Family:John Walker and Unknown Long (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? prob. bet. 1756-1766 Prob. Virginia Or North Carolina
est. 1764-1778 prob. North Carolina
May 9th, 1771 prob. North Carolina

WARNING! For many years, researchers have claimed that JohnIV Walker was a DIFFERENT John Walker, i.e. "Meadow Creek John Walker" (b. abt. 1740, d. 1797, Greene County, Tennessee), who married Mary Anderson. This has been apparently dis-proven after y-dna analysis. Please refer to the following website for additional information and analysis:

John Walker IV (c1740-c1817) aka "Indian Killer"


  • Born: c.1740. We do not have a direct record of John IV's DOB. His parents married in 1734, suggesting an earliest plausible DOB of 1735. His DOM is placed probably between 1754 and 1766, implying that he was probably born before 1746.

Married: c1754-<1766, to "Miss Long". His parents married in 1734, so we would guess his marriage occurred no earlier than 1754. William, a son of this couple, was about ten years of age at the time of his capture by Indians in 1776, implying that his parents married prior to 1766.

  • Died: c. 1817. The last firm record we have of John IV is in 1782 when he sold the parcel of property later known as "Broad Meadows" that he had inherited from his father. This sale appears to be related to his emigation from the area. It is currently believed that he is the same John Walker who appears in Blount County TN prior to 1790. This John Walker, also known as "Indian Killer", and "Spraddlin John", settled on the Little River, near Maryville, in an area known as the "Long Bottom". He dissappears from the records about 1817. The identification of John Walker IV as "Indian Killer" is not considered proven, but is considered to be highly likely. "Spraddlin John", however, may refer to his son.


John Walker IV is the son of John Walker III (c1705-c1776) and Ann Houston (c1705-c1765), of the Wigton Walkers line. His father's family (John Walker II ( -1734) and Katherine Rutherford ( -1738) immigrated from Wigton Scotland (modern Wigtown in Wigtonshire, to Newry, Ireland about 1710, and then from Newry to America in 1726. The family settled in near the community know known as Rising Sun, Cecil County Maryland. His mother's parents, Christopher Houston ( ) and Martha ( ), settled near llNew Castle, Delaware]], prior to this time. Nothing further is known of their family history. John III and Ann married about 1734, and moved in succession to Borden's Grant (roughly modern Rockbridge County, VA) about 1738, then to Orange County, NC about 1756, and finally, about 1771, to Castle's Woods in modern Scott County, VA.