heard one of them say they liked winter. But they stayed in Indiana.

Image Gallery
  1.   Bizzies Family Bible.
  2.   Household Recorded, in Etowah, Alabama, United States. 1930 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication T626)
    Sheet No. 7B/8A, 15 Apr 1930.

    with Rufus Brock - living in the household of her father, Charles Beard;
    listed as Bessie Lee dau 21
    Cox Dist., Etowah County, AL

  3.   Rufus and Bizzie Brock's Gravestone Photo.

    Riverview Cemetery, 1603 Shields Ave., Seymour, Redding Township, Jackson County, Indiana