Family:John Teas and Martha Steele (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef. 1728 poss. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Descendants of John Teas

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 TEAS (MATTIAS1) was born Abt. 1700 in Letterkenny (Ulster), Ireland, and died Abt. 1750 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married MARTHA STEELE Bef. 1728 in poss. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, daughter of DAVID STEELE and JANET ???. She was born WFT Est. 1710-1712 in prob. Ireland.

Notes for JOHN TEAS:

Descendants of John Teas

 John Teas  b: Abt. 1700 in Letterkenny (Ulster), Ireland

. +Martha b: Abt. 1705

 2  Thomas Teass  b: Abt. 1734 in Lancester Co, (old Chester Co.)  PA.

.... +Catherine Ley b: Abt. 1741 in Landow (on Isar -Danube) Germany .... 3 John Teass, Jr. b: 1772 in New London, VA. ....... +Nancy Fariss b: 1780 in Scotville Virginia (?) .... 3 Stephen Teays b: 1774 in New London, Va. ....... +Mary Carroll b: March 28, 1777 in Maryland .... 3 William Teass b: Abt. 1775 in New London, Virginia ....... +Mary (Polley) Harper .... 3 Mary (Polly) Teass b: Abt. 1776 in New london, Virginia ....... +John Teass, Jr ....... 4 John R. Teass b: Abt. 1795 .... 3 Martha Teass b: Abt. 1777 in New London, Virginia ....... 4 John .... 3 Lucy Teass b: Abt. 1788 in New London, KVirginia ....... +Frederich Haas b: in New London, Virginia

 2  Martha Teas  b: Abt. 1728

.... +Andrew Lewis b: Abt. 1720 .... 3 Lewis b: Abt. 1760 .... 3 Samuel Lewis b: Abt. 1750

 2  Unknown Girl Teas  b: Abt. 1741

.... +Reives b: Abt. 1735

On close questioning, my father supported a Teass northern entrance into America by a Pennsylvania or perhaps the port of New Castle, Delaware. Only when researching in the right area was it relatively easy to find John Teas, with his son Thomas. John's will is on file in Pennsylvania. His signing location is Hanover Township Lancaster. The wills date is of 1740. Accordingly, the name Teass (or as it was spelled Teas) is on the well-established Scotch-Irish westward path. Family history recalls Thomas Teass, our ancestor, being issued marriage bonds in Augusta and marrying the German Katherine Ley. The Thomas documented trail through the valley of Virginia and into New London looks ever more likely to be Scottish and less likely English. It is of interest to know that Thomas lived a long and very adventurous life. (There is a 19th century book where his travel companion Crawford's trials are recorded). More evidence has come to support the Scotch-Irish Teass family background. A good one is the revolutionary record of a Nelson County, Virginia, Teas, expressly stating that he came from Ireland and he called out his families' original location as county Donegal of Ulster where present Teasses are still found.

    John was Scotch-Irish from Ulster.  For many of the Scots in Ulster a change in the land rate (99 year rental) terms and dry spells sent them over into America in the period 1714 through 1719.  They entered by way of Philadelphia or nearby ports.  They passed through south east Pennsylvania into settled into central Pennsylvania, and then shortly moved southward into Maryland and Virginia.  John however did not get this far in that he died in Hanover Pennsylvania leaving his son Tom. There may have been two other comeover brothers, Robert and Moses, to continue the migration and personal struggle.
     Our forefathers  living code was physical courage, honesty, neighborliness, thrift and loyalty to the family.  Until late in my life I honestly thought there were universal goals of individual but it is not so and the readers should be so warned.
    There is Johan Teis arriving in America at Philadelphia, Pa 1740, from Palatine Germany, however John Teas  had a recording receive the indentured servant in 1738.  A Charles Donelly was assigned by George Karr to John Teas of Lancaster County on May 21st of 1746 as indentured servant for some 4 years.  He, Charles, came over on the snow (a type of ship-boat), HAPPY RETURN, from Ireland.  Teas was described as a Yeoman. John Teas shown as settlement 9 March 1738.  
    There is a 1740 record of a John Teas marring in Maryland, yet to be verified. 
   John Teas Will page 433 of Lancaster, Pa. records.
   In the name of God Amen!  Ye 9th day of May 1750.  I John Teas of Hanover being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory,do make and ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all and recommend my soul into ye hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to ye earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at ye discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and Dispose of the same in the following manner & form (N.B. she is to keep the child that is to be born -- one year) and first I give to my beloved wife the bay mare and side saddle over and above her 1 third part of all my estate, and secondly I give twenty pounds that lays in my hand that their gran(ie) left to Marey and Thomes and 3 one boockles to my son Thomas to be keeped for him (above his part) for him, and the other two parts to equally divided among my two children born and unborn and I ordain this to be my last will and testament,  disannulling and revoking all others, and I appoint my well beloved wife Martha Teafs and James Harris and Richard McClure to be my Executors. 

