Family:Philip Austin and Edwina Whitlock (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 27 May 1939 Waukegan, Lake Co, IL

Just Married

Phil and Edwina were married May 27, 1939 in the First Baptist Church at Waukegan, Illinois at 7:00 am. They left immediately on their honeymoon and traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains. Edwina got a taste of what the rest of her life would be like, as Phil brought his painting material and did several watercolors on the trip.

Mayflower Ancestors

Isaac Allerton[1] William Bradford[2] William Brewster[3] Francis Cooke[4] John Howland[5] Resolved White[6]

Revolutionary War Patriots

John Austin[7] Timothy Mead, Jr.[8] Timothy Mead, Sr.[9] William Palmer[10] Thaddeus Bow[11] Perley Brown[12] Philip Perry[13] Jonathan Stoddard[14] Josiah Wright[15] Joshua Cobb[16] Simeon Edgerton[17] Benjamin Floyd[18] Joseph Miller[19] James Billingsley[20] John Billingsley[21]