Family:Robert Shaw and Esther Blair (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 12 August 1763
10 August 1764
30 OCT 1797
09 August 1770
9 SEP 1775
20 April 1772
27 JUN 1858
09 September 1774
09 December 1776
16 November 1779 Augusta County, Virginia

Source: information from Family Bible records from following post:

Hines, Shaw, Matthews, Martz bible records Posted by: Susan Bromm (ID *****0955) Date: July 19, 2002 at 21:19:52

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Following are entries that I transcribed from copies of a Hines Bible. The copies are located at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia. The Bible is in the possession of Richard Blair Craig of Richmond, Virginia. If the entries were blurred or illegible I placed a question mark by my interpretation.

Mary Shaw born o10 of August 1764
John Shaw born 9 of August 1770
Matthew Shaw born 20 of April 1772
Hannah Shaw born 9 of Sept 1774
Easter Shaw born 9 of December 1776
John Lyle Shaw born 16 of November 1779
Robert Blair Shaw born 25 of November 1782
Agnes V. Matthews born 25 February 1802
Hannah A. Matthews born 12 of November 1803
William D. M. Hines was born the 2? of November 1832
Brainerd Whitfield Hines was born the 1 of March 1834
George Washington Hines was born the 22 of February 1836
Benjamin Franklin Matthews Martz was born the 24 of March 1831?
Adaline Easter Sarah Martz was born the 20 of October 1832
Addison Blair Martz was born the 28 of October 1834
Dorilas Henry Lee (Martz) was born March 23 1837
Admonia McCormick? Hines was born in Rockbridge County Virginia December 28 1837
Robert Edward Hines was born in Amsterdam Botetourt County Virginia April 17th 1841
John M. Hines was born in Amsterdam Botetourt County Virginia on June 14th 1846
Agnes Rachael Hines daughter of Wm D M and Christina Hines was born on the 19th day of December 1861
Calvin Luther Hines daughter? of Wm D M and Christina Hines was born on the 27th day of September 1863
Mary Ann Hines daughter of Wm D M and Christina Hines was born on the 19th day of February 1866
Virginia E Hines daughter of Wm D M and Christina Hines was born on the 9 January 1868
John H R Hines son of Wm D M and Christina Hines was born on the 26th day of March 1870
Robert Shaw Senior and Easter Blair was married August 12 1763
Daniel Matthews and Easter Shaw was Married the 13 of May 1801
James Jackson and Hannah Shaw was Married June 1795
Peter Masterson and Mary Shaw was Married May 1795
John Shaw and Sarah Davidson was married (no date) (Note: this was John Lyle Shaw).
Matthew Shaw and Elizabeth Parker was married (no date)
Robert B Shaw Jun and Judith Glover was Married the 23 of April 1807
Agnes V. Matthews and Michael Hines was Married the 22 of Sept 1831
Hiram Martz and Hannah A. Matthews was Married the 28 of April 1829
Wm D M. Hines and Christina Walters wer married the 5th day of March 1861
Brainard W. Hines and Anna Maria Evans were married on the 25th of April 1866
Admonia Mc Hines and Milburne Whitt were married Sept 11th 1867
John Shaw died the 9 of Sept 1775
Mary Materson died the 30 Oct 1797
Easter Shaw Senior died the 6 of August 1798
Robert Shaw Senior died the 2 of December 1799
Hannah Jackson died 1834?
Solomon Matthews died April 2nd 1834
Elizabeth Matthews died Oct 31 1837
Daniel Matthews departed this life January 28th 1842
John L. Shaw departed this life April 21st 1852
Matthew Shaw died the 27th June 1858
Esther Blair Matthews died from the effects of an injury on the 10th day of April 1866
Judith Shaw wife of R. Shaw died ?
Hannah A. Martz wife of Hiram Martz and daughter of Daniel & Easter B. Matthews departed this life the 22nd of May 1861 age 58 years 5 months & 27 days in Rockingham County Virginia
B. Franklin Martz eldest son of Hiram & Hannah Martz departed this life August 27 1860
Hiram Martz died Oct 19th 1861
Robert E. Hines son fo Michael N. and Agnes V. Hines was killed in the Battle of Seven Pines on the 31st day of May 1862
Addison B. Martz son of Hiram & Hannah Martz died May the 5th 1863 from the efect of a wound received in the Battle of Chancellorsville May the 3rd 1863.