Family:Joseph Heald and Marcy Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef 1714 Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Bef 1722
  1.   There is great confusion between Family:Joseph Heald and Mary Unknown (1) and Family:Joseph Heald and Marcy Unknown (1). A deed concerning the estate of Benjamin, the brother of the Joseph who married Marcy is used to identify this family, and leave the reminder for the other family.
  2.   The aforementioned deed appears to list the children of Joseph Heald as
    "Thomas Witherbee of Stow, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth"
    "Lydia Priest of Leominster, widow"
    "Reuben Gates of Leominster, yeoman, and wife Mary"
    Of these children, only the marriage of Elizabeth appears to be found in the records (Lancaster, p. 27).
    According to the Source:Torrey, Clarence Almon. Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster & Cambridge, Mass, p. 121:51, Reuben Gates [#33] m. Mercy Heald about 1740 and had a first child b. 1742. The article says Mercy d. 1796 aged nearly 73, so this appears to be the daughter Mercy b. 1722. (Note an earlier source Source:Gates, Charles Otis. Stephen Gates of Hingham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, and His Descendants erroneously identifies Reuben's wife as Mercy Taylor.)
    It is assumed the older daughter Mary, probably reflecting the interchangeability of the names Mary/Marcy/Mercy, died young.
    The daughter Lydia appears to have married a Mr. Graves (too young to m. Peter Graves?), then married (2) 1762 Daniel Priest of Leominster who d. 1771. She d. 1807, age 87, so born about 1720.