In the presence of us these witness his

  John Harris, John Hunter                    John X Teafs
    German still at that time spelled the ss as "B".
    Towns that John might have entered America 1. Philadelphia 2. Ft. Beversrede, 3 Ft. Nassau (Gloucester), 4. Ft. Christina (Altena, Willington)  5. Ft. Casimir (Ft Trinity)  6. New Amstel(New Castle)

Lancaster was known as Hickory Town in the 17th century. My father H.A.Teass Sr. at one time said to me that the come overs consisted of three brothers and they landed up north (Penn or Md) in sea port having two Words He could never quite remember the name unfortunately. New Castle would be a very good candidate. Visiting Teass families in Ulster, it was common family remembrance the Teass went into Philadelphia and continue to do so up until the 1920. Further they recall parts of the Teass going into Canada, and New Zealand. However they could not recall any tradition of pre 19th Century Teass going to America.

   In Lancaster County Deed book p 75 their is listed a deed into John Teass from William Bertrum agent for land in 1736.
   John was a lowlanders and during the Reformation the Lowlanders became Presbyterian.                               
   There is a John Teas listed in Lancaster County in Coltrain Penn in 1780 census.  
    Richard Mcclure executor of the last will and Testament of John Teas, deceased.
                     INVENTORY - JOHN TEAS
    May 15 1750 an invoice of the good and chattels of john Teass Deceased.  
    To Clothing................................... 8--18-0
    To Servants boys time.........................10--00-0
    To Rorend Catele..............................15--05-0
    To Seep.......................................09--00-0
    to Liqr.......................................07--10-0
    To one young colt............................01--00-0
    to one year old colt.........................05--00-0
    To three horses...............................21--00-0
    to me McClure in a colt......................18--00-0
    to what belongs to gy th cleues...............05--03-0
    to one gun....................................01--o5-0
    To Linen and woolen years andwool.............02--02-0
    klto bedes and cloother.......................04--16-0
    klto junres...................................10--09-0
    to little wheel...............................00--09-0
    to the platation..............................90--00-0
    to still and vegels...........................28--00-0
    to fall and spring grain in ye ground.........10--00-0
    to small things...............................01--10-0
    to cash notes.................................80--00-0               debtWallace
                                                 John Harris

                    ADM ACCUT - JOHN TEAS
    The account of Richard McClure Executor of the last Will and Teatain of John Teas Deceased.
    Imprimis the said accountant charge them selves with all an d singular the goods and chattel, rights and duty of the  saiddorod come to the hands of those accountant according to an inventory the of accounting to   _______________________________________________323  7  0
    Also with and additional inventory and by advance in Labor amounting to _____________________________________________________________89 8 8
    Exhibited into the register office at Lancaster the 77th day of March 1759
                                       /s/ Richard Mcclure

The said accountant pray an allowance of the payment and disbursement to out of the Summary as follows Vis

