Family:Joshua Knapp and Hannah Close (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 9 Jun 1657 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
29 Mar 1721
Bef. 12 Dec 1723 Greenwich, Connecticut
Aft. 06 Apr 1736 Greenwich, Connecticut
16 Feb 1736/37 Greenwich, Connecticut
Bef. 26 Jan 1749/50 Greenwich, Connecticut

Descendants of Joshua Knapp

Generation No. 1

1. JOSHUA4 KNAPP (NICHOLAS3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 1635 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and died Bef. 27 Oct 1684 in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married HANNAH CLOSE 09 Jun 1657 in Stamford, Connecticut, daughter of THOMAS CLOSE and ELIZABETH ?. She was born 1632 in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and died 1694 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.


4. Joshua Knapp, Sr (Nicholas)40,41 was born 05 January 1634/35 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA42, and died Bef. 27 October 1684 in Greenwich, CT43. He married Hannah Close44,45 09 June 1657 in Stamford, CT46,47,48,49,50, daughter of John Close and Elizabeth.

More About Joshua Knapp, Sr:

BURIED : [prob] Knapp Cemetery, Greenwich, CT

RESIDED AT: Watertown, MA; [poss] Wethersfield, CT; Stamford, CT; Greenwich, CT

OCCUPATION(S): Weaver/Farmer

RELIGION: Congregational

CHURCH AFF: 1st Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT

MILITARY SVC: Unknown [probably local Militia]

Children of Joshua Knapp and Hannah Close are:

+ 12 i. Hannah Knapp, born 26 March 1660 in Stamford, CT; died 29 March 1721 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 13 ii. Joshua Knapp, Jr, born Abt. 1662 in Stamford, CT; died Abt. 1750 in Greenwich, CT.

14 iii. Joseph Knapp51,52, born 1664 in Greenwich, CT53; died Bef. 12 December 1723 in Greenwich, CT54. He married Mary Lockwood55,56,57,58 Aft. 1706 in Greenwich, CT59.

15 iv. Ruth Rebecca Knapp60,61, born 1666 in Greenwich, CT62; died Aft. 06 April 1736 in Greenwich, CT. She married John Reynolds Bef. 1694 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 16 v. Timothy Knapp, born 1668 in Greenwich, CT; died 16 February 1736/37 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 17 vi. Benjamin Knapp, born 1673 in Greenwich, CT; died 1716 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 18 vii. Caleb Knapp, born June 1677 in Greenwich, CT; died Bef. 26 January 1749/50 in Greenwich, CT.

19 viii. Jonathan Knapp63, born 1679 in Greenwich, CT64; died in Greenwich, CT.

Children of JOSHUA KNAPP and HANNAH CLOSE are:

  • i. HANNAH5 KNAPP, b. 26 Mar 1660, Stamford, Connecticut; d. 29 Mar 1721, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. DANIEL SMITH, SR., 1678, Greenwich, Connecticut; b. 1660.


12. Hannah Knapp (Joshua, Nicholas)119,120 was born 26 March 1660 in Stamford, CT121,122, and died 29 March 1721 in Greenwich, CT. She married Daniel Smith, Sr123,124 Abt. 1679 in Greenwich, CT, son of Henry Smith and Unknown Jackson?].

Children of Hannah Knapp and Daniel Smith are:

+ 65 i. Benjamin Smith, born in Greenwich, CT; died Unknown in Greenwich, CT.

66 ii. Nathan Smith125, born in Greenwich, CT. He married Hester Green.

67 iii. Ruth Smith126, born in Greenwich, CT. She married James June 22 May 1729 in Greenwich, CT.

68 iv. Joshua Smith127, born Abt. 1679 in Greenwich, CT; died 19 December 1706 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 69 v. Daniel Smith, Jr, born Abt. 1680 in Greenwich, CT; died 1756 in Greenwich, CT.

