Family:Mark How and Dorothy Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] Bef 1732
  1. There is no death record for first wife Lydia, and no marriage record for Dorothy, so it is not clear when Mark married Dorothy. The Howe Genealogies makes no attempt to identify the mother of the first four children (but clearly identifies which belong to the third and fourth wives).

    It would be unusual to have married in 1725 and then start having children in 1732. Further once the children start there is a fairly regular sequence, showing no obvious breaks that would suggest Lydia died and he married a new wife. So the pattern of births suggest no children by his first wife.

    The Middleton VRs list all the children of Mark How as belonging to Mark & Dorithy. It is supposed the town clerk started a family register when he was married to Dorothy (see here) and never noted the various remarriages. But if he had had a children by first wife Lydia, presumably all would say Mark and Lydia, instead. Thus again, the conclusion is no children by his first wife.

    Lydia must have died, and Mark married Dorothy, all before 1732 when his first child was born.