     To cash paid John Stevenson & Receipt............2-10-0
     To  "   pd  the same as & .......................0- 5-6
     To  "   pd Goo: Grafay & ".......................1-10-0
     To  "   pd John Crawford & ".....................3-12-11
     To  "   pd Timloy McCluroay & "..................1-16-0
     To  :   pd Joseph Davis & "......................0- 5-0
     To  "   pd Androw Marrison & "...................5- 9-0
     To  "   pd Hugh Wilson & ".......................0- 7-5
     To  "   pd John Mcluroay & ".....................0-14-8
     To  "   pd Jauo Streauy & "......................1-15-10
     To  "   pd Hans Noishaw & "......................0-12-6
     To  "   pd Samual Hunter & ".....................4- 0-0
     To  "   pd William Blackburn ....................0-16-6
     To  Davis Johnson & Receipt .....................0- 5-0
     To  "  paid William Hainct ......................1-13-0
     To  "  paid Rob Thees............................1-13-0
     To  "  paid Tad Galbrath.........................0-12-6
     To  "  paid John Miller..........................0- 9-6
     To  "  paid David Black..........................0- 8-6
     To  "  paid Ja WKillson..........................0- 5-8
     To  "  paid John Steveson........................0-14-9
     To  "  paid Robert Curry.........................0- 8-5
     To  "  paid And. Miller..........................0- 7-6
     To  "  paid William Leats........................1- 7-2
     To  "  paid Ja. Harris for his troubles in the administration
                                                      3- 0-0
     To  "  paid attorney for advice..................1-19-9
     To  "  paid repairing this Accounting...........0-15-6
      Allow this Accounting for his troubles.........24- 0-0
                                              &    59..13..11
      Allowed & Ballance in the Accounting hands
                to be distributed              &  357..1..9
                                               &  412..15 8

    Chester County created in 1682,  Lancaster in 1729,  York in 1749 from Lancaster, Delaware in 1789 from Lancaster(?)  Philadelphia in 1682, In Md Cecil created in 1614,  Delaware in 1703, and Hartford in 1773.  Note that the State of Delaware came out of Md.
    I have ordered the come over CD record #170.  2-18-99.  Further

there may be a John Teas (s) marriage record from Md on CD 224.

The John Tease who appears in the Augusta County records (?) must be a brother of Joseph Teas. The simple fact of the uncommon of the name is evidence. John Teas wife appears to have Martha Steele, daughter of David Steele. In 1756 Samuel Steele is one of those appointed to appraise Joseph Tease's estate, and in 1767/68 when the vestry processioned, the boundaries of property, Samuel Steele's name appears just below William Tease in the list of property owners

Notes for MARTHA STEELE: Some researchers have placed the birthdate of Martha Steele, daughter of David Steele at "abt. 1728", but it is clear that from David Steele's wil that she was already married (probably to John Teas) before the writing of David Steele's will in 1747 (and probably had been for several years). In addition, Martha (probably this Martha), wife of John Teas had already had a daughter with John Teas (accordingly also named Martha), that was born about 1728, which would have placed this Martha Steele's birthdate no later than 1712. Since David Steele's birthdate has been listed by some researchers as early as "1679", it is certainly plausible that this Martha Steele's birthdate would have been in the range (1710-1712) to have been both a daughter of David Steele and the wife of John Teas (b. abt. 1700, d. abt. 1750 according to some sources) of Augusta County, Virginia.

The following Augusta County, Virginia record seems to prove Martha as the daughter of David Steele: Volume III page 8: will book 1

(64) 14th September, 1747. David Steele's will--Farmer, son Robert, plantation; wife; son, Nathaniel; daughters, Martha Teas, Isabella McCluer, 5 shillings; daughters, Rebecka, Jannet. Executors, SAMUEL DOAK and Robert Ramsey; refused to execute. Teste: Wm. Steel, Geo. Brakenridge, Robert Alexander. Proved, 18th November, 1747, by Brakenridge and Alexander.

Children of JOHN TEAS and MARTHA STEELE are:

  • i. MARTHA3 TEAS, b. Abt. 1728, Prob. Lancaster County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1749, Prob. Augusta County, Virginia; m. ANDREW LEWIS, Abt. 1746, Prob. Virginia; b. 24 Apr 1720, County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland; d. 01 Feb 1782, Bedford County, Virginia.


6. Andrew4 Lewis (John3, Andrew2, William1) was born Donegal Co., Ireland October 9, 1720. Andrew died September 26, 1781 Bedford Co., VA, at 60 years of age.

He married Elizabeth Anne Givens.