70 vi. Hannah Smith127, born Abt. 1681 in Greenwich, CT; died Abt. 22 May 1736 in Newark, NJ. She married (1) Nathaniel Bowers 02 December 1703 in Stamford, CT. She married (2) Joseph Webb, Jr128 1717-1718 in Newark, NJ. He drowned crossing the Connecticut River

+ 71 vii. Joseph Smith, born 1683 in Greenwich, CT; died 12 March 1755 in Danbury.

+ 72 viii. Jabez Smith, born Abt. 1686 in Greenwich, CT; died in [prob] Greenwich, CT.

+ 73 ix. Sarah Smith, born Abt. 1688 in Greenwich, CT; died 12 March 1736/37 in Stamford, CT.

+ 74 x. Caleb Smith, born Abt. 1690 in Greenwich, CT; died in Stamford, CT.

+ 75 xi. Mary Smith, born Abt. 1700 in Greenwich, CT; died 28 May 1741 in Stamford, CT.

+ 76 xii. Moses Smith, born 12 January 1703/04 in Greenwich, CT; died in [prob] Greenwich, CT.

+ 77 xiii. Ezra Smith, born 24 November 1705 in Greenwich, CT; died in Stamford, CT.

  • ii. JOSHUA KNAPP, JR., b. Abt. 1662, Stamford, Connecticut; d. Abt. 1750, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. ELIZABETH REYNOLDS, 16 Mar 1686/87, Greenwich, Connecticut; b. 12 Aug 1667, Stamford, Connecticut; d. 05 Jun 1710, Greenwich, Connecticut.

Notes for JOSHUA KNAPP, JR.:



FATHER: Joshua Knapp 1 MOTHER: Hannah Close DOB: abt 1662 PLACE: Stamford, CT.


SPOUSE: Elizabeth Reynolds PLACE: Greenwich, CT DOM: 16 March 1686/87 NOTES:


DOD: abt 1750 PLACE: Greenwich, CT CEMETERY: LOCATION:


1. Elizabeth Knapp b. abt 1688 CT m. John Rundle (b. abt 1673 CT d aft 1748 CT) Greenwich, CT (7 children) 2. Isaac Knapp 3. Jonathan Knapp b. abt 1702 CT d. bef 11 April 1779 NJ m. Husted, Mary (b. 1695 d. 1790) 1722 CT (4 children) 4. Ebenezer Knapp b. abt 1704 CT d. aft 1750 CT m. Elizabeth Finch (b. 1703/04) 7 Jan. 1723/24 CT (6 children) 5. Sarah Knapp b. 1706 CT d. 19 May 1733 CT m. Peter Semel (b. abt 1700 d. 1733) 12 April 1722 CT 6. Rebecca Knapp b. 1707 CT d. bef 1733 CT m. Jacob Rundle Sr. (b. abt 1699 d. 1733) 4 April 1729 CT (2 children) 7. John Knapp b. 10 March 1707/08 CT d. aft 1761 CT m. Abigail Close (b. 1710) 14 Jan. 1730/31 CT (10 children) 8. Close Knapp b. 5 June 1710 Greenwich, Fairfield County, CT

13. Joshua Knapp, Jr (Joshua, Nicholas)129 was born Abt. 1662 in Stamford, CT, and died Abt. 1750 in Greenwich, CT. He married (1) Elizabeth Reynolds 16 March 1686/87 in Greenwich, CT130, daughter of Jonathan Reynolds and Rebecca Husted. He married (2) Unknown [see NOTES for Joshua Knapp, Jr] Aft. 1710 in Fairfield Co, CT.

