Family:John Patterson and Jane Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? prob. Chester County, Pennsylvania
WFT Est 1737-1752
WFT Est 1737-1752
ABT 14 NOV 1742
ABT 24 MAR 1744/45 Augusta County, Virginia
ABT 18 OCT 1747

John Patterson (61) left a 1770 will and probate records, presented in Chalkley's Chronicles

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

Page 305.--17th March, 1770. John Patterson's will--To wife Jane; to grandson John Patterson, son of son Robert; to son John; to son William; to son James; to son Robert; to daughters Agness, Rebecca, Elizabeth. Teste: George Taylor, John Wiley. Proved, 28th March, 1770, by the witnesses. 19th June, 1770, Jane Patterson is granted administration and qualifies (mark), with Thos. Patterson, John Allison. Page 377.--20th March, 1771. John Patterson's appraisement (by George Eliot, James Gambel, John Hall) recorded.

The will identifies his wife as Jane and his children as:


Since he does not identify daughters Jennett (Person:Janet Patterson (3)) and Person:Mary Patterson (55), it is presumed that the following probate record that John (67) neglected to mention Mary and Jennet, given their disabilities identified (later)in the probate record.

Vol. 1 - AUGUST 23, 1773. - (199) Joseph Bell appointed guardian of Jennett Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, decd. (she is an idiot.) John Patterson appointed guardian of Mary Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, decd. (she is deaf and dumb).
  • Mary and Janet/Jennet were NOT mentioned in the 1770 will of their father, John Patterson (61) presumably because they were still in the care of their mother Jane. They were however, mentioned in the 1772 will of their mother Jane when she states. "Also I give to my daughter Mary her bed to be with her where she goes to live." Following all of the family bequests, Jane adds..."and the remainder of my estate I allow to my daughters Mary and Janet to be equally divided between or amongst them by my son James Patterson & son-in-law Thomas Dixon according to the best of their knowledge."
Known John Patterson's in Chalkley's Chronicles
WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherLineage PatriarchNote
Person:John Patterson (86)169017491726Agness--John (86) John of Borden's Grant
Borden's Agent
Person:John Patterson (61)17021770 ?JaneWilliam (61)Janet ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)son of the PA Patriarch

Person:John Patterson (63)c1727Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabella ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)Gson of the PA Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (87)bef 1728 Person:John Patterson (86) AgnessPerson:John Patterson (86)
of Borden's Grant
not yet an adult when his father wrote his will in 1748
Person:John Patterson (66)174418221)1770
1) unknown
Susannah Brannen
John (61)JanePerson:William Patterson (61) Grandson of the Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (93)175918441) 1791
1)Elizabeth McMullin
2)Elizabeth Caraway
Person:James Patterson (122)Elizabeth James (122)Appears in Greenbriar County with his father about 1777. The name of his father has not been documented.
Person:John Patterson (85)c1772Person:Peter Patterson (3)
Person:John Patterson (116)bef 1730DODDOMSpouseFatherMotherUnattachedAdult on Naked Creek c1750
Person:John Patterson (117)bef 1725Elizabethunattached
Person:John Patterson (58)17381808 Margaret BaskinsRobert (38)Grace