Andrew Lewis and Elizabeth Anne Givens had the following children:

+ 24 i. Maj. John5 Lewis. 
25 ii. Col. Samuel Lewis. Col. died Greenbrier Co., W. VA. He was baptized September 4, 1748. 
26 iii. Charles Lewis. 
+ 27 iv. Thomas Lewis was born 1752. 
+ 28 v. Col. Andrew Lewis Jr. was born 1759. 
29 vi. Ann Lewis was born 1760. She married Rowland T. Madison 1781. Rowland was born 1753. Rowland was the son of John Madison and Agatha Strother. Rowland died 1798 at 45 years of age. (See Rowland T. Madison for the continuation of this line.) 
+ 30 vii. Col. William Lewis was born 1764. 

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

Andrew LEWIS (AFN:BN32-J2)    

Born:  24 Apr 1720  Place:  , Donegal, Ireland 
Died:  1 Feb 1782  Place:  , Bedford, Virginia, County 
Married:  1749  Place:  , , Augusta, Virginia 

Father:  John LEWIS (AFN:42ZZ-K6)    
Mother:  Margaret LEYNN (AFN:42ZZ-LC)   

Wife's Name 
Elizabeth GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-5J)    

Born:  1728  Place:  , Augusta, VA 
Died:  26 Sep 1781  Place:  Salem, Roanoke, Virginia 
Married:  1749  Place:  , , Augusta, Virginia 

Father:  Samuel GIVENS (AFN:26ZH-32)    
Mother:  Sarah CATHEY (AFN:26ZH-47)   


1. Sex Name

M  John LEWIS (AFN:10JM-LNJ)    

Born:  Abt 1736   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  
Died:  1788   Place:   

2. Sex Name

M  Thomas LEWIS (AFN:10JM-LPQ)    

Born:  Abt 1740   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  

3. Sex Name

M  Samuel LEWIS (AFN:10JM-LQX)    

Born:  Abt 1740   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  
Died:    Place:  Greenbrier Co, VA.  

4. Sex Name

F  Anne LEWIS (AFN:10JM-ML9)    

Born:  Abt 1740   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  

5.  Sex  Name  
M  William LEWIS (AFN:10JM-MMH)    

Born:  1764   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  
Died:    Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  

6.  Sex  Name  
M  John LEWIS (AFN:TR54-SM)    

Born:  Abt 1748   Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  
Died:    Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  

7. Sex Name

M  Thomas LEWIS (AFN:TR54-TS)    

Born:  < 1748   Place:  <Augusta Co, VA.>  

8. Sex Name

M  Samuel LEWIS (AFN:TR54-V0)    

Born:  18 Sep 1749   Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  
Died:    Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  

9. Sex Name

M  Andrew LEWIS (AFN:TR54-W5)    

Born:  Oct 1759   Place:  Augusta Co, VA.  
Died:  25 Sep 1844   Place:   

10.  Sex  Name  
F  Anne LEWIS (AFN:TR54-XB)    

Born:  < 1754   Place:  <Augusta Co, VA.>  

11.  Sex  Name  
M  William LEWIS (AFN:TR54-ZH)    

Born:  < 1756   Place:  <Augusta Co, VA.>  

12. Sex Name

M  William LEWIS (AFN:1MQR-1VB)    

Born:  1767   Place:  , , VA  
Died:  17 Jan 1825   Place:  , Pulaski, AR  

13. Sex Name

M  Joshua LEWIS (AFN:1MQR-1T4)    

Born:  Abt 1764   Place:  , , VA  

14.  Sex  Name  
M  Thomas LEWIS (AFN:1R5J-3LK)    

Born:  Abt 1755   Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  
Died:    Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  

15.  Sex  Name  
F  Anne LEWIS (AFN:1R5J-3QD)    

Born:  Abt 1760   Place:  , , Roanoke, Virginia  
Died:    Place:  , , , Kentucky  

Same Andrew Lewis???

(courtesy Patricia Given Johnson)


In 1774, later Brigadier General Andrew Lewis, then a Colonel, and from Botetourt County, Virginia then, was the victorious commander at The Battle of Point Pleasant on the Ohio River in present-day West Virginia, considered by some as the first battle of the American Revolution, occurring only a few days before the First Continental Congress met regarding independence.

