Family:Lothair II de Lotharingie and Waldrada Unknown (1)

b. Est 835
d. 8 Aug 869 Piacenza
d. Aft 868
m. Abt Aug 862
Facts and Events
Marriage[2][3] Abt Aug 862 Cohabitation?
Est 860
Bet 21 May 907 and 26 Oct 907
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To check:Gisela Unknown (34)Born before parents' marriage

Waldrada was Lothair's mistress from about 855[1].

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    found 2016.

    Lothair II had some sons and probably three daughters, all by Waldrada, and all of whom were declared illegitimate:
    Hugh (c. 855–895), Duke of Alsace (867–885)
    Gisela (c. 865–908), who in 883 married Godfrey, the Viking leader ruling in Frisia, who was murdered in 885
    Bertha (c. 863–925), who married Theobald of Arles (c. 854–895), count of Arles, nephew of Teutberga. They had two sons Hugh of Italy and Boso of Tuscany. After Theobald's death, between 895 and 898 she married Adalbert II of Tuscany (c. 875–915)[1] They had at least three children: Guy,[2] who succeeded his father as count and duke of Lucca and margrave of Tuscany, Lambert succeeded his brother in 929, but lost the titles in 931 to his half-brother Boso of Tuscany, and Ermengard.
    Ermengarde (d. 90?)
    Odo (d. c.879)