Family:Richard Wilson and Julia Ann Stuck (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[15] Seneca, New York, United States

Richard Wilson arrived in Seneca County, New York between August 1829 (S1) and June 1830 (S2). Julia Ann Stuck had been living with her parents in Fayette Township, Seneca County, New York since 1809 (S3, S4, and S5). They were married, either formally or common law, by June 1830 (S6, S7, and Note 1). Their first child, Michael, was born on March 23, 1831 (S2). Their second child, Elijah, was also born in New York in 1834 (S8).

The family most likely came to Michigan in the spring or summer of 1837 (S9) via the Erie Canal to Buffalo, NY, then Lake Erie steamer to Detroit, and ox cart on to Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County. Most likely, they settled initially with her parents near Pittsford in Hillsdale County. Their third child, Caroline, was born in Michigan in 1838 (S8). Their fourth child, Jane, was born in 1844 (S8). By June of 1845, they were living in Raisin Township in Lenawee County (S9). Their fifth child, Samuel, was born in 1846 (S8).

About 1852, the family moved to 10 Acres of land that Richard had purchased in Tecumseh Township, Lenawee County on the north side of Russell Road (S10 and S11). Their sixth child, Ann, was born in 1855 (S12 and Note 2).

By 1880 after all of their children have left, Richard and Julia Ann were living next to their oldest son, Michael, in Franklin Township, Lenawee County (S13), and about a third of a mile due west their 10 Acres in Tecumseh Township.

Sometime after Richard's death in January 1882, Julia Ann began living with her oldest son, Michael (S14). Julia Ann died in March 1896 in Michael's home.

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  15. Michael Wilson's death certificate (S7) is the best information we have that Richard Wilson and Julia Ann Stuck were his parents, thus the assumption of marriage. The letter from Julia Ann's younger brother, Michael Stuck, Jr. (S6), is also indirect evidence that they were married. Also the various U.S. Census' (1850, 1860, and 1880) list Richard Wilson with his wife, Juliann (or Julia A., or Julia Ann).

    We believe they were married in Fayette, Seneca County, New York but do not know for sure. They could have had a common law marriage, or they could have gone to another county to get married because there were very few churches or ministers in Seneca County in 1830. I have found no record of any kind showing that Richard Wilson was ever in Seneca County, New York. The first record we have found showing Richard Wilson in the U.S. is the 1845 Michigan State Census (S9).
  16.   Ann may or may not be their child. The only record we have found with her name listed is the 1860 U.S. Census. In this census, she may have been an adopted daughter, a foster child, or some other situation than Richard and Julia's birth daughter. We have found no other records which list an Ann Wilson such that she can be tied to Richard and Julia Ann.