General Lewis recruited 1000 American frontiersmen from Virginia to march over the mountains of Virginia to Point Pleasant.

A forced march over more than a hundred miles, it was the largest military force of Americans ever assembled up to that time and Colonel Lewis personally took his frontier fighters into battle.


Andrew Lewis' success against a large Indian force out to ambush him there resulted in George Washington's recommendation to the Continental Congress that Andrew Lewis become the General of the American Armies during the Revolution. Andrew Lewis declined the honor in favor of George Washington to head all the American forces in the Revolution.

Colonel Charles Lewis, brother of Andrew Lewis, who earlier in the French and Indian War, in 1763-64 had rescued McCord children from the French and Indians in western Pennsylvania, was in 1774 Commander of the Augusta County, Virginia militia forces. Colonel Andrew Lewis had earlier been Commander of the Augusta County militia. Colonel Charles Lewis lost his life at The Battle of Point Pleasant.


To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS Fort Loudoun, July 29, 1757.

   Sir: You are ordered forthwith to march with all the Draughts which are at this place belonging to your own Company and Capt. Woodwards, together with Capt. Spotswoods, to Dickinsons plantation, on the cow-pasture; where I expect you will meet Captn. Woodward on his march to Vauses. When a junction of these three Companies is formed, you are, if the ravages of the Enemy, and circumstances of the Inhabitants, do not render other dispositions necessary, to detach Capt. Woodwards whole company; and an officer and 25 men of Captn. Spotswoods, to occupy Vases fort and, (if you think proper) the posts on Cuttawba, and at Campbells place: and with the rest you are to proceed to Dickinson's fort; where you are to order Lt. Bullet, and that part of your company under his command, to join you. 
   I can not at this distance, with the least degree of propriety, pretend to order a disposition of your command further than to advise you, not to divide it into too small parties. You are nevertheless to assist any body of Inhabitants, which may have gathered together in certain places, and need protection, but to appoint no more men to this service, than what are absolutely necessary to act upon the defensive, reserving as many as possible under your immediate direction, at Dickensons fort, to turn out in pursuit of the Enemy, when you hear they are about. 
   You will have the direction of the aforesaid Companies, till further orders, and to you they are to apply for instructions, to you make the returns, as required in my general instructions; and from you I expect them myself. 
   You will deliver Captn. Woodward the Kettles sent for his company. You will receive from me £21.18. the contents of a recruiting accompt of Capt. Hogg which you are desired to pay him. You will also receive £30.4.2 value of sundry Servants enlisted in that part of your company lately under Captn. Hogg's command: And I shall be glad if you will settle this matter, and pay the Masters according to appointment, which is as follows; Charles Campbell for Mark Donally, £9. to Wm. Lewis, for Francis Adams, £13.11.6 To Andrew Duncan, for Thomas Davis, £7.12.8. 
   You will likewise receive £2.12 to be paid to the following Soldiers, in the following sums, agreeably to their several accompts handed in by Lt. Bullet: To John Heart, 8/ John Leak, 8/ Mark Donally, 4/ and Moses Gawin 32/. 
   You must apply to the Surgeon of the Regiment for a small assortment of medicines, which Mr. Fleming has promised to administer to the sick of your Detachment. For other directions, I refer you to my General Instructions herewith delivered. 

To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS Fort Loudoun, April 21, 1758.

   Sir: I do not yet know, whether any of the Levies raised by the newly appointed Officers, in consequence of the late Act of Assembly, will fall to our share; and as we want about 130 men to complete the Virginia Regiment, I earnestly recommend, that you will use the most efficacious means in your power to recruit your quota in Augusta, and its Borders: Farther than this District I wou'd not have you send Officers recruiting, as they must be ready to join you as soon as the Troops are ordered to this place. I have no money to send you for this purpose (which is a misfortune) but you may give the Recruits the strongest assurances, in my name, that they shall, upon their arrival at this place, receive each man £10 and a suit of Clothes, advantage of the Recruits for the New Regiment. I would have you send Lt. Crawford 4 directly to this place; he is well acquainted in those parts, and I hope from such encouragement, will be able to pick up some clever fellows. 

