Family:Robert Beverley and Mary Unknown (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1666 prob. Middlesex County, Virginia
abt 1668

CAUTION: Some sources claim that Maj. Robert Beverley married Margaret Boyd, not Mary (Unknown)Keeble. More research may be necessary to determine which is correct.

1. Maj. Robert1 Beverley was born in 1641 at Yorkshire, England. He married Mary in 1666; 1st wife, 2nd husband. He married Catherine Hone, daughter of Theophilus Hone, on 28 Mar 1679; 2nd wife, 1st husband. He died on 15 Mar 1686. He resided at Beverley, Yorkshire, England. He immigrated circa 1663 to Middlesex Co., VA. Mary was born in Mar 1637. She married George Keeble; 1st husband. She died on 28 Jun 1678 at age 41. She was probably the widow of George Keeble. Known children of Maj. Robert1 Beverley and Mary were as follows:

  • i. Mary2 Beverley married William Jones in 1694; no issue.
  • ii. Capt. Harry Beverley was born at Middlesex Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Robert Smith Jr. and Elizabeth, circa 1696. He died in 1730 at 'Newlands', Spotsylvania Co., VA.

He was a magistrate in 1702 at Middlesex Co., VA. He was Surveyor of King and Queen and King William Counties between 1702 and 1714. He was Captain of the Sloop 'The Virgin' which for the Colony of Virginia went to the Bahamas in search of pirates and treasure in 1716. He resided at 'Newlands', Spotsylvania Co., VA. He was Presiding Justice of the County Court in 1720 at Spotsylvania Co., VA.

  • 2. iii. Col. Peter Beverley, born circa 1668 at Virginia; married Elizabeth Peyton.
  • 3. iv. Robert Beverley Jr., born circa 1673 at Middlesex Co., VA; married Ursula Byrd.

Catherine Hone married Col. Christopher Robinson on 17 Sep 1687; 2nd husband, 2nd wife. Known children of Maj. Robert1 Beverley and Catherine Hone were as follows:

  • i. John2 Beverley.
  • ii. Thomas Beverley died on 20 Sep 1686.
  • 4. iii. Catherine Beverley, married Hon. John Robinson.
  • iv. William Beverley was baptized on 4 Jan 1680.
  • v. Christopher Beverley was baptized on 19 Mar 1686.