Notes for Joshua Knapp, Jr:

Research of his presumed second marriage does not bear any evidence that he married secondly, Abigail Butler. Greenwich Commonplace Books, indicates that Abigail Butler, daughter of Walter Butler, married Daniel Marshall. Daniel Marshall, died in 1727. Records do not reveal whether his widow, Abigail, remarried. Clarence Almon Torrey, in his book, "Marriages prior to 1700", indicates a marriage to an Abigail(?), but questions the entry. If Joshua married secondly to Abigail Butler, it would obviously have had to occur after 1727, unless there is another Abigail Butler that has not been identified in the records. No doubt he probably remarried, and quite possible to a lady named Abigail, whose maiden name is not indicated. Doubtful that Joshua would have remained a Widower for any great length of time, as he had several children, all ranging in age from a few months to the age of 12, at the death of Elizabeth Reynolds, in 1710. Even if he married a second time, he evidently had no children born of that marriage, as there is no record of any children beyond those reflected in this report. This report reflects a second marriage to "Unknown" in view of the absence of an official record to prove otherwise. At best, if he married a second time, his second wife should be reflected as "Unknown", pending proof to the contrary. For more information relating to Abigail Butler, daughter of Walter Butler, refer to "Early Records of Greenwich, CT" [formerly called "Commonplace Books"], :610 and the Will of Daniel Marshall, dated 10 Feb 1726/27, Fairfield Co, CT - Probate Records - Greenwich Probate District, VIII:78. A reference to the second marriage of Joshua Knapp, to Abigail (Butler) Marshall, is said to exist in the "Early Records of Greenwich, CT", :595. However, all attempts to gain a copy of this source has been fruitless, and if such exists, could clear up the problems stated here.

He is not found in "Stamford Registrations." Thus a specific birth or death can only be estimated.

More About Joshua Knapp, Jr:

BURIED : [prrob] Greenwich, CT

RESIDED AT: Stamford, CT; Greenwich, CT

OCCUPATION(S): Famer/Weaver

RELIGION: Congregationalist

CHURCH AFF: Congregational Church of Greenwich, CT

MILITARY SVC: None recorded

Children of Joshua Knapp and Elizabeth Reynolds are:

+ 78 i. Elizabeth "Amy"4 Knapp, born Abt. 1688 in Greenwich, CT; died in Greenwich, CT.

+ 79 ii. Isaac Knapp, born Abt. 1690 in Greenwich, CT.

+ 80 iii. Jonathan Knapp, born Abt. 1702 in Greenwich, CT; died Bef. 11 April 1779 in Wantage, Sussex Co, NJ.

+ 81 iv. Ebenezer Knapp, born Abt. 1704 in Greenwich, CT; died Aft. 1750 in Greenwich, CT.

82 v. Sarah Knapp131,132, born 1706 in Greenwich, CT; died in Greenwich, CT. She married Peter Sewell133,134 12 April 1722 in Greenwich, CT.

  • iii. JOSEPH KNAPP, b. 1664, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. Bef. 12 Dec 1723, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. MARY LOCKWOOD, Aft. 1706, Greenwich, Connecticut; b. Bef. 1689.
  • iv. RUTH REBECCA KNAPP, b. 1666, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. Aft. 06 Apr 1736, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. JOHN REYNOLDS, WFT Est. 1682-1690, Prob. Connecticut; b. 1662, Prob. Stamford, Connecticut; d. Mar 1735/36.


23. John3 Reynolds, Sr., the deacon of the West Society, son of Jonathan2 Reynolds (John1) by wife Rebecca Huested; born in 1662, died in March 1735/6. The compilers assign to him a will executed 22 Sept. 1732, probated 6 Apr. 1736. His wife was Ruth Knapp, daughter of Joshua and Hannah, and she survived her husband and is named in his will. The will also states that testator left no children

  • v. TIMOTHY KNAPP, b. 1668, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. 16 Feb 1736/37, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. (1) ELIZABETH SEYMOUR, 16 Mar 1698/99, Greenwich, Connecticut; m. (2) MARTHA WEEKS, 16 Feb 1713/14, Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • vi. BENJAMIN KNAPP, b. 1673, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. 1716, Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • vii. CALEB KNAPP, b. Jun 1677, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. Bef. 26 Jan 1749/50, Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • viii. JONATHAN KNAPP, b. 1679, Greenwich, Connecticut; d. Greenwich, Connecticut.
  1. Vital Records of Stamford, in Connecticut, United States. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records.

    KNAPP, Joshua m. Hannah Close June 9, 1657.