[Note:Lieut. John Crawford. ]

   I have so often, and earnestly recommended the due practice of the Soldiers in their Exercises, that it is needless, I hope, to urge it again to [you] in this letter. But I must desire, that you will take great pains to get all your Arms straightened, and the men taught to shoot well at Targets, as that is an highly necessary qualification in our Service. 
   I offer my Compliments to Captn. McNeill, and all the Officers, and am, Sir, etc. 

To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS April 26, 1758.

   Sir: I have this instant and not before, received the Presidents orders to direct the Captains of the 1st. Virginia Regim't to compleat their Companies with all possible expedition, to 100 Rank and file each. The enclosed is a copy of the Instructions which I have given the Officers sent out from this place. You may give the same to yours; with this only difference; that all the Officers you can possibly spare for this service, be directed to rendezvous, the 10th. of May, at Staunton, if you shall not have marched before for this place; and to follow you as fast as possible, if you have. 
   I have received no money yet to carry on this Service; but shall this day send down to Williamsburgh for some. 
   You are not to delay a moment in marching to this place, after you are relieved; and orders, I believe, are issued to the Militia for that purpose. Take great care to distribute the Militia properly, according to the numbers that may come out. l scarcely know what direction to give you about the Country Stores (ammunition and Tools, I mean) as I can not tell in what manner the Militia will be provided with those Things. The tools, I think, if they are not absolutely necessary there, ought to be brought to this place: as they certainly will be wanted here. The Pay-Master will appoint a time to meet your Companies pay-rolls at Staunton; and you must punctually observe it. I am etc. 

(NOTE: incorrect placement of some children with wrong mother)

Generation No. 3

5. ANDREW3 LEWIS (JOHN2, ANDREW1, WILLIAMA) was born April 23, 1720 in Donegal Co., Ireland, and died September 26, 1781 in Bedford Co., Va. He married ELIZABETH ANNE GIVENS 1749, daughter of SAMUEL GIVENS and SARAH CATHEY.

"DAR Patriot Index-Centennial Edition" Lewis, Andrew Sr.: b-4-23-1720 IR d 9-26-1781 VA m Elizabeth GIVENS VA

Kegley, p. 564; Jones Gene., p. 187; Peyton, p. 286; DAR no. 66 912. Lewis, Andrew, Brig.-Gen., b.1720, Ireland; d. 1781. Bedford Co.; res. Botetourt Co.; m. 1749, Elizabeth A. Givens. He was son of John and Margaret (Lynn).


11i.JOHN4 LEWIS, born September 14, 1746; died in Knoxville Co., Tn (murdered by his slaves).

12ii.Samuel Lewis, born September 04, 1748; died in Greenbriar, West Virginia.

13iii.Thomas Lewis, born Abt. 1752; died December 1800 in Killed by falling tree. He married Sallie Thornton.

14iv.Andrew Lewis, born October 1758; died 1844. He married (1) Elizabeth S. Madison June 1778. He married (2) Margaret Bryant 1792. "Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155 Lewis, Andrew, Jr., Col., b.1759, son of Gen. Andrew and Elizabeth (GIVENS); m. 7 June, 1778, Botetourt Co., Elizabeth "Eliza" Madison, dau. of John (d.1784) of Montgomery Co., and Agatha (Strother).

15v.Ann Lewis, born Abt. 1760. She married Rowland T. Madison 1781.

16vi.William Lewis, born Abt. 1764; died 1812. He married (1) Lucy Madison. He married (2) Nancy McClanahan. He married (3) Hannah Poe.

17vii.Charles Lewis, born Abt. 1765; died Infant.

  • ii. THOMAS TEAS, b. Abt. 1734, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 03 May 1821, New London, Virginia; m. CATHERINE LEY, Abt. 1770, Botetourt or Bedford County, Virginia ?; b. Abt. 1741, Landow (on Isar -Danube) Germany; d. 22 Apr 1824, New London, Virginia.
  • iii. DAUGHTER TEAS, b. Abt. 1741, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania or Augusta County, Virginia; m. MR. REIVES; b. Abt. 1735.