Family:Peter Storm and Margaret Johnson (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 14 Feb 1807 Clark, Indiana, United States
26 Aug 1895

Various (undocumented) sources give Margaret's marriage to either Jacob Storm or John Peter Storm (both sons of Johnann Peter Storm and Anna Maria Catherine Fickes), in or about Feb 1807 in Scott County, Indiana. Aside from the conflicting information regarding the given name(s) of Margaret's first husband, there are other problems.

First, Margaret's marriage to Jesse McCool precludes Jacob Storm as her first husband, since Jacob did not die until after Margaret remarried.

Second, if Margaret's first husband was the son of Johann Peter Storm and Catherine Maria Fickes, he would either have been much older than Margaret, or have been born just before Maria's death, long after the birth of Johann and Maria's documented children; or Peter would have been an undocumented child of Johann's second wife Elizabeth - except that, given the ages of Johann and Elizabeth's known children, Peter would then have been too young.

Finally, it should be noted that Scott County, Indiana did not exist until 1820 it was created from (in part) Clark County, Indiana. Unfortunately, marriage records for Clark County, Indiana, do not begin until 14 March 1807.[2]

The solution to the problem was suggested in 1999 by Raylene Cheatham on the Storm email list,[3] where she references Margaret's application for a Bounty Land Warrant. The documents in that file also provide the answer to Peter's parentage. The dates of the application and supporting documents, in 1853 and 1854, also explain why Scott County was given as the place of marriage, rather than Clark County.

  1. War of 1812 Claim for Bounty Land Warrant by Peggy Dunning for Service of Peter Storm’s Service in the War of 1812 (Warrant #26894-160-50) ; NARA, in Johnson Family documents, Primary quality.

    On 25 Mar 1854, in Trigg County, Kentucky, Peggy Dunning stated that she married Peter Storm in Feb 1807 in Scott County [sic], Indiana. Her letter of declaration was accompanied by letters from Andrew J. Storm and Willis Stucker, both of Pope County, Illinois. Andrew J. Storm gave the marriage date as 14 February 1807, while Willis Stucker stated that he was a member of the "bridal" party, and that he had married Peter Storm's sister. Both Andrew J. Storm and Willis Stucker gave the bride's name at the time of her marriage as "Miss Peggy Johnson".

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